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Improving Extraction of Lutein from Egg Yolk Using an Ultrasound‐Assisted Solvent Method
Yue, Xiaohua / Xu, Zhimin / Prinyawiwatkul, Witoon et al. | 2006
Evaluation of Antioxidant Effects of Raisin Paste in Cooked Ground Beef, Pork, and Chicken
Vasavada, M.N. / Cornforth, D.P. | 2006
Effects of NaCl Concentration on Salting‐in and Dilution During Salting‐out on Soy Protein Fractionation
Deak, N. A. / Murphy, P. A. / Johnson, L. A. | 2006
Physical, Morphological, and Barrier Properties of Edible Casein Films with Wax Applications
Sohail, Syed S. / Wang, Baowu / Biswas, Mohammed A. S. et al. | 2006
Singlet Oxygen Quenching Activities of Various Fruit and Vegetable Juices and Protective Effects of Apple and Pear Juices against Hematolysis and Protein Oxidation Induced by Methylene Blue Photosensitization
Oh, Young Seok / Jang, Eun Seok / Bock, Jin Young et al. | 2006
Effects of Gamma Irradiation on the Biological Activity of Green Tea Byproduct Extracts and a Comparison with Green Tea Leaf Extracts
Lee, Na Young / Jo, Cheorun / Sohn, Sang Hyuk et al. | 2006
Effect of Inoculation Level of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Yogurt Cultures on Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content and Quality Attributes of Fermented Milk Products
Xu, Sa / Boylston, Terri D. / Glatz, Bonita A. | 2006
Corona Compared with Triboelectric Charging for Electrostatic Powder Coating
Mayr, M.B. / Barringer, S.A. | 2006
Effect of Calcium Salts on the Properties of Proteins from Oil Sardine (Sardinella longiceps) During Frozen Storage
Mathew, Sijo / Prakash, V. | 2006
Electronic Nose to Detect Strawberry Aroma Changes During Osmotic Dehydration
Buratti, S. / Rizzolo, A. / Benedetti, S. et al. | 2006
A Method to Estimate the Hydration and Swelling Properties of Chickpeas (Cicer arietinum L.)
Wood, J. A. / Harden, S. | 2006
The Effect of Protein Particle Size Reduction on the Physical Properties of CO2‐Precipitated Casein Films
Dangaran, Kirsten L. / Cooke, Peter / Tomasula, Peggy M. | 2006
Water Vapor Permeability of Mammalian and Fish Gelatin Films
Avena‐Bustillos, R.J. / Olsen, C.W. / Olson, D.A. et al. | 2006
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| 2006
Author Index: Volume 71, Number 4
| 2006
Change of Hygienic Quality and Freshness in Tuna Treated with Electrolyzed Water and Carbon Monoxide Gas during Refrigerated and Frozen Storage
Huang, Yu‐Ru / Shiau, Chyuan‐Yuan / Hung, Yen‐Con et al. | 2006
Decontamination Efficacy of Combined Chlorine Dioxide with Ultrasonication on Apples and Lettuce
Huang, Tung‐Shi / Xu, Chuanling / Walker, Ken et al. | 2006
Does It Look Cooked? A Review of Factors That Influence Cooked Meat Color
King / Whyte, Rosemary | 2006
Betalain Stability and Degradation—Structural and Chromatic Aspects
Herbach, Kirsten M. / Stintzing, Florian C. / Carle, Reinhold | 2006
Processing, Nutritional Evaluation, and Utilization of Whole Mesquite Flour (Prosopis laevigata)
De La Rosa, A. P. Barba / Frias‐Hernández, J. T. / Olalde‐Portugal, V. et al. | 2006
Estimating the Shelf Life of Brown Pan Bread, Suitability of Survival Analysis Methodology
Salvador, A. / Varela, P. / Fiszman, S.M. et al. | 2006
Quality of Reduced‐Fat Frankfurter Modified by Konjac–Starch Mixed Gels
Kao, W.T. / Lin, K.W. | 2006
A Multithreshold Model for Sensory Analysis
Varona, Luis / Hernández, Pilar | 2006
Effect of Soybean Meal‐based Diets on the Product Quality of Rainbow Trout Fillets
D'Souza, Natasha / Skonberg, Denise I. / Stone, David A. J. et al. | 2006
Flaxseed in Breadmaking: Effects on Sensory Quality, Aging, and Composition of Bakery Products
Pohjanheimo, Terhi A. / Hakala, Mari A. / Tahvonen, Raija L. et al. | 2006
Effect of Plasticizer Concentration and Solvent Types on Shelf‐life of Eggs Coated with Chitosan
Kim, Su Hyun / No, Hong Kyoon / Kim, Soon Dong et al. | 2006
“Best if Used By …” How Freshness Dating Influences Food Acceptance
Wansink, Brian / Wright, Alan O. | 2006
Synergistic Effects of Flavonoids on Cell Proliferation in Hepa‐1c1c7 and LNCaP Cancer Cell Lines
Campbell, Jessica K. / King, Jennifer L. / Harmston, Matt et al. | 2006
Front Face Fluorescence Spectroscopy—A Rapid Method to Detect Early Lipid Oxidation in Freeze Stored Minced Turkey Meat
Veberg, Annette / Olsen, Elisabeth / Vogt, Gjermund et al. | 2006
Changes in Volatile Compounds of Traditional Chinese Nanjing Water‐boiled Salted Duck During Processing
Liu, Yuan / Xu, Xing‐lian / Ouyang, Gang‐feng et al. | 2006
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| 2006
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