Journal of Food Science

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Detection of parasites in fish by superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry
Jenks, W.G. / Bublitz, C.G. / Choudhury, G.S. et al. | 1996
Physical aging of maltose glasses
Schmidt, S.J. / Lammert, A.M. | 1996
Linear regression, neural network and induction analysis to determine harvesting and processing effects on surimi quality
Peters, G. / Morrissey, M.T. / Sylvia, G. et al. | 1996
Viscoelastic characterization of surimi gel: Effects of setting and starch
Ma, L. / Grove, A. / Barbosa-Canovas, G.V. | 1996
Kinetics of pigment oxidation in beef from steers supplemented with vitamin E
Lanari, M.C. / Schaefer, D.M. / Liu, Q. et al. | 1996
Storage stability of antioxidant-washed myofibrils from chicken white and red muscle
Liu, G. / Xiong, Y.L. | 1996
Chicken skin composition as affected by aqueous washing
Bonifer, L.B. / Froning, G.W. | 1996
Gelation of calcium-reduced and lipid-reduced whey protein concentrates as affected by total and ionic mineral concentrations
Mei, F.-I. / Laye, I. / Karleskind, D. et al. | 1996
Gelation properties of ovalbumin as affected by fatty acid salts
Yuno-Ohta, N. / Toryu, H. / Higasa, T. et al. | 1996
Protease-induced aggregation and gelation of whey proteins
Otte, J. / Ju, Z.Y. / Faergemand, M. et al. | 1996
Oil-in-water emulsions stabilized by sodium caseinate or whey protein isolate as influenced by glycerol monostearate
Euston, S.E. / Singh, H. / Munro, P.A. et al. | 1996
Headspace diacetyl as affected by stabilizers and emulsifiers in a model dairy system
Rankin, S.A. / Bodyfelt, F.W. | 1996
Degradation kinetics of green color and chlorophylls in peas by colorimetry and HPLC
Steet, J.A. / Tong, C.H. | 1996
Hydrolysis of soybean proteins by a vortex flow filtration membrane reactor with Aspergillus oryzae proteases
Zhang, Y. / Muramoto, K. / Yamauchi, F. | 1996
Thermal transitions in gelatinized wheat starch at different moisture contents by dynamic mechanical analysis
Vodovotz, Y. / Chinachoti, P. | 1996
Stability and color of unreported wine anthocyanin-derived pigments
Sarni-Manchado, P. / Fulcrand, H. / Souquet, J.-M. et al. | 1996
Sugar composition effects on textural parameters of peach jam
Raphaelides, S.N. / Ambatzidou, A. / Petridis, D. | 1996
Methods to determine partition coefficient of organic compounds in water-polystyrene systems
Gavara, R. / Hernandez, R.J. / Giacin, J. | 1996
Mechanical and barrier properties of edible chitosan films as affected by composition and storage
Butler, B.L. / Vergano, P.J. / Testin, R.F. et al. | 1996
Mathematical model for perforation effect on oxygen and water vapor dynamics in modified-atmosphere packages
Fishman, S. / Rodov, V. / Ben-Yehoshua, S. | 1996
Rheological, thermal and microstructural properties of whey protein-cassava starch gels
Aguilera, J.M. / Rojas, E. | 1996
Electronic sensing of aromatic volatiles for quality sorting of blueberries
Simon, J.E. / Hetzroni, A. / Bordelon, B. et al. | 1996
Pilot scale dealcoholization of wine by extraction with solid carbon dioxide
Antonelli, A. / Carnacini, A. / Marignetti, N. et al. | 1996
Gloss properties and surface morphology relationships of fruits
Ward, G. / Nussinovitch, A. | 1996
Crystallization and drying in thin sucrose films during panning
Shastry, A.V. / Hartel, R.W. | 1996
Residence time distribution of suspended particle in vertical tubular flow
