Journal of Food Science

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Table of contents

Rice cake production using long-grain and medium-grain brown rice
Huff, H. E. / Hsieh, F. / Peng, I. C. | 1992
Sensory evaluation of strawberry fruit stored under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) by quantitative descriptive analysis
Shamaila, M. / Powrie, W. D. / Skura, B. J. | 1992
Analysis of volatile compounds from strawberry fruit stored under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
Shamaila, M. / Powrie, W. D. / Skura, B. J. | 1992
Characterization of polyphenoloxidase from Stanley plums
Siddig, M. / Sinha, N. K. / Cash, J. N. | 1992
Comparison of dialysis and metal precipitation effects on apple pectins
Hwang, J. / Roshdy, T. H. / Kontominas, M. et al. | 1992
Conductivity detection of pectin: Rapid HPLC method to analyze degree of esterification
Ploeger, A. | 1992
Microbial, enzymatic, and chemical changes during storage of fresh and processed orange juice
Sadler, G. D. / Parish, M. E. / Wicker, L. | 1992
Chitosan enhances control of enzymatic browning in apple and pear juice by filtration
Sapers, G. M. | 1992
Tocopherol quantification by HPLC in pecans and relationship to kernel quality during storage
Yao, F. / Dull, G. / Eitenmiller, R. | 1992
Water content, water soluble fraction, and mixing affect fundamental rheological properties of wheat flour doughs
Mani, K. / Tragardh, C. / Eliasson, A.-C. et al. | 1992
Dynamic mechanical analysis for glass transitions in long shelf-life bread
Hallberg, L. M. / Chinachoti, P. | 1992
Breadmaking and storage of various wheat fractions affect vitamin E
Wennermark, B. / Jagerstad, M. | 1992
Structural and functional properties of caseinate and whey protein isolate as affected by temperature and pH-S
Lee, Y. / Morr, C. V. / Ha, E. Y. W. | 1992
Sodium caseinate and skim milk gels formed by incubation with microbial transglutaminase
Nonaka, M. / Sakamoto, H. / Toiguchi, S. et al. | 1992
Foaming properties of proteins as affected by concentration
Britten, M. / Lavoie, L. | 1992
Enzymatic hydrolysis of casein: Effect of degree of hydrolysis on antigenicity and physical properties
Mahmoud, M. I. / Malone, W. T. / Cordle, C. T. | 1992
Thermomechanical properties of frozen sucrose solutions
LeMeste, M. / Huang, V. | 1992
Propyl gallate and ascorbyl palmitate affect stability of canola oils in accelerated storage
Hawrysh, Z. J. / Erin, M. K. / Lin, Y. C. et al. | 1992
Near infrared spectroscopic measurement of protein content in oil/water emulsions
Kamishikiryo, H. / Hasegawa, K. / Takamura, H. et al. | 1992
Dietary fiber binding of bile acid through mineral supplementation
Pandolf, T. / Clydesdale, F. M. | 1992
Differentiation of insoluble fibers and fiber mixtures using high resolution scanning absorption microspectrophotometry
Rooney, M. K. / Fulcher, R. G. | 1992
Predicting thermophilic spore population dynamics for UHT sterilization processes
Sapru, V. / Teixeira, A. A. / Smerage, G. H. et al. | 1992
Extrudate cell structure-texture relationships
Barrett, A. H. / Peleg, M. | 1992
Lethality distribution within particles in the holding section of an aseptic processing system
Yang, B. B. / Nunes, R. V. / Swartzel, K. R. | 1992
Fatty acid and cholesterol changes in pork longissimus muscle and fat due to ractopamine
Perkins, E. G. / McKeith, F. K. / Jones, D. J. et al. | 1992