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Production of Crude Xylanase from Thermoascus Aurantiacus CBMAI 756 Aiming the Baking Process
Oliveira, Denise S. / Meherb‐Dini, Carolina / Franco, Célia M.L. et al. | 2010
A Multiplex PCR Method for the Identification of Commercially Important Salmon and Trout Species (Oncorhynchus and Salmo) in North America
Rasmussen Hellberg, Rosalee S. / Morrissey, Michael T. / Hanner, Robert H. | 2010
Process Optimization and Consumer Acceptability of Salted Ground Beef Patties Cooked and Held Hot in Flavored Marinade
Shrestha, Subash / Cornforth, Daren / Nummer, Brian A. | 2010
Effect of High Pressure Pasteurization on Bacterial Load and Bioactivity of Echinacea Purpurea
Chen, Xiu‐Min / Hu, Chun / Raghubeer, Errol et al. | 2010
Evaluation of Parameters that Affect the 4‐Dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde Assay for Flavanols and Proanthocyanidins
Wallace, Taylor C. / Giusti, M. Monica | 2010
Optimization of Extraction Conditions of Total Phenolics, Antioxidant Activities, and Anthocyanin of Oregano, Thyme, Terebinth, and Pomegranate
Rababah, Taha M. / Banat, Fawzi / Rababah, Anfal et al. | 2010
Distribution of Stable Free Radicals among Amino Acids of Isolated Soy Proteins
Lei, Qingxin / Liebold, Christopher M. / Boatright, William L. et al. | 2010
High‐Intensity Pulsed Electric Fields Processing Parameters Affecting Polyphenoloxidase Activity of Strawberry Juice
Aguiló‐Aguayo, Ingrid / Soliva‐Fortuny, Robert / Martín‐Belloso, Olga | 2010
Trans Fatty Acids Content and Fatty Acid Profiles in the Selected Food Products from Korea between 2005 and 2008
Lee, Jeung Hee / Adhikari, Prakash / Kim, Seong‐Ai et al. | 2010
Microscopic Quantification of Cell Integrity in Raw and Processed Onion Parenchyma Cells
Gonzalez, M.E. / Jernstedt, J.A. / Slaughter, D.C. et al. | 2010
Influence of Cell Integrity on Textural Properties of Raw, High Pressure, and Thermally Processed Onions
Gonzalez, M.E. / Jernstedt, J.A. / Slaughter, D.C. et al. | 2010
1H‐NMR Study of the Impact of High Pressure and Thermal Processing on Cell Membrane Integrity of Onions
Gonzalez, Maria E. / Barrett, Diane M. / McCarthy, Michael J. et al. | 2010
Onion Cells After High Pressure and Thermal Processing: Comparison of Membrane Integrity Changes Using Different Analytical Methods and Impact on Tissue Texture
Gonzalez, Maria E. / Anthon, Gordon E. / Barrett, Diane M. | 2010
Critical Electric Field Strengths of Onion Tissues Treated by Pulsed Electric Fields
Asavasanti, Suvaluk / Ersus, Seda / Ristenpart, William et al. | 2010
Disintegration Efficiency of Pulsed Electric Field Induced Effects on Onion (Allium cepa L.) Tissues as a Function of Pulse Protocol and Determination of Cell Integrity by 1H‐NMR Relaxometry
Ersus, Seda / Oztop, Mecit Halil / McCarthy, Michael J. et al. | 2010
Quantitative Evaluation of Microstructural Changes and their Relations with Some Physical Characteristics of Food during Drying
Sansiribhan, Sansanee / Devahastin, Sakamon / Soponronnarit, Somchart | 2010
FT‐NIR Spectroscopy for the Quality Characterization of Apricots (Prunus Armeniaca L.)
