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Table of contents

Microbial and oxidative changes in low-fat ground beef during simulated retail distribution
Egbert, W. R. / Huffman, D. L. / Chen, C. M. et al. | 1993
Volatile concentration and flavor of beef as influenced by diet
Maruri, J. L. / Larick, D. K. | 1993
Thermophysical properties of extruded beef/corn flour blends
Unklesbay, N. / Unklesbay, K. / Hsieh, F. et al. | 1993
Flavor compounds of beef broth as affected by cooking temperature
Cambero, M. I. / Seuss, I. / Honikel, K. O. | 1993
Moisture retention and textural properties of ground chicken meat as affected by sodium tripolyphosphate, ionic strength and pH
Young, L. L. / Papa, C. M. / Lyon, C. E. et al. | 1993
Physical, chemical and sensory changes in irradiated fresh pork packaged in modified atmosphere
Lambert, A. D. / Smith, J. P. / Dodds, K. L. | 1993
Physical and sensory characteristics of fresh pork leg roasts cooked at low temperatures
Larson, E. M. / Holm, E. T. / Marchello, M. J. et al. | 1993
Phosphates and muscle fiber type influence thermal transitions in porcine salt-soluble protein aggregation
Robe, G. H. / Xiong, Y. L. | 1993
Detection of proteolytic activity in microorganisms isolated from dry-cured ham
Molina, I. / Toldra, F. | 1993
Post-exsanguination infusion of ovine carcasses: Effect on tenderness indicators and muscle microstructure
Farouk, M. M. / Price, J. F. / Salih, A. M. | 1993
Thermal aggregation properties of duck salt-soluble proteins at selected pH values
Ndi, E. E. / Brekke, C. J. | 1993
Metallic cations affect functional performance of spray-dried heat-treated egg white
Cotterill, O. J. / Chang, C. C. / McBee, L. E. et al. | 1993
Mineral cations affect microstructure of egg yolk granules
Causeret, D. / Matringe, E. / Lorient, D. | 1993
Cholesterol lowering activity of ropy fermented milk
Nakajima, H. / Suzuki, Y. / Kaizu, H. et al. | 1993
Rapid p-nitroaniline test for assessing microbial quality of refrigerated meat
Alvarado, R. / Rodriguez-Yunta, M. A. / Hoz, L. et al. | 1993
Processing and frozen storage effects on the iron content of cod and mackerel
Gomez-Basauri, J. V. / Regenstein, J. M. | 1993
Vacuum packaging, ascorbic acid and frozen storage effects on heme and nonheme iron content of mackerel
Gomez-Basauri, J. V. / Regenstein, J. M. | 1993
Textural changes of canned chum salmon related to sexual maturity
Reid, R. A. / Durance, T. D. | 1993
Sodium ascorbate affects surimi gel-forming properties
Lee, H. G. / Lee, C. M. / Chung, K. H. et al. | 1993
Semi-continuous hydrolysis of sweet potato raw starch by Chalara paradoxa glucoamylase
Noda, T. / Ohtani, T. / Shiina, T. et al. | 1993
Cultivar, specific gravity and location in tuber affect puncture force of raw potatoes
Anzaldua-Morales, A. / Bourne, M. C. / Shomer, I. | 1993
Irradiation and packaging affect the nitrate-nitrogen concentrations of potatoes
Mondy, N. L. / Seetharaman, K. / Munshi, C. B. | 1993
Gel-strength in restructured potato products affects oil uptake during deep-fat frying
Pinthus, E. J. / Weinberg, P. / Saguy, I. | 1993
Stipe trimming at harvest increases shelf life of fresh mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)
Adjouni, S. O. / Beelman, R. B. / Thompson, D. B. et al. | 1993
Calcium chloride and potassium sorbate reduce sodium chloride used during natural cucumber fermentation and storage
Guillou, A. A. / Floros, J. D. / Cousin, M. A. | 1993
Thermal resistance of Bacillus coagulans in double concentrated tomato paste
Sandoval, A. J. / Barreiro, J. A. / Mendoza, S. | 1993
Nutritional quality of hard-to-cook and processed cowpea
Tuan, Y.-H. / Phillips, R. D. | 1993
Biochemical characterization of a low trypsin inhibitor soybean
McNiven, M. A. / Grimmelt, B. / McLeod, J. A. et al. | 1993
Physicochemical properties of isolated soy proteins from normal, broken or damaged seeds
Genovese, M. I. / Lajolo, F. M. | 1993
Maturity and storage affect freeze damage in peanuts
Singleton, J. A. / Pattee, H. E. | 1993
Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of peanut paste stored at different temperatures
Muego-Gnanasekharan, K. F. / Resurreccion, A. V. A. | 1993
Kiwifruit lipoxygenase: Preparation and characteristics
Boyes, S. / Perera, C. / Young, H. | 1993
Texturization of sweetened mango pulp: Optimization using response surface methodology
Mouquet, C. / Dumas, J.-C. / Guilbert, S. | 1993
Relation of quality characteristics of peaches (cv. Loring) to maturity
Robertson, J. A. / Meredith, F. I. / Forbus, W. R. et al. | 1993
Water vapor adsorption isotherms of guava, mango and pineapple
Hubinger, M. / Memegalli, F. C. / Aguerre, R. J. et al. | 1993
Absorption of aroma volatiles of orange juice into laminated carton packages did not affect sensory quality
Pieper, G. / Borgudd, L. / Ackermann, P. et al. | 1993
Carbonation interactions with sweetness and sourness
Yau, N. J. N. / McDaniel, M. R. | 1993
Compositional changes in brewed coffee as a function of brewing time
Lee, T. A. / Kempthorne, R. / Hardy, J. K. | 1993
Nutritional evaluation of breadfruit-containing composite flour products
Nochera, C. / Caldwell, M. | 1993
Amino acid metabolism by yeasts and lactic acid bacteria during bread dough fermentation
Collar, C. / Mascaros, A. F. / De Barber, C. B. | 1993
Retrogradation behavior of wheat starch gels with differing molecular profiles
Zhang, W. / Jackson, D. S. | 1993
Raw-starch degrading amylase(s) affect enzyme-resistant starch
Gruchala, L. / Pomeranz, Y. | 1993
Gelling characteristics of pectin from sunflower head residues
Chang, K. C. / Miyamoto, A. | 1993
Extraction and physicochemical characterization of pectin from sunflower head residues
Miyamoto, A. / Chang, K. C. | 1993
Determination of low level trans unsaturation in fats by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Ulberth, F. / Haider, H.-J. | 1993
Interaction of flavor compounds with microparticulated proteins
Schirle-Keller, J.-P. / Chang, H. H. / Reineccius, G. A. | 1993
Fatty acid composition of suspension cell cultures of Theobroma cacao are altered by culture conditions
Wen, M. C. / Kinsella, J. E. | 1993
Agar medium for enumeration of fecal coliforms
Chen, H.-C. / Wu, S.-D. | 1993