Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology

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Leptin Signalling Coordinates Lipid Oxidation with Thermogenesis and Defence Against Oxidative Stress
Solinas, Giovanni | 2010
Leptin protects cardiomyocytes from serum‐deprivation‐induced apoptosis by increasing anti‐oxidant defence
Zheng, Juan / Fang, Ji / Yin, Yuan‐Jun et al. | 2010
Orexin‐A and respiration in a rat model of smoke‐induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Liu, Zi‐Bing / Song, Na‐Na / Geng, Wen‐Ye et al. | 2010
High glucose induces apoptosis in AC16 human cardiomyocytes via macrophage migration inhibitory factor and c‐Jun N‐terminal kinase
Liang, Jia‐Liang / Xiao, Ding‐Zhang / Liu, Xiao‐Ying et al. | 2010
Combined assessment of glycated albumin and fasting plasma glucose improves the detection of diabetes in Chinese subjects
Ma, Xiao‐Jing / Pan, Jie‐Min / Bao, Yu‐Qian et al. | 2010
Effect of cinnamtannin B‐1 on cholecystokinin‐8‐evoked responses in mouse pancreatic acinar cells
Rivera‐Barreno, Ramon / Castillo‐Vaquero, Angel del / Salido, Gines M et al. | 2010
Orexigenic effect of cocaine‐ and amphetamine‐regulated transcript (CART) after injection into hypothalamic nuclei in streptozotocin‐diabetic rats
Hou, Jun / Zheng, De‐Zhi / Zhou, Ji‐Yin et al. | 2010
Effects of carvedilol on delayed rectifier and transient inactivating potassium currents in rat hippocampal CA1 neurons
Duan, Jing‐Jing / Wang, Qin / Deng, Chun‐Yu et al. | 2010
Dobutamine‐induced mechanical alternans is a marker of poor prognosis in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
Hirashiki, Akihiro / Izawa, Hideo / Cheng, Xian Wu et al. | 2010
Protective effects of lithium treatment for spatial memory deficits induced by tau hyperphosphorylation in splenectomized rats
Tan, Wen‐Fei / Cao, Xue‐Zhao / Wang, Jun‐Ke et al. | 2010
Immunosuppression with mycophenolate mofetil attenuates the development of hypertension and albuminuria in deoxycorticosterone acetate‐salt hypertensive rats
Boesen, Erika I / Williams, Douglas L / Pollock, Jennifer S et al. | 2010
Feasibility of high‐density electrophysiological study using multiple‐electrode array in isolated small animal atria
Lau, Dennis H / Mackenzie, Lorraine / Shipp, Nicholas J et al. | 2010
Nitric oxide induced sinusoidal relaxation after a propranolol priming dose in the perfused rat liver reduces propranolol availability on subsequent dosing
Liu, Xin / Zou, Yuhong / Khlentzos, Alexander M et al. | 2010
Ernest Henry Starling and cardiacwork
Schramm, Wolfgang / Andel, Harald | 2010
Evidence for suppression of spinal glial activation by dexmedetomidine in a rat model of monoarthritis
Xu, Bo / Zhang, Wei‐Shi / Yang, Jia‐ Le et al. | 2010