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Astaxanthin Extraction from Shrimp Wastes and its Stability in 2 Model Systems
Franco‐Zavaleta, M.E. / Jiménez‐Pichardo, R. / Tomasini‐Campocosio, A. et al. | 2010
Antioxidant Capacity and Antioxidant Content in Roots of 4 Sweetpotato Varieties
Rautenbach, Fanie / Faber, Mieke / Laurie, Sunette et al. | 2010
Effect of Curd Washing Level on Proteolysis and Functionality of Low‐Moisture Mozzarella Cheese Made with Galactose‐Fermenting Culture
Osaili, Tareq M. / Ayyash, Mutamed M. / Al‐Nabulsi, Anas A. et al. | 2010
Antioxidant Activity and Chemical Composition of the Fractions from Burdock Leaves
Lou, Zaixiang / Wang, Hongxin / Li, Jing et al. | 2010
Chemical Characteristics of Low‐Fat Soymilk Prepared by Low‐Speed Centrifugal Fractionation of the Raw Soymilk
Liu, Zhi‐Sheng / Chang, Sam K. C. | 2010
Chemical Characterization of Tomato Juice Fermented with Bifidobacteria
Koh, Jong‐Ho / Kim, Youngshik / Oh, Jun‐Hyun | 2010
Heat Stability of Aggregated Particles of Casein Micelles and κ‐Carrageenan
Flett, Kelly L. / Corredig, Milena / Goff, H. Douglas | 2010
Heat Stability of Aggregated Particles of Casein Micelles and k-Carrageenan
Flett, K. L. / Corredig, M. / Goff, H. D. | 2010
Viability of Bifidobacteria Strains in Yogurt with Added Oat Beta‐Glucan and Corn Starch during Cold Storage
Rosburg, Valerie / Boylston, Terri / White, Pamela | 2010
Stability and Antimicrobial Activity of Allyl Isothiocyanate during Long‐Term Storage in an Oil‐in‐Water Emulsion
Liu, Tai‐Ti / Yang, Tsung‐Shi | 2010
Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Ozone Treatments on the Volatile Composition and Sensory Quality of Dry‐Cured Ham
Sekhon, R.K. / Schilling, M.W. / Phillips, T.W. et al. | 2010
Effects of Rested Harvesting on Muscle Metabolite Concentrations and K‐Values in Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Fillets during Storage at 15 °C
Tuckey, Nicholas P. L. / Forster, Malcolm E. / Gieseg, Steven P. | 2010
Effects of Rested Harvesting on Muscle Metabolite Concentrations and K-Values in Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Fillets during Storage at 15 degreeC
Tuckey, N. P. / Forster, M. E. / Gieseg, S. P. | 2010
A Comparison of the Stability of Beverage Cloud Emulsions Formulated with Different Gum Acacia‐ and Starch‐Based Emulsifiers
Reiner, S.J. / Reineccius, G.A. / Peppard, T.L. | 2010
Flow Properties of Acetylated Chickpea Protein Dispersions
Liu, Li H. / Hung, Tran V. | 2010
Isolation and Rheological Properties of Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide from Tamarind Kernel Powder Using Protease Enzyme and High‐Intensity Ultrasound
Poommarinvarakul, Sukhum / Tattiyakul, Jirarat / Muangnapoh, Chirakarn | 2010
Kinetics of Formation and Physicochemical Characterization of Thermally‐Induced β‐Lactoglobulin Aggregates
Zúñiga, R.N. / Tolkach, A. / Kulozik, U. et al. | 2010
Kinetics of Formation and Physicochemical Characterization of Thermally-Induced b-Lactoglobulin Aggregates
Zuniga, R. N. / Tolkach, A. / Kulozik, U. et al. | 2010
Development of a Method to Produce Freeze‐Dried Cubes from 3 Pacific Salmon Species
Crapo, Charles / Oliveira, Alexandra C.M. / Nguyen, Duy et al. | 2010
Effect of Agglomeration on Flowability of Baby Food Powders
Szulc, Karolina / Lenart, Andrzej | 2010
Roles of Water and Solids Composition in the Control of Glass Transition and Stickiness of Milk Powders
Silalai, Nattiga / Roos, Yrjö H. | 2010
Cassava Starch Coating and Citric Acid to Preserve Quality Parameters of Fresh‐Cut “Tommy Atkins” Mango
Chiumarelli, Marcela / Pereira, Leila M. / Ferrari, Cristhiane C. et al. | 2010
Formation of Elastic Whey Protein Gels at Low pH by Acid Equilibration
Vardhanabhuti, Bongkosh / Khayankan, Worarat / Foegeding, E. Allen | 2010
Nutritionally Important Starch Fractions of Rice Cultivars Grown in Southern United States
Patindol, James A. / Guraya, Harmeet S. / Champagne, Elaine T. et al. | 2010
α‐Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of Bromophenol Purified from the Red Alga Polyopes lancifolia
Kim, Keun Young / Nguyen, The Han / Kurihara, Hideyuki et al. | 2010
