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Extraction and activity of carnosine, a naturally occurring antioxidant in beef muscle
Chan, K.M. / Decker, E.A. / Means, W.J. | 1993
Heating and texture profiles of packaged pasteurized beef loin steaks from precooked roasts
Cooksey, K. / Klein, B.P. / McKeith, F.K. | 1993
Single-screw extrusion of defatted soy flour, corn starch and raw beef blends
Park, J. / Rhee, K.S. / Kim, B.K. et al. | 1993
High-protein texturized products of defatted soy flour, corn starch and beef: Shelf-life, physical and sensory properties
Park, J. / Rhee, K.S. / Kim, B.K. et al. | 1993
Dietary �-tocopheryl acetate enhances beef quality in Holstein and beef breed steers
Arnold, R. N. / Scheller, K. K. / Arp, S. C. et al. | 1993
Dietary a-tocopheryl acetate enhances beef quality in Holstein and beef breed steers
Arnold, R.N. / Scheller, K.K. / Arp, S.C. et al. | 1993
Fat level and freezing temperature affect sensory, shear, cooking and compositional properties of ground beef patties
Berry, B.W. | 1993
Conversion of metmyoglobin to bright red myoglobin derivatives by Chromobacterium violaceum, Kurthia sp., and Lactobacillus fermentum JCM1173
Arihara, K. / Kushida, H. / Kondo, Y. et al. | 1993
Dietary antioxidants and storage affect chemical characteristics of omega-3 fatty acid enriched broiler chicken meats
Ajuyah, A. O. / Ahn, D. U. / Hardin, R. T. et al. | 1993
Dietary antioxidants and storage affect chemical characteristics of w-3 fatty acid enriched broiler chicken meats
Ajuyah, A.O. / Ahn, D.U. / Hardin, R.T. et al. | 1993
N-Nitrosodibutylamine and other volatile nitrosamines in cured meat packaged in rubber nettings
Petersen, A. | 1993
Nonane as a radiolytic product in irradiated bacon
Singh, H. / Guerrero, A. / Kremers, W. | 1993
Spectra of pigments responsible for pink color in pork roasts cooked to 65 or 82 oC
Ghorpade, V.M. / Cornforth, D.P. | 1993
Spectra of pigments responsible for pink color in pork roasts cooked to 65 or 82�C
Ghorpade, V. M. / Cornforth, D. P. | 1993
Utilization of surimi-like products from pork with sex-odor in restructured, precooked pork roast
Garcia Zepeda, C.M. / Kastner, C.L. / Kropf, D.H. et al. | 1993
Cure levels, processing methods and meat source effects on low-fat frankfurters
Martin, J.W. / Rogers, R.W. | 1993
Alaska pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) mince and surimi as partial meat substitutes in frankfurters: N-nitrosodimethylamine formation
Fiddler, W. / Pensabene, J.W. / Gates, R.A. et al. | 1993
Fluorometric peroxygenase assay for lipid hydroperoxides in meats and fish
Miyazawa, T. / Kashima, M. / Fujimoto, K. | 1993
Antioxidants, activators, and inhibitors affect the enzymic lipid peroxidation system of catfish muscle microsomes
Eun, J.-B. / Hearnsberger, J.O. / Kim, J.M. | 1993
Ascorbate absorption by live channel catfish as a function of ascorbate concentration, pH, and duration of exposure
Thed, S.T. / Erickson, M.C. / Shewfelt, R.L. | 1993
Characteristics of mackerel mince lipid hydrolysis
Hwang, H.T. / Regenstein, J.M. | 1993
Lipid extraction from channel catfish muscle: Comparison of solvent systems
Erickson, M.C. | 1993
Fatty acid composition, lipids and sensory characteristics of white amur (Ctenopharyngodon idella) fed different diets
Bakir, H.M. / Melton, S.L. / Wilson, J.L. | 1993
Protease inhibitors affect physical properties of arrowtooth flounder and walleye pollock surimi
Reppond, K.D. / Babbitt, J.K. | 1993
Minced meat crabcake from blue crab processing by-products--Development and sensory evaluation
Lee, E. / Meyers, S.P. / Godber, J.S. | 1993
Glucose oxidase-catalase solution for on-board control of shrimp microbial spoilage: Model studies
Kantt, C.A. / Bouzas, J. / Dondero, M. et al. | 1993
Validity of descriptive and defect-oriented terminology systems for sensory analysis of fluid milk
Lawless, H.T. / Claassen, M.R. | 1993
Failure deformation and stress relaxation of heated egg white gels
