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Table of contents

Neural networks vs principal component regression for prediction of wheat flour loaf volume in baking tests
Horimoto, Y. / Durance, T. / Nakai, S. et al. | 1995
Wheat flour compound that produces sticky dough: Isolation and identification
Chen, W.Z. / Hoseney, R.C. | 1995
Photoacoustic monitoring of processing conditions in cooked tortillas: Measurement of thermal diffusivity
Alvarado-Gil, J.J. / Zelaya-Angel, O. / Sanchez-Sinencio, F. et al. | 1995
Characteristics of acid hydrolysate from defatted peanut flour
Wattanapat, R. / Nakayama, T. / Beuchat, L.R. | 1995
Bacillus cereus and Bacillus stearothermophilus spore inactivation in batch and continuous flow systems
Wescott, G.G. / Fairchild, T.M. / Foegeding, P.M. | 1995
Peroxidase stability and reactivation after heat treatment and manothermosonication
Lopez, P. / Burgos, J. | 1995
Probe length and filling material effects on thermal conductivity determined by a maximum slope data reduction method
Voudouris, N. / Hayakawa, K. | 1995
Microbiological, chemical, and sensory changes in irradiated Pico de Gallo
Howard, L.R. / Miller Jr, G.H. / Wagner, A.B. | 1995
Chemical, physical and sensory attributes of formed and frozen, baked sweetpotato
Collins, J.L. / Liao, J.-Y. / Penfield, M.P. | 1995
Enzymatic maceration of vegetables with protopectinases
Nakamura, T. / Hours, R.A. / Sakai, T. | 1995
Flavonoids and antioxidant activity of fresh pepper (Capsicum annuum) cultivars
Lee, Y. / Howard, L.R. / Villalon, B. | 1995
Protein isolation from tomato seed meal, extraction optimization
Laidakis, G.N. / Tzia, C. / Oreopoulou, V. et al. | 1995
Physical properties of soy bean and broad bean 11S globulin gels formed by transglutaminase reaction
Chanyongvorakul, Y. / Matsumura, Y. / Nonaka, M. et al. | 1995
Physical properties of soy bean and broad bean 115 globulin gels formed by transglutaminase reaction
Chanyongvorakul, Y. / Matsumura, Y. / Nonaka, M. et al. | 1995
Flavor and oxidative stability of roasted high oleic acid peanuts
Braddock, J.C. / Sims, C.A. / O'Keefe, S.F. | 1995
Polyphenoloxidase from amasya apple
Oktay, M. / Kufrevioglu, I. / Kocacaliskan, I. et al. | 1995
Enzymatic browning of model solutions and apple phenolic extracts by apple polyphenoloxidase
Goupy, P. / Amiot, M.J. / Richard-Forget, F. et al. | 1995
Kinetics of ascorbic acid loss and nonenzymatic browning in orange juice serum: Experimental rate constants
Johnson, J.R. / Braddock, R.J. / Chen, C.S. | 1995
Stability of non-pasteurized, refrigerated muscadine grape juice
Sims, C.A. / Eastridge, J.S. / O'Keefe, S.F. et al. | 1995
Survival of E. coli and Salmonella after chilling and freezing in liquid media
Smith, M.G. | 1995
Preparation of alkyl esters of pectin and pectic acid
Klavons, J.A. / Bennett, R.D. | 1995
Branched oligosaccharides concentrated by yeast frementation and effectiveness as a low sweetness humectant
Yoo, S.-H. / Kweon, M.-R. / Kim, M.-J. et al. | 1995
Tribological shear conversion of starch
Wang, S. S. / Zheng, X. | 1995
Enhanced sweetness in sweetener-NaCl-gum systems
Barisas, L. / Rosett, T. R. / Gao, Y. et al. | 1995
Rheological properties of solutions and emulsions stabilized with xanthan gum and propylene glycol alginate
Pettitt, D. J. / Wayne, J. E. B. / Renner-Nantz, J. J. et al. | 1995
Polymerization and mechanical degradation kinetics of gluten and glutenin at extruder melt-section temperatures and shear rates
Strecker, T. D. / Cavalieri, R. P. / Zollars, R. L. et al. | 1995
Folic acid content in thermostabilized and freeze-dried space shuttle foods
Lane, H. W. / Nillen, J. L. / Kloeris, V. L. | 1995
