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Optimization of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Blue Shark Skin
Rodríguez‐Díaz, Julio C. / Kurozawa, Louise E. / Netto, Flavia M. et al. | 2011
Proximate Composition, Total Phenolic Content, and Antioxidant Activity of Seagrape (Caulerpa lentillifera)
Nguyen, Van Tang / Ueng, Jinn‐Pyng / Tsai, Guo‐Jane | 2011
Antioxidant Activity and Protective Effect Against Plasmid DNA Strand Scission of Leaf, Bark, and Heartwood Extracts from Acacia catechu
Guleria, Sanjay / Tiku, A.K. / Singh, Gurjinder et al. | 2011
Phenolic Composition, Isolation, and Structure of a New Deoxyloganic Acid Derivative from Dhokar and Gemri‐Dhokar Olive Cultivars
Rigane, Ghayth / Salem, Ridha Ben / Sayadi, Sami et al. | 2011
Levels of Glutathione and Related Enzymes in Yellowtail Fish Muscle Subjected to Ice Storage in a Modified Atmosphere
Tanimoto, Shota / Song, Xing An / Sakaguchi, Morihiko et al. | 2011
Physicochemical Properties of Monosodium Glutamate‐Compounded Tapioca Starch Exceeds Those of Simple Heat–Moisture Treated Starch
Yagishita, Takahiro / Ito, Koichi / Yokomizo, Eiji et al. | 2011
Antioxidant and Antiinflammation Capacities of Some Pear Cultivars
Li, Xia / Gao, Wen‐Yuan / Huang, Li‐Jing et al. | 2011
Comparative Analysis of the Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Red (Psidium cattleianum) and Yellow (Psidium cattleianum var. lucidum) Strawberry Guava Fruit
Biegelmeyer, Renata / Andrade, Juliana Maria Mello / Aboy, Ana Lúcia et al. | 2011
A Novel β‐Glucosidase from Sporidiobolus pararoseus: Characterization and Application in Winemaking
Baffi, Milla A. / Tobal, Thaise / Henrique, João et al. | 2011
Interactions between Hemoglobin and Cod Muscle Constituents following Treatment at Extreme pH Values
Vareltzis, Patroklos / Adamopoulos, Konstantinos G. / Hultin, Herbert O. | 2011
Selective Removal of the Violet Color Produced by Anthocyanins in Procyanidin‐Rich Unfermented Cocoa Extracts
Wallace, Taylor C. / Giusti, M. Monica | 2011
Thermal Denaturation of Tilapia Myosin and Its Subunits as Affected by Constantly Increasing Temperature
Reed, Zachary Harold / Guilford, William / Park, Jae Won | 2011
Partial Replacement of Pork Back‐Fat by Vegetable Oils in Burger Patties: Effect on Oxidative Stability and Texture and Color Changes during Cooking and Chilled Storage
Rodríguez‐Carpena, J.G. / Morcuende, D. / Estévez, M. | 2011
Volatile Compounds and Sensory Analysis of Both Harvests of Double‐Cut Yakima Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.)
Chen, Michael Z. / Trinnaman, Laurence / Bardsley, Kathryn et al. | 2011
Blackberry Seed Extracts and Isolated Polyphenolic Compounds Showing Protective Effect on Human Lymphocytes DNA
Gođevac, Dejan / Tešević, Vele / Vajs, Vlatka et al. | 2011
Kinetics of 3‐Deoxy‐D‐Erythro‐Hexos‐2‐Ulose in Unifloral Honeys
Arena, Elena / Ballistreri, Gabriele / Fallico, Biagio | 2011
Thermophysical Characterization of Tilapia Myosin and Its Subfragments
Reed, Zachary H. / Park, Jae W. | 2011
Effect of γ‐Irradiation on Bioactivity, Fatty Acid Compositions and Volatile Compounds of Clary Sage Seed (Salvia sclarea L.)