a-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of Bromophenol Purified from the Red Alga Polyopes lancifolia
Kim, K. Y. / Nguyen, T. H. / Kurihara, H. et al. | 2010
Effect of the Addition of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Flour on the In Vitro Digestibility of Starch and Undigestible Carbohydrates in Spaghetti
Gallegos‐Infante, Jose‐Alberto / Bello‐Perez, Luis Arturo / Rocha‐Guzman, Nuria Elizabeth et al. | 2010
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| 2010
Studies on Disinfection Mechanism of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water on E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus
Zeng, Xinping / Tang, Wenwei / Ye, Guoqing et al. | 2010
Ability of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria to Ferment a Pearl Millet–Soybean Slurry to Produce Gruels for Complementary Foods for Young Children
Songré‐Ouattara, Laurencia T. / Mouquet‐Rivier, Claire / Humblot, Christèle et al. | 2010
Escherichia coli O157:H7 Biofilm Formation on Romaine Lettuce and Spinach Leaf Surfaces Reduces Efficacy of Irradiation and Sodium Hypochlorite Washes
Niemira, Brendan A. / Cooke, Peter H. | 2010
Improving the Stability of Probiotic Bacteria in Model Fruit Juices Using Vitamins and Antioxidants
Shah, N.P. / Ding, W.K. / Fallourd, M.J. et al. | 2010
Whole‐Leaf Wash Improves Chlorine Efficacy for Microbial Reduction and Prevents Pathogen Cross‐Contamination during Fresh‐Cut Lettuce Processing
Nou, Xiangwu / Luo, Yaguang | 2010
Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities on Foodborne Pathogens of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. (Moraceae) Leaves Extracts
Loizzo, M.R. / Tundis, R. / Chandrika, U.G. et al. | 2010
Inhibition of Shiga Toxin 2 (Stx2) in Apple Juices and its Resistance to Pasteurization
Rasooly, Reuven / Do, Paula M. / Levin, Carol E. et al. | 2010
Detecting Food‐ and Waterborne Viruses by Surface‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Fan, Cui / Hu, Zhiqiang / Riley, Lela K. et al. | 2010
Control of Dongchimi Fermentation with Chitosan Deacetylated by Alkali Treatment to Prevent Over‐Ripening
Lee, Woojin / Shin, Tai‐Sun / Ko, Sanghoon et al. | 2010
Diversity of the Predominant Spoilage Bacteria in Water‐Boiled Salted Duck during Storage
Liu, Fang / Wang, Daoying / Du, Lihui et al. | 2010
Antimicrobial Effects of Wine: Separating the Role of Polyphenols, pH, Ethanol, and Other Wine Components
Boban, Natasa / Tonkic, Marija / Budimir, Danijela et al. | 2010
Physico‐Chemical Properties, Probiotic Survivability, Microstructure, and Acceptability of a Yogurt‐Like Symbiotic Oats‐Based Product Using Pre‐Polymerized Whey Protein as a Gelation Agent
Walsh, Helen / Ross, Jane / Hendricks, Gregory et al. | 2010
Effect of Type and Content of Modified Montmorillonite on the Structure and Properties of Bio‐Nanocomposite Films Based on Soy Protein Isolate and Montmorillonite
Kumar, P. / Sandeep, K.P. / Alavi, S. et al. | 2010
Effect of High‐Pressure Homogenization on the Physical and Antioxidant Properties of Quercus resinosa Infusions Encapsulated by Spray‐Drying
Rocha‐Guzmán, Nuria Elizabeth / Gallegos‐Infante, José Alberto / González‐Laredo, Rubén Francisco et al. | 2010
Sorghum Proteins: The Concentration, Isolation, Modification, and Food Applications of Kafirins
De Mesa‐Stonestreet, Normell Jhoe / Alavi, Sajid / Bean, Scott R. | 2010
Effects of Drying, Packaging, and Temperature on the Quality of Fried Onion Slices
Asefi, Narmela / Mozaffari, Mansoure | 2010
Perceived Creaminess and Viscosity of Aggregated Particles of Casein Micelles and k-Carrageenan
Flett, K. L. / Duizer, L. M. / Goff, H. D. | 2010
Perceived Creaminess and Viscosity of Aggregated Particles of Casein Micelles and κ‐Carrageenan
Flett, Kelly L. / Duizer, Lisa M. / Goff, H. Douglas | 2010
Mutagenic Safety and Fatty Liver Improvement of Nanonized Black Soybeans in Senescence‐Accelerated Prone‐8 Mice
Liao, J.‐W. / Hong, L.‐Z. / Wang, M.‐F. et al. | 2010
A 90‐D Toxicity Study of Monascus‐Fermented Products Including High Citrinin Level
Lee, Chun‐Hsien / Lee, Chun‐Lin / Pan, Tzu‐Ming | 2010
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| 2010
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