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Detection and Quantification of Soy Allergens in Food: Study of Two Commercial Enzyme‐Linked Immunosorbent Assays
L'Hocine, Lamia / Boye, Joyce Irene / Munyana, Christella | 2007
Dual Mode Diffusion of NaCl in Japanese Radish under Cooking Conditions
Hashiba, H. / Komiyama, J. / Nakanishi, T. et al. | 2007
Compositional Study on Rice Bran Oil after Lipase‐Catalyzed Glycerolysis and Solvent Fractionations
Lee, J. H. / Yu, F. / Vu, P. L. et al. | 2007
Allergenicity of Proteolytic Hydrolysates of the Soybean 11S Globulin
Lee, H.‐W. / Keum, E.‐H. / Lee, S.‐J. et al. | 2007
Influence of Deacetylation on the Rheological Properties of Xanthan–Guar Interactions in Dilute Aqueous Solutions
Khouryieh, H.A. / Herald, T. J. / Aramouni, F. et al. | 2007
Thermal and Storage Stability of Nutraceuticals in a Milk Beverage Dietary Supplement
Uzzan, M. / Nechrebeki, J. / Labuza, T.P. | 2007
Proteolytic and Rheological Properties of Aging Cheddar‐Like Caprine Milk Cheeses Manufactured at Different Times during Lactation
Van Hekken, D.L. / Tunick, M.H. / Soryal, K.A. et al. | 2007
Feasibility of Aseptic Processing of a Low‐Acid Multiphase Food Product (salsa con queso) Using a Continuous Flow Microwave System
Kumar, P. / Coronel, P. / Simunovic, J. et al. | 2007
Vintage Year Determination of Bottled Chinese Rice Wine by VIS‐NIR Spectroscopy
Yu, H.Y. / Ying, B. / Sun, T. et al. | 2007
Application of Mid‐Infrared Spectroscopy to the Prediction of Maturity and Sensory Texture Attributes of Cheddar Cheese
Fagan, C.C. / O'Donnell, C.P. / O'Callaghan, D.J. et al. | 2007
Bubble‐Included Chocolate: Relating Structure with Sensory Response
Haedelt, J. / Beckett, S.T. / Niranjan, K. | 2007
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2007
Fat‐Free Plain Yogurt Manufactured with Inulins of Various Chain Lengths and Lactobacillus acidophilus
Aryana, K.J. / Plauche, S. / Rao, R.M. et al. | 2007
Inactivation of Enterobacter sakazakii in Infant Milk Formula by Gamma Irradiation: Determination of D10‐Value
Osaili, T.M. / Shaker, R.R. / Abu Al‐Hasan, A.S. et al. | 2007
Indigenous Dadih Lactic Acid Bacteria: Cell‐Surface Properties and Interactions with Pathogens
Collado, M. Carmen / Surono, Ingrid / Meriluoto, Jussi et al. | 2007
Isolation and Characterization of Lactobacillus Species Having Potential for Use as Probiotic Cultures for Dogs
McCoy, S. / Gilliland, S.E. | 2007
Effectiveness of Radiation Processing for Elimination of Salmonella Typhimurium from Minimally Processed Pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr.)
Shashidhar, Ravindranath / Dhokane, Varsha S. / Hajare, Sachin N. et al. | 2007
Food Packaging—Roles, Materials, and Environmental Issues
Marsh, Kenneth / Bugusu, Betty | 2007
Wheat Gluten: High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits—Structure, Genetics, and Relation to Dough Elasticity
Anjum, Faqir Muhammad / Khan, Moazzam Rafiq / Din, Ahmad et al. | 2007
A Feeding Study to Assess Nutritional Quality and Safety of Surimi Wash Water Proteins Recovered by a Chitosan‐Alginate Complex
Wibowo, Singgih / Savant, Vivek / Cherian, Gita et al. | 2007
Improvement of the Overall Quality of Table Grapes Stored under Modified Atmosphere Packaging in Combination with Natural Antimicrobial Compounds
Guillén, F. / Zapata, P. J. / Martínez‐Romero, D. et al. | 2007
Variations of the Sensory Profile of Durum Wheat Altamura PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Bread during Staling
Pasqualone, Antonella / Summo, Carmine / Bilancia, Maria Teresa et al. | 2007
Improving Antioxidant Capacity of Fresh‐Cut Mangoes Treated with UV‐C
González‐Aguilar, Gustavo A. / Villegas‐Ochoa, Mónica A. / Martínez‐Téllez, M.A. et al. | 2007
Preventive Antioxidant Effects of Cocoa Polyphenolic Extract on Free Radical Production and Cognitive Performances after Heat Exposure in Wistar Rats
Rozan, P. / Hidalgo, S. / Nejdi, A. et al. | 2007
Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) Seed Oil Is a Rich Source of g-Tocopherol
Mohamed, R. / Fernandez, J. / Pineda, M. et al. | 2007
Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) Seed Oil Is a Rich Source of γ‐Tocopherol
Mohamed, R. / Fernández, J. / Pineda, M. et al. | 2007
Reactive Oxygen Scavenging Activity of Matured Whiskey and Its Active Polyphenols
Koga, K. / Taguchi, A. / Koshimizu, S. et al. | 2007
The Potential Antioxidant Capacity and Angiotensin I‐Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of Monascus‐Fermented Soybean Extracts: Evaluation of Monascus‐Fermented Soybean Extracts as Multifunctional Food Additives
Pyo, Y.‐H. / Lee, T.‐C. | 2007
The Effect of Honey Compared to Sucrose, Mixed Sugars, and a Sugar‐Free Diet on Weight Gain in Young Rats
Chepulis, L.M. | 2007
The Effect of Milk Protein on the Bioavailability of Cocoa Polyphenols
Keogh, J.B. / McInerney, J. / Clifton, P.M. | 2007
Editorial: Vol. 72, Number 3
Lund, Daryl | 2007