Yalcin, Hasan / Ozturk, Ismet / Tulukcu, Eray et al. | 2011
Effects of Anticaking Agents and Relative Humidity on the Physical and Chemical Stability of Powdered Vitamin C
Lipasek, Rebecca A. / Taylor, Lynne S. / Mauer, Lisa J. | 2011
Changes in Carotenoids, Ascorbic Acids, and Quality Characteristics by the Pickling of Paprika (Capsicum Annuum L.) Cultivated in Korea
Park, Jihyun / Kim, Suna / Moon, BoKyung | 2011
Comprehensive Analysis of Umami Compounds by Ion‐Pair Liquid Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry
Coulier, Leon / Bas, Richard / Hekman, Maarten et al. | 2011
Phenolics and Antioxidant Capacity of Table Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Cultivars Grown in Chile
Lutz, Mariane / Jorquera, Katterin / Cancino, Beatriz et al. | 2011
Effect of Temperature and Some Added Compounds on the Stability of Blood Orange Marmalade
Licciardello, Fabio / Muratore, Giuseppe | 2011
Metastable Radicals and Intrinsic Chemiluminescence from Soy Proteins
Liebold, Christopher M. / Lei, Qingxin / Boatright, William L. et al. | 2011
Evaluation of Green Tea Extract as a Glazing Material for Shrimp Frozen by Cryogenic Freezing
Sundararajan, Srijanani / Prudente, Alfredo / Bankston, J. David et al. | 2011
Gelation, Oxygen Permeability, and Mechanical Properties of Mammalian and Fish Gelatin Films
Avena‐Bustillos, R.J. / Chiou, B. / Olsen, C.W. et al. | 2011
Inactivation of Vegetative Cells by Continuous High‐Pressure Processing: New Insights on the Contribution of Thermal Effects and Release Device
Cavender, George A. / Kerr, William.L. | 2011
Effects of Spray Drying on Antioxidant Capacity and Anthocyanidin Content of Blueberry By‐Products
Lim, Kar / Ma, Mitzi / Dolan, Kirk D. | 2011
Angelica Acutiloba Root Alleviates Advanced Glycation End‐Product‐Mediated Renal Injury in Streptozotocin‐Diabetic Rats
Liu, I‐Min / Tzeng, Thing‐Fong / Liou, Shorong‐Shii et al. | 2011
Cruciferous Vegetable Phytochemical Sulforaphane Affects Phase II Enzyme Expression and Activity in Rat Cardiomyocytes through Modulation of Akt Signaling Pathway
Leoncini, Emanuela / Malaguti, Marco / Angeloni, Cristina et al. | 2011
Supercritical CO2 Decaffeination of Unroasted Coffee Beans Produces Melanoidins with Distinct NF‐κB Inhibitory Activity
Chen, Yumin / Brown, Peter H. / Hu, Kang et al. | 2011
Preservation of Acidified Cucumbers with a Combination of Fumaric Acid and Cinnamaldehyde That Target Lactic Acid Bacteria and Yeasts
Pérez‐Díaz, Ilenys M. | 2011
Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Meat Product Brines Containing Antimicrobials
Adler, Jeremy M. / Geornaras, Ifigenia / Byelashov, Oleksandr A. et al. | 2011
Prevalence, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Resistance of Aeromonas Strains from Various Retail Food Products in Mumbai, India
Nagar, Vandan / Shashidhar, Ravindranath / Bandekar, Jayant R. | 2011
Antifungal Activity of Lactobacillus fermentum Te007, Pediococcus pentosaceus Te010, Lactobacillus pentosus G004, and L. paracasi D5 on Selected Foods
Muhialdin, Belal J. / Hassan, Zaiton / Sadon, Sajaa Kh. | 2011
Efficacy of Cold‐Pressed Terpeneless Valencia Oil and Its Primary Components on Inhibition of Listeria Species by Direct Contact and Exposure to Vapors
Shannon, Erin M. / Milillo, Sara R. / Johnson, Michael G. et al. | 2011
Use of Taiwanese Ropy Fermented Milk (TRFM) and Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris Isolated from TRFM in Manufacturing of Functional Low‐Fat Cheeses
Chiang, Ming‐Lun / Chen, Hsi‐Chia / Wang, Sheng‐Yao et al. | 2011
Internal Transcribed Spacer as a Target to Assess Yeast Biodiversity in Italian Taleggio PDO Cheese
Giannino, Maria L. / Buffoni, Joanna N. / Massone, Elisabetta et al. | 2011
Effect of Grape Pomace Extracts Obtained from Different Grape Varieties on Microbial Quality of Beef Patty
Sagdic, Osman / Ozturk, Ismet / Yilmaz, Mustafa Tahsin et al. | 2011
Innovative Composite Films of Chitosan, Methylcellulose, and Nanoparticles
Mura, Stefania / Corrias, Francesco / Stara, Giuseppe et al. | 2011
Mechanochemistry in Thermomechanical Processing of Foods: Kinetic Aspects
Zhao, Xuewei / Wei, Yimin / Wang, Zhangcun et al. | 2011
Egg Yolk Phosvitin and Functional Phosphopeptides—Review
Samaraweera, Himali / Zhang, Wan‐gang / Lee, Eun Joo et al. | 2011
Physiological, Volatile, and SEM Surface Effects Resulting from Cutting and Dipping Treatments in Cantaloupe
Beaulieu, John C. / Ingber, Bruce F. / Lea, Jeanne M. | 2011
Effect of Freezing Temperature on the Color of Frozen Salmon
Ottestad, Silje / Enersen, Grethe / Wold, Jens Petter | 2011
Total Phenolic Content, Consumer Acceptance, and Instrumental Analysis of Bread Made with Grape Seed Flour
Hoye, Jr, Clifford / Ross, Carolyn F. | 2011
Quality of Shell Eggs Pasteurized with Heat or Heat‐Ozone Combination during Extended Storage
Perry, J.J. / Rodriguez‐Saona, L.E. / Yousef, A.E. | 2011
Chemical Stability of Extra‐Virgin Olive Oil Added with Oregano Essential Oil
Asensio, Claudia M. / Nepote, Valeria / Grosso, Nelson R. | 2011
Desalination of Fish Sauce by Electrodialysis: Effect on Selected Aroma Compounds and Amino Acid Compositions
Chindapan, Nathamol / Devahastin, Sakamon / Chiewchan, Naphaporn et al. | 2011
Preferences for Berries Among Consumers in Southern Chile: Blueberries Are Produced but Are They Consumed?
Schnettler, Berta / Miranda, Horacio / Sepúlveda, José et al. | 2011
Inhibitory Effects of Glycoprotein Isolated from Laminaria japonica on Lipopolysaccharide‐Induced Pro‐Inflammatory Mediators in BV2 Microglial Cells
Park, Hye‐Young / Han, Min‐Ho / Kim, Gi‐Young et al. | 2011
Antioxidant and Antiproliferation Effects of Extractable and Nonextractable Polyphenols Isolated from Apple Waste Using Different Extraction Methods
Tow, Wei Wei / Premier, Robert / Jing, Hao et al. | 2011
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