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Residues of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Edible Fish of the Adriatic Sea: Assessment of Human Exposure
Storelli, M.M. / Barone, G. / Marcotrigiano, G.O. | 2007
2‐Step Optimization of the Extraction and Subsequent Physical Properties of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Skin Gelatin
Yang, Hongshun / Wang, Yifen / Jiang, Mingkang et al. | 2007
Comparison of Water Gel Desserts from Fish Skin and Pork Gelatins Using Instrumental Measurements
Zhou, Peng / Regenstein, Joe M. | 2007
Extraction of Sardine Myoglobin and Its Effect on Gelation Properties of Pacific Whiting Surimi
Park, Joo D. / Park, Jae W. | 2007
Effects of Yeast and Bran on Phytate Degradation and Minerals in Rice Bread
Kadan, R.S. / Phillippy, B.Q. | 2007
A Comparative Study of Acrylamide Formation Induced by Microwave and Conventional Heating Methods
Yuan, Y. / Chen, F. / Zhao, G.‐H. et al. | 2007
Electron Beam Irradiation Improves Shelf Lives of Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) and Red Ginseng
Jin, Y. / Shin, H. / Song, K.B. | 2007
Effects and Prooxidant Mechanisms of Oxidized a-Tocopherol on the Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil
Kim, H. J. / Lee, H. O. / Min, D. B. | 2007
Effects and Prooxidant Mechanisms of Oxidized α‐Tocopherol on the Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil
Kim, H.J. / Lee, H.O. / Min, D.B. | 2007
The Debittering of Navel Orange Juice Using Polymeric Films
Fayoux, Stéphane C. / Hernandez, Ruben J. / Holland, Robert V. | 2007
Uncertainty in Thermal Process Calculations due to Variability in First‐Order and Weibull Kinetic Parameters
Halder, A. / Datta, A.K. / Geedipalli, S.S.R. | 2007
Effect of Calcium and Phosphorus, Residual Lactose, and Salt‐to‐Moisture Ratio on the Melting Characteristics and Hardness of Cheddar Cheese during Ripening
Chevanan, N. / Muthukumarappan, K. | 2007
Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Pumpable Food Materials under Static and Continuous Flow Conditions
Kumar, P. / Coronel, P. / Simunovic, J. et al. | 2007
Classification of Cassava Starch Films by Physicochemical Properties and Water Vapor Permeability Quantification by FTIR and PLS
Henrique, C.M. / Teófilo, R.F. / Sabino, L. et al. | 2007
Alginate‐ and Gellan‐Based Edible Films for Probiotic Coatings on Fresh‐Cut Fruits
Tapia, M.S. / Rojas‐Graü, M.A. / Rodríguez, F.J. et al. | 2007
Effects of Gas Atmosphere and Temperature on the Respiration Rates of Whole and Sliced Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)— Implications for Film Permeability in Modified Atmosphere Packages
Cliffe‐Byrnes, Valerie / O' Beirne, David | 2007
Investigation of Dielectric Properties of Different Cake Formulations during Microwave and Infrared–Microwave Combination Baking
Sakiyan, Ozge / Sumnu, Gulum / Sahin, Serpil et al. | 2007
The Study of β‐Lactoglobulin Adsorption on Polyethersulfone Thin Film Surface Using QCM‐D and AFM
Kim, J.T. / Weber, N. / Shin, G.H. et al. | 2007
The Study of b-Lactoglobulin Adsorption on Polyethersulfone Thin Film Surface Using QCM-D and AFM
Kim, J. T. / Weber, N. / Shin, G. H. et al. | 2007
Effect of an Oat b-Glucan-Rich Hydrocolloid (C-trim30) on the Rheology and Oil Uptake of Frying Batters
Lee, S. / Inglett, G. E. | 2007
Effect of an Oat β‐Glucan‐Rich Hydrocolloid (C‐trim30) on the Rheology and Oil Uptake of Frying Batters
Lee, S. / Inglett, G.E. | 2007
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2007
Inactivation of Shigella boydii 18 IDPH and Listeria monocytogenes Scott A with Power Ultrasound at Different Acoustic Energy Densities and Temperatures
Ugarte‐Romero, Edgar / Feng, Hao / Martin, Scott E. | 2007
Effect of Hexanal Vapor on the Growth of Postharvest Pathogens and Fruit Decay
Song, Jun / Hildebrand, Paul D. / Fan, Lihua et al. | 2007
A 2‐Step Cooking Method of Searing and Hot Water Pasteurization to Maximize the Safety of Refrigerated, Vacuum Packaged, Chicken Breast Meat
Enns, D.K. / Crandall, P.G. / O'Bryan, C.A. et al. | 2007
Optimization of the Fermentation Medium for Alpha‐Galactosidase Production from Aspergillus foetidus ZU‐G1 Using Response Surface Methodology
Liu, Caiquin / Ruan, Hui / Shen, Huafeng et al. | 2007
Reuse of Ozonated Alkaline Solutions as Fermentation Brines in Spanish Green Table Olives
Segovia‐Bravo, K.A. / Arroyo‐López, F.N. / García‐García, P. et al. | 2007
Inhibition of Foodborne Pathogens by Native Microflora Recovered from Fresh Peeled Baby Carrot and Propagated in Cultures
Liao, C.‐H. | 2007
Influence of Sodium Glycocholate on Production of Conjugated Linoleic Acid by Cells of Lactobacillus reuteri ATCC 55739
Roman‐Nunez, M. / Cuesta‐Alonso, E. P. / Gilliland, S. E. | 2007
Application of Atomic Force Microscopy as a Nanotechnology Tool in Food Science
Yang, Hongshun / Wang, Yifen / Lai, Shaojuan et al. | 2007
Effects of Hydrophilic Hydrocolloids on Dough and Bread Performance of Samples Made from Frozen Doughs
Dodić, J. / Pejin, D. / Dodić, S. et al. | 2007
Quality Changes in Beef Gluteus Medius, Infraspinatus, Psoas Major, Rectus Femoris, and Teres Major Enhanced Prior to Aging
Stetzer, A.J. / Tucker, E. / McKeith, F.K. et al. | 2007
Stability of Copigmented Anthocyanins and Ascorbic Acid in Muscadine Grape Juice Processed by High Hydrostatic Pressure
Del Pozo‐Insfran, D. / Del Follo‐Martinez, A. / Talcott, S.T. et al. | 2007
Sensory Profiles of Bread Made from Paired Samples of Organic and Conventionally Grown Wheat Grain
Annett, L.E. / Spaner, D. / Wismer, W.V. | 2007
A Comparison of Nutrient Density Scores for 100% Fruit Juices
Rampersaud, G.C. | 2007
Effect of Enzymatic Macerate Treatment on Rutin Content, Antioxidant Activity, Yield, and Physical Properties of Asparagus Juice
Sun, Ting / Powers, Joseph R. / Tang, Juming | 2007
Effect of UV Irradiation on Cut Cantaloupe: Terpenoids and Esters
Beaulieu, John C. | 2007
Effect of Natural Antioxidants on Oxidative Stability of Cooked, Refrigerated Beef and Pork
Rojas, M.C. / Brewer, M.S | 2007