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Processing Tangerine Tomatoes: Effects on Lycopene‐Isomer Concentrations and Profile
Ishida, B.K. / Roberts, J.S. / Chapman, M.H. et al. | 2007
Effect of High Pressure on the Calpain–Calpastatin System in Fish Muscle
Chéret, R. / Delbarre‐Ladrat, C. / Verrez‐Bagnis, V. et al. | 2007
Oxidation of Corn Oil During Frying of Soy–Flour‐Added Flour Dough
Yoon, Y. / Choe, E. | 2007
Antibacterial Activity and Mechanical Properties of Partially Hydrolyzed Sago Starch–Alginate Edible Film Containing Lemongrass Oil
Maizura, M. / Fazilah, A. / Norziah, M.H. et al. | 2007
Structural Characterization of Rice Starch in Rice Cake Modified by Thermus scotoductus 4-a-Glucanotransferase (TSaGTase)
Seo, N. S. / Roh, S. A. / Auh, J. H. et al. | 2007
Structural Characterization of Rice Starch in Rice Cake Modified by Thermus scotoductus 4‐α‐Glucanotransferase (TSαGTase)
Seo, N.‐S. / Roh, S.‐A. / Auh, J.‐H. et al. | 2007
Caffeine Content of Prepackaged National‐Brand and Private‐Label Carbonated Beverages
Chou, K.‐H. / Bell, L.N. | 2007
Phenolic Acid Content and Composition in Leaves and Roots of Common Commercial Sweetpotato (Ipomea batatas L.) Cultivars in the United States
Truong, V.‐D. / McFeeters, R.F. / Thompson, R.T. et al. | 2007
Nonisothermal Kinetics of Acrylamide Elimination and Its Acceleration by Table Salt—A Model Study
Kolek, E. / Šimon, P. / Šimko, P. | 2007
Heat Treatment of Scallop Adductor Muscle Using Superheated Steam
Abe, T. / Miyashita, K. | 2007
Pilot Plant Scale Production of Protein from Catfish Treated by Acid Solubilization/Isoelectric Precipitation
Mireles DeWitt, C.A. / Nabors, R.L. / Kleinholz, C.W. | 2007
Effect of Hydrogen Ion Concentration and Electrostatic Polarity on Food Powder Coating Transfer Efficiency and Adhesion
Setyo, D. / Barringer, S. | 2007
Gelation Mechanism of Surimi Studied by 1H NMR Relaxation Measurements
Ahmad, M.U. / Tashiro, Y. / Matsukawa, S. et al. | 2007
Physicochemical and Volatiles Characterization of Trans‐Free Solid Fats Produced by Lipase‐Catalyzed Interesterification
Lee, J.H. / Akoh, C.C. / Lee, K.‐T. | 2007
Three‐Dimensional Observation of Connective Tissue of Bovine Masseter Muscle under Concentrate‐ and Roughage‐Fed Conditions by using Immunohistochemical/Confocal Laser‐Scanning Microscopic Methods
Nakamura, Y.‐N. / Iwamoto, H. / Etoh, T. et al. | 2007
Effect of a Gelatin Coating on the Shelf Life of Fresh Meat
Antoniewski, M.N. / Barringer, S.A. / Knipe, C.L. et al. | 2007
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2007
Differentiation of Closely Related Fungi by Electronic Nose Analysis
Karlshøj, K. / Nielsen, P.V. / Larsen, T.O. | 2007
Characterization and Selection of Autochthonous Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Traditional Iberian Dry‐Fermented Salchichón and Chorizo Sausages
Benito, M.J. / Martín, A. / Aranda, E. et al. | 2007
Characterization and Selection of Autochthonous Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Traditional Iberian Dry-Fermented Salchichon and Chorizo Sausages
Benito, M. J. / Martin, A. / Aranda, E. et al. | 2007
Combined Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure, Temperature, and pH on the Inactivation of Spores of Clostridium perfringens Type A and Clostridium sporogenes in Buffer Solutions
Paredes‐Sabja, D. / Gonzalez, M. / Sarker, M.R. et al. | 2007
Recipes for Antimicrobial Wine Marinades against Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Salmonella enterica
Friedman, Mendel / Henika, P.R. / Levin, C.E. et al. | 2007
Optimization and Validation of a Taste Dilution Analysis to Characterize Wine Taste
Lopez, R. / Mateo‐Vivaracho, L. / Cacho, J. et al. | 2007
A Chemical Basis for Sour Taste Perception of Acid Solutions and Fresh‐Pack Dill Pickles
Da Conceicao Neta, E.R. / Johanningsmeier, S.D. / Drake, M.A. et al. | 2007
Sources of Umami Taste in Cheddar and Swiss Cheeses
Drake, S.L. / Carunchia Whetstine, M.E. / Drake, M.A. et al. | 2007
Production and Characterization of Xanthosoma sagittifolium and Colocasia esculenta Flours
Pérez, E.E. / Gutiérrez, M.E. / De Delahaye, E. Pacheco et al. | 2007
Characterization of Volatile Compounds in a Fermented and Dried Fish Product during Cold Storage
Nordvi, B. / Langsrud, Ø. / Egelandsdal, B. et al. | 2007
Dependence of Fructooligosaccharide Content on Activity of Fructooligosaccharide‐Metabolizing Enzymes in Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Tuberous Roots during Storage
Narai‐Kanayama, A. / Tokita, N. / Aso, K. | 2007
Effects of Varying Levels of Vegetable Juice Powder and Incubation Time on Color, Residual Nitrate and Nitrite, Pigment, pH, and Trained Sensory Attributes of Ready‐to‐Eat Uncured Ham
Sindelar, J.J. / Cordray, J.C. / Sebranek, J.G. et al. | 2007
Further Insights into the Floral Character of Touriga Nacional Wines
De Pinho, P. Guedes / Falqué, E. / Castro, M. et al. | 2007
Irradiation in Combination with Higher Storage Temperatures Maintains Chip‐Making Quality of Potato
Kumar, S. / Khade, H.D. / Dhokane, V.S. et al. | 2007
Improved Postprandial Response and Feeling of Satiety after Consumption of Low‐Calorie Muffins with Maltitol and High‐Amylose Corn Starch
Quílez, J. / Bulló, M. / Salas‐Salvadó, J. | 2007
Egg Yolk Protein and Egg Yolk Phosvitin Inhibit Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron Absorptions in Rats
Ishikawa, S.‐I. / Tamaki, S. / Arihara, K. et al. | 2007
Comparison of Nutritional Quality between Chinese Indica Rice with sck and cry1Ac Genes and Its Nontransgenic Counterpart
Li, X. / Huang, K. / He, X. et al. | 2007
Sensory Properties of Meal Replacement Bars and Beverages Made from Whey and Soy Proteins
Childs, J.L. / Yates, M.D. / Drake, M.A. | 2007
Potential of a Novel Polysaccharide Preparation (GLPP) from Anhui‐Grown Ganoderma lucidum in Tumor Treatment and Immunostimulation
Pang, X. / Chen, Z. / Gao, X. et al. | 2007
Some Good News, Some Not‐So‐Good News
Lund, Daryl | 2007
Letter to the editor
Peleg, Micha | 2007
Datta, A. / Halder, A. | 2007