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Endogenous Factors Affecting Oxidative Stability of Beef Loin, Pork Loin, and Chicken Breast and Thigh Meats
Min, B. / Nam, K.C. / Cordray, J. et al. | 2008
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters for Heat Denaturation of Cry1A(b) Protein from Transgenic Maize (Zea mays)
De Luis, R. / Pérez, M.D. / Sánchez, L. et al. | 2008
A Thermostable Chitinase with Chitin‐Binding Activity from Phaseolus limensis
Wang, S.Y. / Zhou, J.J. / Shao, B. et al. | 2008
Purification and Characteristics of Feruloyl Esterase from Aspergillus awamori G‐2 Strain
Kanauchi, M. / Watanabe, S. / Tsukada, T. et al. | 2008
Lipoxygenase Independent Hexanal Formation in Isolated Soy Proteins Induced by Reducing Agents
Lei, Q. / Boatright, W.L. | 2008
Effect of Whey Protein Coating on Quality Attributes of Low‐Fat, Aerobically Packaged Sausage during Refrigerated Storage
Shon, J. / Chin, K.B. | 2008
New Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Sugar Esters from Ku‐Ding‐Cha, a Herbal Tea Produced from Ligustrum purpurascens
She, G.‐M. / Wang, D. / Zeng, S.‐F. et al. | 2008
Inhibition of Oxidant‐Induced Biochemical Changes of Pork Myofibrillar Protein by Hydrolyzed Potato Protein
Wang, L.L. / Xiong, Y.L. | 2008
Water Vapor Permeability, Mechanical Properties and Antioxidant Effect of Mexican Oregano–Soy Based Edible Films
Pruneda, E. / Peralta‐Hernández, J.M. / Esquivel, K. et al. | 2008
Changes of Anthocyanins, Anthocyanidins, and Antioxidant Activity in Bilberry Extract during Dry Heating
Yue, X. / Xu, Z. | 2008
Aroma‐Active Components of Lycii fructus (kukija)
Lee, G.‐H. / Shin, Y. / Oh, M.‐J. | 2008
Singlet Oxygen Quenching Effects of Phosphatidylcholine in Emulsion Containing Sunflower Oil
Lee, Y. / Choe, E. | 2008
HPLC‐DAD‐ESI‐MS/MS Analysis and Antioxidant Activities of Nonanthocyanin Phenolics in Mulberry (Morus alba L.)
Zhang, W. / Han, F. / He, J. et al. | 2008
Effect of Temperature (−5 to 130 °C) and Fiber Direction on the Dielectric Properties of Beef Semitendinosus at Radio Frequency and Microwave Frequencies
Basaran‐Akgul, N. / Basaran, P. / Rasco, B.A. | 2008
Effect of Temperature (-5 to 130 degreeC) and Fiber Direction on the Dielectric Properties of Beef Semitendinosus at Radio Frequency and Microwave Frequencies
Basaran-Akgul, N. / Basaran, P. / Rasco, B. A. | 2008
Application of Image Texture Analysis for Online Determination of Curd Moisture and Whey Solids in a Laboratory‐Scale Stirred Cheese Vat
Fagan, C.C. / Du, C.‐J. / O'Donnell, C.P. et al. | 2008
Effect of Berry Size and Sodium Hydroxide Pretreatment on the Drying Characteristics of Blueberries under Infrared Radiation Heating
Shi, J. / Pan, Z. / McHugh, T.H. et al. | 2008
Oil Migration in Chocolate–Peanut Butter Paste Confectionery as a Function of Chocolate Formulation
McCarthy, K.L. / McCarthy, M.J. | 2008
Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Physicochemical Properties of Coconut Milk Emulsions
Tangsuphoom, N. / Coupland, J.N. | 2008
Effect of Moderate Spray Drying Conditions on Functionality of Dried Egg White and Whole Egg
Ayadi, M.A. / Khemakhem, M. / Belgith, H. et al. | 2008
Effect of Continuous Flow High‐Pressure Throttling on Rheological and Ultrastructural Properties of Soymilk
Sivanandan, L. / Toledo, R.T. / Singh, R.K. | 2008
Effect of Relative Humidity on Coating Efficiency in Nonelectrostatic and Electrostatic Coating
Xu, Y. / Barringer, S.A. | 2008
Modeling Surface Transfer of Listeria monocytogenes on Salami during Slicing