Fan, K.-M. / Fu, W.-R. | 1996
Volatiles retention as influenced by method of addition during extrusion cooking
Kollengode, A.N.R. / Hanna, M.A. / Cuppett, S. | 1996
Thermomechanical changes during reheating pizza shells as related to heating method
Vittadini, E. / Chen, X.J. / Chinachoti, P. | 1996
Microstructure changes in wheat flour tortillas during baking
McDonough, C.M. / Seetharaman, K. / Waniska, R.D. et al. | 1996
Color and oxidative rancidity of gamma and electron beam-irradiated boneless pork chops
Luchsinger, S.E. / Kropf, D.H. / Garcia Zepeda, C.M. et al. | 1996
Phosphate and modified beef connective tissue effects on reduced fat, high water-added frankfurters
Eilert, S.J. / Mandigo, R.W. / Sumner, S.S. | 1996
Amperometric biosensor for total histamine, putrescine and cadaverine using diamine oxidase
Male, K.B. / Bouvrette, P. / Luong, J.H.T. et al. | 1996
Escherichia coli O157:H7 growth in laboratory media as affected by phenolic antioxidants
Ogunrinola, O.A. / Fung, D.Y.C. / Jeon, I.J. | 1996
Red pigment of parma ham and bacterial influence on its formation
Morita, H. / Niu, J. / Sakata, R. et al. | 1996
Bacterial proteinase reduces maturation time of dry fermented sausages
Hagen, B.F. / Berdague, J.-L. / Holck, A.L. et al. | 1996
Bactericidal activity of aqueous chlorine and chlorine dioxide solutions in a fish model system
Lin, W.-F. / Huang, T.-S. / Cornell, J.A. et al. | 1996
Determining lactococcal agglutination by ELISA
Ustunol, Z. / Sypien, C. | 1996
Cowpea flour vitamins and trypsin inhibitor affected by treatment and fermentation with Rhizopus microsporus
Prinyawiwatkul, W. / Eitenmiller, R.R. / Beuchat, L.R. et al. | 1996
Hydrothermal cooking affects protein efficiency ratio and zinc bioavailability of soymilk-based diets in rats
Lihono, M.A. / Serfass, R.E. | 1996
Stability of �-tocopherol, thiamin, riboflavin and retinol in pork muscle and liver during heating as affected by dietary supplementation
Leonhardt, M. / Gebert, S. / Wenk, C. | 1996
Stability of alpha-tocopherol, thiamin, riboflavin and retinol in pork muscle and liver during heating as affected by dietary supplementation
Leonhardt, M. / Gebert, S. / Wenk, C. | 1996
Precooked reduced-fat beef patties chemical and sensory quality as affected by sodium ascorbate, lactate and phosphate
Kulshrestha, S.A. / Rhee, K.S. | 1996
Muscle microstructure and sensory attributes of organic acid-treated beef strip loins
Mikel, W.B. / Goddard, B.L. / Bradford, D.D. | 1996
Inhibition of lipid oxidation in meats by inorganic phosphate and ascorbate salts
Craig, J.A. / Bowers, J.A. / Wang, X.-Y. et al. | 1996
Physical and sensory properties of milk chocolate formulated with anhydrous milk fat fractions
Full, N.A. / Reddy, S.Y. / Dimick, P.S. et al. | 1996
Low-fat margarine spreads as affected by aqueous phase hydrocolloids
Clegg, S.M. / Moore, A.K. / Jones, S.A. | 1996
Information affects consumer assessment of sweet and bitter solutions
Deliza, R. / MacFie, H.J.H. / Hedderley, D. | 1996
Partial replacement of egg white proteins with whey proteins in angel food cakes
Arunepanlop, B. / Morr, C.V. / Karleskind, D. et al. | 1996
Modeling and prediction of visual shelf life of minimally processed endive
Vankerschaver, K. / Willocx, F. / Smout, C. et al. | 1996
Thickening agents effects on sodium binding and other taste qualities of soup systems
Rosett, T.R. / Kendregan, S.L. / Gao, Y. et al. | 1996