Berardinelli, Annachiara / Cevoli, Chiara / Silaghi, Florina Aurelia et al. | 2010
Microstructural Characterization of Multiphase Chocolate Using X‐Ray Microtomography
Frisullo, Pierangelo / Licciardello, Fabio / Muratore, Giuseppe et al. | 2010
Effect of Acid‐ and Alkaline‐Aided Extractions on Functional and Rheological Properties of Proteins Recovered from Mechanically Separated Turkey Meat (MSTM)
Hrynets, Yuliya / Omana, Dileep A. / Xu, Yan et al. | 2010
Porosity Changes and Retention of Ginsenosides in North American Ginseng Root Using Different Dehydration Processes
Purnama, Monica / Yaghmaee, Parastoo / Durance, Tim D. et al. | 2010
Ohmic Heating of Peaches in the Wide Range of Frequencies (50 Hz to 1 MHz)
Shynkaryk, Mykola V. / Ji, Taehyun / Alvarez, Valente B. et al. | 2010
Evaluation of Antioxidant and Inhibitory Activities for Different Subclasses Flavonoids on Enzymes for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lee, Je‐Hyuk / Kim, Gun‐Hee | 2010
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| 2010
Effect of Storage Temperature and Duration on the Behavior of Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Packaged Fresh‐Cut Salad Containing Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce
Luo, Yaguang / He, Qiang / McEvoy, James L. | 2010
Optimizing the Use of Garlic Oil as Antimicrobial Agent on Fresh‐Cut Tomato through a Controlled Release System
Ayala‐Zavala, J. Fernando / González‐Aguilar, Gustavo A. | 2010
Quality Assessment of Salted, Modified Atmosphere Packaged Rainbow Trout under Treatment with Oregano Essential Oil
Pyrgotou, Nikoletta / Giatrakou, Vasiliki / Ntzimani, Athina et al. | 2010
Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of 3‐Butenyl, 4‐Pentenyl, 2‐Phenylethyl, and Benzyl Isothiocyanate in Brassica Vegetables
Jang, Miran / Hong, Eunyoung / Kim, Gun‐Hee | 2010
Fermentation Process Improvement of a Chinese Traditional Food: Soybean Residue Cake
Yao, Yingzheng / Pan, Siyi / Wang, Kexing et al. | 2010
Synergic Antimicrobial Activity of Lysozyme, Nisin, and EDTA against Listeria Monocytogenes in Ostrich Meat Patties
Mastromatteo, Marianna / Lucera, Annalisa / Sinigaglia, Milena et al. | 2010
Use of Lactobacillus plantarum and Glucose to Control the Fermentation of “Bella di Cerignola” Table Olives, a Traditional Variety of Apulian Region (Southern Italy)
Perricone, Marianne / Bevilacqua, Antonio / Corbo, Maria Rosaria et al. | 2010
Safety and Quality Assessment during the Ozonation of Cloudy Apple Juice
Patil, S. / Torres, B. / Tiwari, B.K. et al. | 2010
Absence of Association of Autoinducer‐2‐Based Quorum Sensing with Heat and Acid Resistance of Salmonella
Yoon, Yohan / Sofos, John N. | 2010
Molecular Epidemiology of Microorganisms Isolated from Food Workers and Enteral Feeding of Public Hospitals
Borges, Liana J. / Campos, Maria Raquel H. / Cardoso, Juliana L. et al. | 2010
Antilisterial Activity and Consumer Acceptance of Irradiated Chicken Breast Meat Vacuum‐Infused with Grape Seed and Green Tea Extracts and Tartaric Acid
Over, K.F. / Hettiarachchy, N.S. / Perumalla, A.V.S. et al. | 2010
Recovery of Salmonella enterica Serovars Typhimurium and Tennessee in Peanut Butter after Electron Beam Exposure
Matak, Kristen E. / Hvizdzak, Andrea L. / Beamer, Sarah et al. | 2010
Osmosonication of Blackberry Juice: Impact on Selected Pathogens, Spoilage Microorganisms, and Main Quality Parameters