Sheen, S. | 2008
Quality Assessment of Farmed Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) during Chilled Storage
Rezaei, M. / Hosseini, S.F. | 2008
Nutritional Assessment of Processing Effects on Major and Trace Element Content in Sea Buckthorn Juice (Hippophae rhamnoides L. ssp. rhamnoides)
Gutzeit, D. / Winterhalter, P. / Jerz, G. | 2008
Nutritional Assessment of Processing Effects on Major and Trace Element Content in Sea Buckthorn Juice (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. rhamnoides)
Gutzeit, D. / Winterhalter, P. / Jerz, G. | 2008
Effect of Polysaccharide from Auricularia auricula on Blood Lipid Metabolism and Lipoprotein Lipase Activity of ICR Mice Fed a Cholesterol‐Enriched Diet
Chen, G. / Luo, Y.‐C. / Ji, B.‐P. et al. | 2008
Effect of Home Freezing and Italian Style of Cooking on Antioxidant Activity of Edible Vegetables
Danesi, F. / Bordoni, A. | 2008
Mulberry Anthocyanin Extracts Inhibit LDL Oxidation and Macrophage‐Derived Foam Cell Formation Induced by Oxidative LDL
Liu, L.‐K. / Lee, H.‐J. / Shih, Y.‐W. et al. | 2008
Using Phytochemicals to Enhance Health Benefits of Milk: Impact of Polyphenols on Flavor Profile
Axten, L.G. / Wohlers, M.W. / Wegrzyn, T. | 2008
Growth Inhibition and Induction of Apoptosis in U937 Cells by Coptis chinensis Extract
Ma, C.‐Y. / Shen, S.‐C. / Huang, D.‐W. et al. | 2008
Processing and Storage Effects on Monomeric Anthocyanins, Percent Polymeric Color, and Antioxidant Capacity of Processed Black Raspberry Products
Hager, A. / Howard, L.R. / Prior, R.L. et al. | 2008
Optimization of Medium Composition for Nisin Fermentation with Response Surface Methodology
Zhou, X.‐X. / Pan, Y.‐J. / Wang, Y.‐B. et al. | 2008
Fungistatic Activity of Heat‐Treated Flaxseed Determined by Response Surface Methodology
Xu, Y. / Hall III, C. / Wolf‐Hall, C. | 2008
Dynamics of Indigenous Microbial Populations of Butter Head Lettuce Grown in Mulch and on Bare Soil
Ponce, A.G. / Agüero, M.V. / Roura, S.I. et al. | 2008
Orange Essential Oils Antimicrobial Activities against Salmonella spp.
O'Bryan, C.A. / Crandall, P.G. / Chalova, V.I. et al. | 2008
Effect of Electrolyzed Water for Reduction of Foodborne Pathogens on Lettuce and Spinach
Park, E.‐J. / Alexander, E. / Taylor, G.A. et al. | 2008
Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure on Cashew Apple (Anacardium occidentale L.) Juice Preservation
Lavinas, F.C. / Miguel, M.A.L. / Lopes, M.L.M. et al. | 2008
Efficacy of FIT Produce Wash and Chlorine Dioxide on Pathogen Control in Fresh Potatoes
Park, E.‐J. / Gray, P.M. / Oh, S.‐W. et al. | 2008
Microbiological Quality of Finfish and Shellfish with Special Reference to Shiga Toxin‐Producing Escherichia coli O157
Manna, S.K. / Das, R. / Manna, C. | 2008
Microbiological Preservation of Cucumbers for Bulk Storage Using Acetic Acid and Food Preservatives
Pérez‐Díaz, I.M. / McFeeters, R.F. | 2008
Effect of Hot Water Treatments on Quality of Highbush Blueberries
Fan, L. / Forney, C.F. / Song, J. et al. | 2008
Hydrodynamic Cavitation: Characterization of a Novel Design with Energy Considerations for the Inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Apple Juice
Milly, P.J. / Toledo, R.T. / Kerr, W.L. et al. | 2008
Microbial Assessment in School Foodservices and Recommendations for Food Safety Improvement
Yoon, Y. / Kim, S.‐R. / Kang, D.‐H. et al. | 2008
In vitro Inhibition of Food Spoilage and Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria by Essential Oil and Leaf Extracts of Magnolia liliflora Desr.