Hsieh, Y.L. / Regenstein, J.M. | 1993
Gel point of whey and egg proteins using dynamic rheological data
Hsieh, Y.L. / Regenstein, J.M. / Anandha Rao, M. | 1993
Descriptive sensory profiling for optimizing the formula of a peanut-milk-based liquid coffee whitener
Abdullah, A. / Malundo, T.M.M. / Resurreccion, A.V.A. et al. | 1993
Fixation staining methods for examining microstructure in whipped cream by electron microscopy
Lee, S.-Y. / Morr, C.V. | 1993
Decrease of pungency in "radish kimchi" during fermentation
Kim, M.R. / Rhee, H.S. | 1993
Moist and dry heat reduce isopropyl N-(3-chlorophenyl) carbamate (CIPC) residue in potatoes
Mondy, N.I. / Wurm, C.M. / Munshi, C.B. | 1993
Sensory evaluation of hearts of palm
Lawless, H. / Torres, V. / Figueroa, E. | 1993
Panelist texture preferences affect sensory evaluation of green bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Baron, R.F. / Penfield, M.P. | 1993
Modified atmosphere packaging affects ascorbic acid, enzyme activity and market quality of broccoli
Barth, M.M. / Kerbel, E.L. / Perry, A.K. et al. | 1993
�-Glucosidases from soybeans hydrolyze daidzin and genistin
Matsuura, M. / Obata, A. | 1993
b-Glucosidases from soybeans hydrolyze daidzin and genistin
Matsuura, M. / Obata, A. | 1993
Composition and structural characteristics of isolated soy proteins from broken and damaged seeds
Genovese, M.I. / Lajolo, F.M. | 1993
Bacterial growth and volatile compounds in yoghurt-type products from soymilk containing Bifidobacterium ssp
Murti, T.W. / Bouillanne, C. / Landon, M. et al. | 1993
Properties of acidic whey protein gels containing emulsified butterfat
Yost, R.A. / Kinsella, J.E. | 1993
Viscoelastic properties of myofibrillar protein-polysaccharide composite gels
Xiong, Y.L. / Blanchard, S.P. | 1993
Temperature mapping in a model food gel using magnetic resonance imaging
Sun, X. / Litchfield, J.B. / Schmidt, S.J. | 1993
Rheological changes during gelation of high-methoxyl pectin-fructose dispersions: Effect of temperature and aging
Rao, M.A. / Buren, J.P.Van / Cooley, H.J. | 1993
Sensory descriptive analysis of cv. Cresthaven peaches Maturity, ripening and storage effects
Lyon, B.G. / Robertson, J.A. / Meredith, F.I. | 1993
Gamma-radiation affects cell wall composition of strawberries
d'Amour, J. / Gosselin, C. / Arul, J. et al. | 1993
Reference materials for calibrating probes used for measuring thermal conductivity of frozen foods
Tong, C.H. / Sheen, S. / Shah, K.K. et al. | 1993
Storage changes in anthocyanin content of red raspberry juice concentrate
Withy, L.M. / Nguyen, T.T. / Wrolstad, R.E. et al. | 1993
Factors influencing ellagic acid precipitation in muscadine grape juice during storage
Garrido, V.M. / Sims, C.A. / Marshall, M.R. et al. | 1993
Aflatoxin contamination in nutmeg: Analysis of interfering TLC spots
Takahashi, T. | 1993
Environmental scanning electron microscopy evaluation of tortilla chip microstructure during deep-fat frying
McDonough, C. / Gomez, M.H. / Lee, J.K. et al. | 1993
Criterion for oil uptake during deep-fat frying
Pinthus, E.J. / Weinberg, P. / Saguy, I.S. | 1993
Water and glycerol as plasticizers affect mechanical and water vapor barrier properties of an edible wheat gluten film
Gontard, N. / Guilbert, S. / Cuq, J.-L. | 1993
Temperature effect on oxygen permeability of edible protein-based films
Gennadios, A. / Weller, C.L. / Testin, R.F. | 1993
Delamination of polyethylene and aluminum foil layers of laminated packaging material by acetic acid
Olafsson, G. / Jagerstad, M. / Oste, R. et al. | 1993
Loss of volatile lipid oxidation products during thermal desorption in dynamic headspace-capillary gas chromatography
Park, P.S.W. | 1993
Comparison of predictive models for bacterial spore population resources to sterilization temperatures
Sapru, V. / Smerage, G.H. / Teixeira, A.A. et al. | 1993
Toxic compounds formed on prolonged heating of citrinin under watery conditions
Trivedi, A.B. / Doi, E. / Kitabatake, N. | 1993