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Catalysis of lipid oxidation by iron from an insoluble fraction of beef diaphragm muscle
Decker, E.A. / Crum, A.D. / Shantha, N.C. et al. | 1993
Sex determination on samples of bovine meat by polymerase chain reaction
Tagliavini, J. / Bolchi, A. / Bracchi, P.Giovanni et al. | 1993
Post-packaging pasteurization reduces Clostridium perfringens and other bacteria in precooked vacuum-packaged beef loin chunks
Cooksey, K. / Klein, B.P. / McKeith, F.K. et al. | 1993
Marbling, fat trim and doneness effects on sensory attributes, cooking loss and composition of cooked beef steaks
Akinwunmi, I. / Thompson, L.D. / Ramsey, C.B. | 1993
Fatty acid composition of goat organ and muscle meat of Alpine and Nubian breeds
Park, Y.W. / Washington, A.C. | 1993
Drying temperature and time affect quality of Chinese-style sausage inoculated with lactic acid bacteria
Huang, C.-C. / Lin, C.-W. | 1993
Washed mechanically separated pork as a surimi-like meatproduct ingredient
Wimmer, M.P. / Sebranek, J.G. / McKeith, F.K. | 1993
Low-fat, high added water bologna from massaged, minced batter
Gregg, L.L. / Claus, J.R. / Hackney, C.R. et al. | 1993
Internal temperature and packaging system affect stability of cooked chicken leg patties during refrigerated storage
Ang, C.Y.W. / Huang, Y.W. | 1993
Measuring lipid oxidation volatiles in meats
Ajuyah, A.O. / Fenton, T.W. / Hardin, R.T. et al. | 1993
Cryoprotectant effects during short time frozen storage of chicken myofibrillar protein isolates
Uijttenboogaart, T.G. / Trziszka, T.I. / Schreurs, F.J.G. | 1993
Oxygen availability affects prooxidant catalyzed lipid oxidation of cooked turkey patties
Ahn, D.U. / Ajuyah, A. / Wolfe, F.H. et al. | 1993
Prevention of lipid oxidation in pre-cooked turkey meat patties with hot packaging and antioxidant combinations
Ahn, D.U. / Wolfe, F.H. / Sim, J.S. | 1993
Three methods for determining nonheme iron in turkey meat
Ahn, D.U. / Wolfe, F.H. / Sim, J.S. | 1993
Thermal stability of some metabolically conjugated potential precursors of flavor components in meat and milk
Lopez, V. / Lindsay, R.C. | 1993
Oil-soluble surfactants have little effect on competitive adsorption of a-lactalbumin and a-lactoglobulin in emulsions
Dickinson, E. / Owusu, R.K. / Tan, S. et al. | 1993
Oil-soluble surfactants have little effect on competitive adsorption of �-lactalbumin and �-lactoglobulin in emulsions
Dickinson, E. / Owusu, R. K. / Tan, S. et al. | 1993
In vitro digestibility of whey proteins-K-casein complexes isolated from heated concentrated milk
Singh, H. / Creamer, L.K. | 1993
In vitro digestibility of whey proteins/kappa-casein complexes isolated from heated concentrated milk
Singh, H. / Creamer, L. K. | 1993
Egg white lysozyme purification by ultrafiltration and affinity chromatography
Chiang, B.H. / Su, C.K. / Tsai, G.J. et al. | 1993
Clarification of spray-dried egg yolk suspensions and solubilization of proteins from lipoproteins
Ohba, R. / Teramoto, Y. / Ueda, S. | 1993
Protein hydrolysis and quality deterioration of refrigerated and frozen seafood due to obligately psychrophilic bacteria
Makarios-Laham, I.K. / Lee, T.-C. | 1993
Storage changes of fresh and pasteurized blue crab meat in different types of packaging
Gates, K.W. / Parker, A.H. / Bauer, D.L. et al. | 1993
Natural products inhibit oxidative rancidity in salted cooked ground fish
Ramanathan, L. / Das, N.P. | 1993
Rheological properties of dried squid mantle change on softening
Kugino, M. / Kugino, K. / Wu, Z.-H. | 1993
Firmness retention in pickled peppers as affected by calcium chloride, acetic acid, and pasteurization
Fleming, H.P. / Thompson, R.L. / McFeeters, R.F. | 1993
Factors affecting 1-octen-3-ol in mushrooms at harvest and during postharvest storage
Mau, J.-L. / Beelman, R.B. / Ziegler, G.R. | 1993
Extruded potato peel functional properties affected by extrusion conditions
Arora, A. / Zhao, J. / Camire, M.E. | 1993