Bajpai, V.K. / Rahman, A. / Dung, N.T. et al. | 2008
Storability of Antimicrobial Chitosan‐Lysozyme Composite Coating and Film‐Forming Solutions
Duan, J. / Kim, K. / Daeschel, M.A. et al. | 2008
Physicochemical Properties, Firmness, and Nanostructures of Sodium Carbonate‐Soluble Pectin of 2 Chinese Cherry Cultivars at 2 Ripening Stages
Zhang, Lifen / Chen, Fusheng / An, Hongjie et al. | 2008
Core-Shell Biopolymer Nanoparticles Produced by Electrostatic Deposition of Beet Pectin onto Heat-Denatured b-Lactoglobulin Aggregates
Santipanichwong, R. / Suphantharika, M. / Weiss, J. et al. | 2008
Core‐Shell Biopolymer Nanoparticles Produced by Electrostatic Deposition of Beet Pectin onto Heat‐Denatured β‐Lactoglobulin Aggregates
Santipanichwong, R. / Suphantharika, M. / Weiss, J. et al. | 2008
Sweet Taste in Man: A Review
Meyers, B. / Brewer, M.S. | 2008
Improvement of Gelling Properties of Lizardfish Mince as Influenced by Microbial Transglutaminase and Fish Freshness
Benjakul, S. / Phatcharat, S. / Tammatinna, A. et al. | 2008
Analysis of Volatile Compounds Produced by 2 Strains of Lactococcus lactis Isolated from Leben (Tunisian Fermented Milk) Using Solid‐Phase Microextraction‐Gas Chromatography
Ziadi, M. / Wathelet, J.P. / Marlier, M. et al. | 2008
On the Quality of Commercial Boneless Skinless Broiler Breast Meat
Lee, Y.S. / Owens, C.M. / Meullenet, J.F. | 2008
Detection Thresholds for 2‐Isopropyl‐3‐Methoxypyrazine in Concord and Niagara Grape Juice
Pickering, G.J. / Karthik, A. / Inglis, D. et al. | 2008
Effect of Natural Antibrowning Agents on Color and Related Enzymes in Fresh‐Cut Fuji Apples as an Alternative to the Use of Ascorbic Acid
Rojas‐Graü, M.A. / Soliva‐Fortuny, R. / Martín‐Belloso, O. | 2008
Contextual Influences on the Relationship between Familiarity and Hedonicity of Odors
Seo, H.‐S. / Buschhüter, D. / Hummel, T. | 2008
Influence of Visual Masking Technique on the Assessment of 2 Red Wines by Trained and Consumer Assessors
Ross, C.F. / Bohlscheid, J. / Weller, K. | 2008
Sensory Characterization of Dry Gins with Different Volatile Profiles
Riu‐Aumatell, M. / Vichi, S. / Mora‐Pons, M. et al. | 2008
Interaction of Volatiles, Sugars, and Acids on Perception of Tomato Aroma and Flavor Descriptors
Baldwin, E.A. / Goodner, K. / Plotto, A. | 2008
Effect of Xylose on Sheepmeat Flavors in Casserole‐Style Cooking
Young, O.A. / Cummings, T.L. | 2008
Changes in Postharvest Quality of Swiss Chard Grown Using 3 Organic Preharvest Treatments
Daiss, N. / Lobo, M.G. / Gonzalez, M. | 2008
Saltiness Enhancement by the Characteristic Flavor of Dried Bonito Stock
Manabe, M. | 2008
Cold Smoking of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Fillets with Smoke Condensate—an Alternative Processing Technology for the Production of Smoked Salmon
Birkeland, S. / Skåra, T. | 2008
Sensory Optimization of Broken‐Rice Based Snacks Fortified with Protein and Fiber
Sriwattana, S. / Laokuldilok, N. / Prinyawiwatkul, W. | 2008
Fruit Quality, Antioxidant Contents and Activity, and Antiproliferative Activity of Strawberry Fruit Stored in Elevated CO2 Atmospheres
Shin, Y. / Ryu, J.A. / Liu, R.H. et al. | 2008
Safety of Polyethylene Terephthalate Food Containers Evaluated by HPLC, Migration Test, and Estimated Daily Intake
Park, H.‐J. / Lee, Y.J. / Kim, M.‐R. et al. | 2008
Quantification of Human IgE Immunoreactive Soybean Proteins in Commercial Soy Ingredients and Products
Song, Y.S. / Martinez‐Villaluenga, C. / De Mejia, E.G. | 2008
Effect of Marinades on the Formation of Heterocyclic Amines in Grilled Beef Steaks
Smith, J.S. / Ameri, F. / Gadgil, P. | 2008
Purification, Thermal Stability, and Antigenicity of the Immunodominant Soybean Allergen P34 in Soy Cultivars, Ingredients, and Products
Wilson, S. / Martinez‐Villaluenga, C. / De Mejia, E.G. | 2008
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