Ascorbic acid and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate losses in vegetables with cook/chill or cook/hot-hold foodservice systems
Williams, P. G. / Ross, H. / Brand Miller, J. C. | 1995
Accumulation of iron in lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria
Kot, E. / Furmanov, S. / Berzkorovainy, A. | 1995
Cloning and expression of a limonene degradation pathway from Bacillus stearothermophilus in Escherichia coli
Chang, H. C. / Gage, D. A. / Oriel, P. J. | 1995
Microbial biosensor system for rapid determination of vitamin B~6
Endo, H. / Kamata, A. / Hoshi, M. et al. | 1995
Hypocholesterolemic potential of oat bran treated with an endo-�-D-glucanase from Bacillus subtilis
Tietyan, J. L. / Nevins, D. J. / Shoemaker, C. F. et al. | 1995
Cholesterol removal from a lard-water mixture with �-cyclodextrin
Yen, G.-C. / Tsai, L.-J. | 1995
Postmortem delay time and heating rate affect tenderness and ultrastructure of prerigor cooked bovine muscle
Wu, J. Y. / Mills, E. W. / Henning, W. R. | 1995
Dynamic changes of headspace gases in CO~2 and N~2 packaged fresh beef
Zhao, Y. / Wells, J. H. / McMillin, K. W. | 1995
Composition and chemistry of mechanically recovered beef neck-bone lean
Demos, B. P. / Mandigo, R. W. | 1995
Reduced fat, high moisture beef frankfurters as affected by chopping temperature
Sutton, D. S. / Hand, L. W. / Newkirk, K. A. | 1995
Cooking treatment, mixing time, and mixing temperature affect pepperoni cupping
Newkirk, K. A. / Hand, L. W. / Sutton, D. S. | 1995
Quality evaluation of chile-flavored, jerky-type extruded products from meat and potato flour
McKee, L. H. / Ray, E. E. / Remmenga, M. et al. | 1995
Detectable odor thresholds of selected lipid oxidation compounds in a meat model system
Brewer, M. S. / Vega, J. D. | 1995
Gamma irradiation effects on thiamin and riboflavin in beef, lamb, pork, and turkey
Fox, J. B. / Lakritz, L. / Hampson, J. et al. | 1995
Lipid stability of beef model systems with heating and iron fractions
Han, D. / McMillin, K. W. / Godber, J. S. et al. | 1995
Consumer evaluation of raw and fried chicken after washing in trisodium phosphate or lactic acid/sodium benzoate solutions
Hathcox, A. K. / Hwang, C. A. / Resurreccion, A. V. A. et al. | 1995
Heat-resistance of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in meat and poultry as affected by product composition
Ahmed, N. M. / Conner, D. E. / Huffman, D. L. | 1995
Storage stability of chicken as affected by map and lactic acid treatment
Sawaya, W. N. / Elnawawy, A. S. / Al-Zenki, S. et al. | 1995
Volatile compounds in processed duck fillet
Lesimple, S. / Torres, L. / Mitjavila, S. et al. | 1995
Time/temperature profiles of smoked salmon packaged with cooling gel and shipped at ambient temperature
Alasalvar, C. / Nesvadba, P. | 1995
Sardine surimi gels as affected by salt concentration, blending, heat treatment and moisture
Alvarez, C. / Couso, I. / Tejada, M. | 1995
Frozen storage and thawing methods affect biochemical and sensory attributes of rainbow trout
Nilsson, K. / Ekstrand, B. | 1995
Differentiation of cultured and wild sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi) based on fatty acid composition
Chen, I.-C. / Chapman, F. A. / Wei, C.-I. et al. | 1995
Sodium lactate affects shelf life and consumer acceptance of fresh catfish (Ictalurus nebulosus, marmoratus) fillets under simulated retail conditions
Williams, S. K. / Rodrick, G. E. / West, R. L. | 1995
Viscoelastic property changes in Cheddar cheese during ripening
Rosenberg, M. / Wang, Z. / Chuang, S. L. et al. | 1995
Reduction of aflatoxin M~1 from artificially contaminated milk using ultrafiltration and diafiltration
Higuera-Ciapara, I. / Esqueda-Valle, M. / Nieblas, J. | 1995