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Contribution of Tomato Phenolics to Suppression of COX‐2 Expression in KB Cells
Shen, Y.‐C. / Chen, S.‐L. / Zhuang, S.‐R. et al. | 2008
Minerals, Phenolic Compounds, and Antioxidant Capacity of Citrus Peel Extract by Hot Water
Xu, G.H. / Chen, J.C. / Liu, D.H. et al. | 2008
Comparison of Soybean Oils, Gum, and Defatted Soy Flour Extract in Stabilizing Menhaden Oil during Heating
Yue, X. / Xu, Z. / Prinyawiwatkul, W. et al. | 2008
Radical Scavenging Activity and Phenolic Compounds in Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L. cv. Mopan)
Chen, X.N. / Fan, J.F. / Yue, X. et al. | 2008
Aroma Components of American Country Ham
Song, H. / Cadwallader, K.R. | 2008
Effect of Grape Seed Extract on Physicochemical Properties of Ground, Salted, Chicken Thigh Meat during Refrigerated Storage at Different Relative Humidity Levels
Brannan, R.G. | 2008
Small and Large Deformation Rheology for Hard Wheat Flour Dough as Influenced by Mixing and Resting
Kim, Y.‐R. / Cornillon, P. / Campanella, O.H. et al. | 2008
Confidence Intervals for Modeling Anthocyanin Retention in Grape Pomace during Nonisothermal Heating
Mishra, D.K. / Dolan, K.D. / Yang, L. | 2008
Molecular Interactions and Functionality of a Cold‐Gelling Soy Protein Isolate
Cramp, G.L. / Kwanyuen, P. / Daubert, C.R. | 2008
Investigating the Moisture Sorption Behavior of Amorphous Sucrose Using a Dynamic Humidity Generating Instrument
Yu, X. / Kappes, S.M. / Bello‐Perez, L.A. et al. | 2008
The Long‐Term Effects of Feeding Honey Compared with Sucrose and a Sugar‐Free Diet on Weight Gain, Lipid Profiles, and DEXA Measurements in Rats
Chepulis, L. / Starkey, N. | 2008
Beer and Wine Consumers' Perceptions of the Nutritional Value of Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages
Wright, C.A. / Bruhn, C.M. / Heymann, H. et al. | 2008
Beer Consumers' Perceptions of the Health Aspects of Alcoholic Beverages
Wright, C. A. / Bruhn, C. M. / Heymann, H. et al. | 2008
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2008
Antioxidant Capacity, Phenolic Content, and Polysaccharide Content of Lentinus edodes Grown in Whey Permeate‐Based Submerged Culture
Wu, X.J. / Hansen, C. | 2008
Antifungal Activity Stability of Flaxseed Protein Extract Using Response Surface Methodology
Xu, Y. / Hall, C. III / Wolf‐Hall, C. | 2008
Production of β‐Glucosidase and Hydrolysis of Isoflavone Phytoestrogens by Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Lactobacillus casei in Soymilk
Donkor, O.N. / Shah, N.P. | 2008
Production of b-Glucosidase and Hydrolysis of Isoflavone Phytoestrogens by Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Lactobacillus casei in Soymilk
Donkor, O. N. / Shah, N. P. | 2008
Effect of Versagel® on the Growth and Metabolic Activities of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria
Ramchandran, L. / Shah, N.P. | 2008
Elimination of Listeria monocytogenes on Hotdogs by Infrared Surface Treatment
Huang, L. / Sites, J. | 2008
Effects of Maillard Reaction Products on hilA Expression in Salmonella Typhimurium
Kundinger, M.M. / Zabala‐Díaz, I.B. / Chalova, V.I. et al. | 2008
“Just Add Water”: Regulating and Protecting the Most Common Ingredient
Tarver, Toni | 2008
Multifaceted Therapeutic Benefits of Ginkgo biloba L.: Chemistry, Efficacy, Safety, and Uses
Mahadevan, S. / Park, Y. | 2008
Sensorial Evaluation of Nutritional Supplements (PROGRESA) Enriched with 3 Different Forms of Iron in a Rural Mexican Community
Morales, J. / Vargas, F. / Cassís, L. et al. | 2008
Quality Changes in Beef Complexus, Serratus Ventralis, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, and Longissimus Dorsi Muscles Enhanced Prior to Aging
Stetzer, A.J. / Tucker, E. / McKeith, F.K. et al. | 2008
Combined Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Superchilled Storage to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Cod (Gadus morhua) Loins
Wang, T. / Sveinsdóttir, K. / Magnússon, H. et al. | 2008
Consumer Acceptance of an Extruded Soy‐Based High‐Protein Breakfast Cereal
Yeu, K. / Lee, Y. / Lee, S.‐Y. | 2008
Effect of Controlled Atmospheres on Maintaining Quality of Persimmon Fruit cv. “Rojo Brillante”
Arnal, L. / Besada, C. / Navarro, P. et al. | 2008
Properties, Translucence, and Microstructure of Pacific White Shrimp Treated with Mixed Phosphates as Affected by Freshness and Deveining
Rattanasatheirn, N. / Benjakul, S. / Visessanguan, W. et al. | 2008
Evaluation of Bitterness in Enzymatic Hydrolysates of Soy Protein Isolate by Taste Dilution Analysis
Seo, W.H. / Lee, H.G. / Baek, H.H. | 2008
Postharvest Changes in Water Status and Chlorophyll Content of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.) and their Relationship with Overall Visual Quality
Agüero, M.V. / Barg, M.V. / Yommi, A. et al. | 2008
Modeling Bovine Serum Albumin Binding of Flavor Compounds (Alcohols, Aldehydes, Esters, and Ketones) as a Function of Molecular Properties
Tan, Y. / Siebert, K.J. | 2008
Comparative Physicochemical Properties and Structure of Rice Containing the sck+cryIAc Genes and Its Nontransgenic Counterpart
Li, X. / Huang, K. / Zhu, B. et al. | 2008
Chitosan Treatments Affect Growth and Selected Quality of Sunflower Sprouts
Cho, M.H. / No, H.K. / Prinyawiwatkul, W. | 2008
Consumer Sensory Evaluations of Aging Effects on Beef Quality
Brewer, S. / Novakofski, J. | 2008
Analysis of Volatile Flavor Compounds of Sardine (Sardinops melanostica) by Solid Phase Microextraction
Ganeko, N. / Shoda, M. / Hirohara, I. et al. | 2008
Encapsulation of Nutraceutical Monoterpenes in β‐Cyclodextrin and Modified Starch
Mourtzinos, I. / Kalogeropoulos, N. / Papadakis, S.E. et al. | 2008
Encapsulation of Nutraceutical Monoterpenes in b-Cyclodextrin and Modified Starch
Mourtzinos, I. / Kalogeropoulos, N. / Papadakis, S. E. et al. | 2008
Utilization of Electron Beam Irradiated Almond Skin Powder as a Natural Antioxidant in Ground Top Round Beef
Prasetyo, M. / Chia, M. / Hughey, C. et al. | 2008
Growth Inhibition of Osteosarcoma Cell MG‐63 by a Mixture of trans,trans Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers: Possible Mechanistic Actions
Kim, Y.S. / Cerbo, R.M. / Hah, C.K. et al. | 2008
Inhibition of 7,12‐Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene Induced Mouse Skin Carcinogenesis by Artemisia capillaris
Kim, Y.S. / Bahn, K.N. / Hah, C.K. et al. | 2008
Section Changes in JFS
Lund, Daryl | 2008
Letter to the editor
Sommers, Christopher H. / Rajkowski, Kathleen T. / Jaczynski, Jacek et al. | 2008