Optimal controlled atmosphere conditions for storage of broccoli florets
Bastrash, S. / Makhlouf, J. / Castaigne, F. et al. | 1993
Pericarp thickness and other kernel physical characteristic relate to microwave popping quality of popcorn
Mohamed, A. A. / Ashman, R. B. / Kirleis, A. W. | 1993
Pericarp thickness and other kernel physical characteristics relate to microwave popping quality of popcorn
Mohamed, A.A. / Ashman, R.B. / Kirleis, A.W. | 1993
Concentration of phenolic compounds change in storage brines or ripe olives
Brenes, M. / Garcia, P. / Duran, M.C. et al. | 1993
Changes in phenolic content in fresh ready-to-use shredded carrots during storage
Babic, I. / Amiot, M.J. / Mguyen-The, C. et al. | 1993
Partial drying of cut pears to improve freeze-thaw texture
Bolin, H.R. / Huxsoll, C.C. | 1993
Vacuum infiltration of polyamines increases firmness of strawberry slices under various storage conditions
Ponappa, T. / Scheerens, J. C. / Miller, A. R. | 1993
Binding of zinc to apple fiber, wheat bran, and fiber components
Casterline, J. L. / Ku, Y. | 1993
Optimization and modeling of apple juice cross-flow microfiltration with a ceramic membrane
Padilla-Zakour, O. / McLellan, M. R. | 1993
Lowering phytic phosphorus by hydration of soybeans
Beleia, A. / Thu Thao, L. T. / Ida, E. I. | 1993
Protein-protein interactions in the extrusion of soya at various temperatures and moisture contents
Prudencio-Ferreira, S. H. / Areas, J. A. G. | 1993
Trypsin inhibitor activity and tannin content do not affect calcium bioavailability of three commonly consumed legumes
Proulx, W. R. / Weaver, C. M. / Bock, M. A. | 1993
Allergenic reactivity of various soybean products as determined by RAST inhibition
Herian, A. M. / Taylor, S. L. / Bush, R. K. | 1993
Gamma-irradiation affects some physical properties of dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) starch
Rayas-Duarte, P. / Rupnow, J. H. | 1993
Extrusion of pinto bean high protein fraction pretreated with papain and cellulase enzymes
Czarnecki, Z. / Gujska, E. / Khan, K. | 1993
Enzymatic browning inhibited in fresh and dried apple rings by pineapple juice
Lozano-De Gonzalez, P. G. / Barrett, D. M. / Wrolstad, R. E. et al. | 1993
Gelatinization and retrogradation characteristics of hydroxypropylated and cross-linked rices
Yook, C. / Pek, U.-H. / Park, K.-H. | 1993
Lactic fermentation of nontannin and high-tannin cereals: Effects on in vitro estimation of iron availability and phytate hydrolysis
Svanberg, U. / Lorri, W. / Sandberg, A.-S. | 1993
Intrinsic thermal conductivity of starch: A model-independent determination
Sakiyama, T. / Han, S. / Kincal, N. S. et al. | 1993
Additives affect deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) flour during breadbaking
Boyacioglu, D. / Hettiarachchy, N. S. / D'Appolonia, B. L. | 1993
Chemometrics assess quality of breadmaking starters
Martinez-Anaya, M. A. / Pitarch, B. / Benedito De Barber, C. | 1993
Polarity homogeneity and structure affect water vapor permeability of model edible films
DeBeaufort, F. / Martin-Polo, M. / Voilley, A. | 1993
Pediococcus acidilactici PO2 bacteriocin production in whey permeate and inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes foods
Liao, C.-C. / Yousef, A. E. / Richter, E. R. et al. | 1993
Antibacterial effects and cell morphological changes Staphylococcus aureus subjected to low ethanol concentrations
Ballesteros, S. A. / Chirife, J. / Bozzini, J. P. | 1993
Droplet size and coalescence stability of whey protein stabilized milkfat peanut oil emulsions
Das, K. P. / Kinsella, J. E. | 1993
Glassy state in bacterial spores predicted by polymer glass-transition theory
Sapru, V. / Labuza, T. P. | 1993
Measurement of water activity above 100�C
Bassal Vasseur, A. / Lebert, A. | 1993
Lactobacillus spp. from Washington State wines: Isolation and characterization
Edwards, C. G. / Powers, J. R. / Jensen, K. A. et al. | 1993