Wong, Eric / Vaillant, Fabrice / Pérez, Ana | 2010
Behavior and Enterotoxin Production by Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus in Cooked Ham, Reconstituted Skimmed Milk, and Confectionery Cream
Oliveira, Ana Maria / Miya, Norma Teruko Nago / Sant’Ana, Anderson S. et al. | 2010
Concentration and Application Order Effects of Sodium Benzoate and Eugenol Mixtures on the Growth Inhibition of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Zygosaccharomyces Bailii
Dai, Yumei / McLandsborough, Lynne A. / Weiss, Jochen et al. | 2010
Dimethylamine, Trimethylamine, and Biogenic Amine Formation in High‐Pressure Processed Semidried Squid (Todarodes pacificius) during Refrigerated Storage
Gou, Jingyu / Choi, Kun‐Pyo / He, Xinlong et al. | 2010
Prevalence and Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni Isolated from Pasture Flock Poultry
Hanning, Irene / Biswas, Debabrata / Herrera, Paul et al. | 2010
Use of UV‐C Treatment to Inhibit the Microbial Growth and Maintain the Quality of Yali Pear
Li, Jian / Zhang, Qian / Cui, Yang et al. | 2010
Thermal, High Pressure, and Electric Field Processing Effects on Plant Cell Membrane Integrity and Relevance to Fruit and Vegetable Quality
Gonzalez, Maria E. / Barrett, Diane M. | 2010
Reduction of Off‐Flavor Generation in Soybean Homogenates: A Mathematical Model
Mellor, Nathan / Bligh, Frances / Chandler, Ian et al. | 2010
Control of Biogenic Amines in Food—Existing and Emerging Approaches
Naila, Aishath / Flint, Steve / Fletcher, Graham et al. | 2010
Modeling the Fluid Dynamics in a Human Stomach to Gain Insight of Food Digestion
Ferrua, M.J. / Singh, R.P. | 2010
Sensory Properties of Ginseng Solutions Modified by Masking Agents
Tamamoto, Lauren C. / Schmidt, Shelly J. / Lee, Soo‐Yeun | 2010
Quality of Ready to Serve Tilapia Fish Curry with PUFA in Retortable Pouches
Dhanapal, K. / Reddy, G.V.S. / Nayak, B.B. et al. | 2010
Inclusion of Blended Lipid Solutions as Functional Ingredients to Alter the Fatty Acid Profile of Beef Patties
Lowder, A.C. / Osburn, W.N. | 2010
Relating Instrumental Texture, Determined by Variable‐Blade and Allo‐Kramer Shear Attachments, to Sensory Analysis of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Fillets
Aussanasuwannakul, Aunchalee / Kenney, Patrick Brett / Brannan, Robert G. et al. | 2010
Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Acceptability of Fermented Soybean Paste (Doenjang)
Kim, H.G. / Hong, J.H. / Song, C.K. et al. | 2010
Effect of Organic Poultry Purchase Frequency on Consumer Attitudes Toward Organic Poultry Meat
Van Loo, Ellen / Caputo, Vincenzina / Nayga, Jr., Rodolfo M. et al. | 2010
Sensory and Physicochemical Characterization of Juices Made with Pomegranate and Blueberries, Blackberries, or Raspberries
Vázquez‐Araújo, Laura / Chambers IV, Edgar / Adhikari, Koushik et al. | 2010
Assessment of Dietary Intake of Patulin from Baby Foods
Bonerba, Elisabetta / Conte, Rossella / Ceci, Edmondo et al. | 2010
The Impact of Non‐ and Genetically Modified Soybean Diets in Aorta Wall Remodeling
Daleprane, Julio B. / Chagas, Mauricío A. / Vellarde, Guillermo C. et al. | 2010
Amelioration of Cadmium‐Induced Oxidative Stress, Impairment in Lipids and Plasma Lipoproteins by the Combined Treatment with Quercetin and α‐Tocopherol in Rats
Prabu, S. Milton / Shagirtha, K. / Renugadevi, J. | 2010
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2010