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Radical Scavenging‐Linked Antioxidant Activity of Ethanolic Extracts of Diverse Types of Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Lee, O.‐H. / Lee, B.‐Y. / Kim, Y.‐C. et al. | 2008
Characterization of Asparagus Lignin by HPLC
Jaramillo‐Carmona, S. / Fuentes‐Alventosa, J.M. / Rodríguez‐Gutiérrez, G. et al. | 2008
Calcium Uptake during Immersion of Strawberries in CaCl2 Solutions
Verdini, R.A. / Zorrilla, S.E. / Rubiolo, A.C. | 2008
Antibacterial Compounds from Rose Bengal-Sensitized Photooxidation of b-Caryophyllene
Kim, Y. S. / Park, S. J. / Lee, E. J. et al. | 2008
Antibacterial Compounds from Rose Bengal‐Sensitized Photooxidation of β‐Caryophyllene
Kim, Y.S. / Park, S.J. / Lee, E.J. et al. | 2008
Changes in the Radical‐Scavenging Activity of Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia L.) during Freezing and Frozen Storage with or without Blanching
Myojin, C. / Enami, N. / Nagata, A. et al. | 2008
Effects of Riboflavin Photosensitization on the Changes of Isoflavones in Soymilk
Lee, S.W. / Chang, P.‐S. / Lee, J.H. | 2008
Cosupplementation of Dietary Calcium and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Improves Bone Mass in Mice
Park, Y. / Pariza, M.W. | 2008
Antioxidant Effects of Flavonoids Used as Food Additives (Purple Corn Color, Enzymatically Modified Isoquercitrin, and Isoquercitrin) on Liver Carcinogenesis in a Rat Medium‐Term Bioassay
Yokohira, M. / Yamakawa, K. / Saoo, K. et al. | 2008
Concentrations of Functional Lipids in Abraded Fractions of Hulless Barley and Effect of Storage
Liu, K.S. / Moreau, R.A. | 2008
Sorption Isotherm and Plasticization Effect of Moisture and Plasticizers in Pea Starch Film
Zhang, Y. / Han, J.H. | 2008
Microstructure of Fat Globules in Whole Milk after Thermosonication Treatment
Bermúdez‐Aguirre, D. / Mawson, R. / Barbosa‐Cánovas, G.V. | 2008
Determination of Sodium Chloride in Pork Meat by Computed Tomography at Different Voltages
Håseth, T.T. / Høy, M. / Kongsro, J. et al. | 2008
Aroma Precursors and Methylpyrazines in Underfermented Cocoa Beans Induced by Endogenous Carboxypeptidase
Jinap, S. / Ikrawan, Y. / Bakar, J. et al. | 2008
Lipid‐Lowering and LDL‐Oxidation Inhibitory Effects of Aqueous Extract of Freshwater Clam (Corbicula fluminea)—Using Tilapia As an Animal Model
Chen, T.‐Y. / Lin, B.‐C. / Shiao, M.‐S. et al. | 2008
Hematological Toxicity Associated with Tissue Extract from Poisonous Fish Lagocephalus lagocephalus—Influence on Erythrocyte Function in Wistar Rats
Saoudi, M. / Abdelmouleh, A. / Jamoussi, K. et al. | 2008
Effects of Processing Methods on Amaranth Starch Digestibility and Predicted Glycemic Index
Capriles, V.D. / Coelho, K.D. / Guerra‐Matias, A.C. et al. | 2008
Natural Honey Modulates Physiological Glycemic Response Compared to Simulated Honey and D‐Glucose
Ahmad, A. / Azim, M.K. / Mesaik, M.A. et al. | 2008
Effect of Soluble Soybean Protein Hydrolysate‐Calcium Complexes on Calcium Uptake by Caco‐2 Cells
Lv, Y. / Bao, X.‐L. / Yang, B.‐C. et al. | 2008
Antioxidative and Anti‐Inflammatory Protection of Oleanolic Acid and Ursolic Acid in PC12 Cells
Tsai, Shih‐Jei / Yin, M.‐C. | 2008
Ethanolic Extracts of Antrodia cinnamomea Mycelia Fermented at Varied Times and Scales Have Differential Effects on Hepatoma Cells and Normal Primary Hepatocytes
Chen, Y.‐S. / Pan, J.‐H. / Chiang, B.‐H. et al. | 2008
Antimicrobial Efficacy of Citron Essential Oil on Spoilage and Pathogenic Microorganisms in Fruit‐Based Salads
Belletti, N. / Lanciotti, R. / Patrignani, F. et al. | 2008
Resistance of Nutrient-Deprived Listeria monocytogenes 10403S and a DsigB Mutant to Chemical Stresses in the Presence or Absence of Oxygen
Lungu, B. / Ricke, S. C. / Johnson, M. G. | 2008
Resistance of Nutrient‐Deprived Listeria monocytogenes 10403S and a ΔsigB Mutant to Chemical Stresses in the Presence or Absence of Oxygen
Lungu, B. / Ricke, S.C. / Johnson, M.G. | 2008
Mathematically Assessing the Consequences of Food Terrorism Scenarios
Liu, Y. / Wein, L.M. | 2008
Effect of Desiccation, Starvation, Heat, and Cold Stresses on the Thermal Resistance of Enterobacter sakazakii in Rehydrated Infant Milk Formula
Shaker, R.R. / Osaili, T.M. / Abu Al‐Hasan, A.S. et al. | 2008
Effect of Addition of Versagel® on Microbial, Chemical, and Physical Properties of Low‐Fat Yogurt
Ramchandran, L. / Shah, N.P. | 2008
Growth, Proteolytic, and ACE‐I Activities of Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus and Rheological Properties of Low‐Fat Yogurt as Influenced by the Addition of Raftiline HP®
Ramchandran, L. / Shah, N.P. | 2008
Comparative Evaluation of Yogurt and Low‐Fat Cheddar Cheese as Delivery Media for Probiotic Lactobacillus casei
Sharp, M.D. / McMahon, D.J. / Broadbent, J.R. | 2008
Antibacterial Activity against E. coli O157:H7, Physical Properties, and Storage Stability of Novel Carvacrol‐Containing Edible Tomato Films
Du, W.‐X. / Olsen, C.W. / Avena‐Bustillos, R.J. et al. | 2008
Properties of Novel Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Films Containing Chitosan Nanoparticles
De Moura, M.R. / Avena‐Bustillos, R.J. / McHugh, T.H. et al. | 2008
Innovative Uses of Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Processing
Bock, J.E. / Connelly, R.K. | 2008
Protection of the Gastrointestinal Tract Epithelium against Damage from Low pH Beverages
Kleinman, R.E. | 2008
Effect of Freezing Time on the Quality of Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) during Frozen Storage
Lakshmisha, I.P. / Ravishankar, C.N. / Ninan, G. et al. | 2008
Acceptability of Micronutrient Fortified School Meals by Schoolchildren in Rural Himalayan Villages of India
Osei, A.K. / Houser, R.F. / Bulusu, S. et al. | 2008
Production and Shelf Stability of Multiple‐Fortified Quick‐Cooking Rice As a Complementary Food
Porasuphatana, S. / Chavasit, V. / Vasinrapee, S. et al. | 2008
Retention of Quality and Nutritional Value of 13 Fresh‐Cut Vegetables Treated with Low‐Dose Radiation
Fan, X. / Sokorai, K.J.B. | 2008
Effect of Grain Type and Toasting Conditions of Barrels on the Concentration of the Volatile Substances Released by the Wood and on the Sensory Characteristics of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Bosso, A. / Petrozziello, M. / Santini, D. et al. | 2008
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