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Determination of Nickel in Food Samples by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy after Preconcentration and Microextraction Based Ionic Liquids Using Full Factorial and Central Composite Design
Zarei, Zohre / Shemirani, Farzaneh | 2012
Chemical Properties and Oxidative Stability of Perilla Oils Obtained From Roasted Perilla Seeds As Affected by Extraction Methods
Jung, Dong Min / Yoon, Suk Hoo / Jung, Mun Yhung | 2012
Kefir Immobilized on Corn Grains as Biocatalyst for Lactic Acid Fermentation and Sourdough Bread Making
Plessas, Stavros / Alexopoulos, Athanasios / Bekatorou, Argyro et al. | 2012
Effects of Roasting Conditions on the Changes of Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios (δ13C) in Sesame Oil and Usefulness of δ13C to Differentiate Blended Sesame Oil from Corn Oil
Seol, Nam Gyu / Jang, Eun Yeong / Kim, Mi‐Ja et al. | 2012
Microwave‐Assisted Extraction and Determination of Citrus Red 2 Dye in Oranges and Orange Juice by Liquid Chromatography‐Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Han, Chao / Liu, Bin / Zhu, Zhenou et al. | 2012
Impact of Roasting on the Chemical Composition and Oxidative Stability of Perilla Oil
Zhao, TingTing / Hong, Seung In / Lee, Junsoo et al. | 2012
Development of an Automated Method for Folin‐Ciocalteu Total Phenolic Assay in Artichoke Extracts
Yoo, Kil Sun / Lee, Eun Jin / Leskovar, Daniel et al. | 2012
Enzymatic and Chemical Interesterification of Rice Bran Oil, Sheaolein, and Palm Stearin and Comparative Study of Their Physicochemical Properties
Adhikari, Prakash / Hu, Peng | 2012
Compositional and Mechanical Properties of Peanuts Roasted to Equivalent Colors using Different Time/Temperature Combinations
McDaniel, Kristin A. / White, Brittany L. / Dean, Lisa L. et al. | 2012
Kinetic Modeling of Anthocyanin Degradation and Microorganism Growth during Postharvest Storage of Açai Fruits (Euterpe oleracea)
Rogez, Hervé / Akwie, Santuscha N. L. T. / Moura, Fábio G. et al. | 2012
Comparison of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Content in Filets of Anadromous and Landlocked Sockeye Salmon Oncorhynchus Nerka
Gladyshev, Michail I. / Lepskaya, Ekaterina V. / Sushchik, Nadezhda N. et al. | 2012
Polyphenols Extracted from Black Tea (Camellia sinensis) Residue by Hot‐Compressed Water and Their Inhibitory Effect on Pancreatic Lipase in vitro
Yuda, Naoki / Tanaka, Miyuki / Suzuki, Manabu et al. | 2012
Anthocyanins, but not Anthocyanidins, from Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) Alleviate Pruritus via Inhibition of Mast Cell Degranulation
Yamaura, Katsunori / Ishiwatari, Makiko / Yamamoto, Masao et al. | 2012
The Beneficial Effect of Folate‐Enriched Egg on the Folate and Homocysteine Levels in Rats Fed a Folate‐ and Choline‐Deficient Diet
Sugiyama, Ayami / Awaji, Hiroyo / Horie, Kenji et al. | 2012
Nitrites Derived From Foneiculum Vulgare (Fennel) Seeds Promotes Vascular Functions
Swaminathan, Akila / Sridhara, Sree Rama Chaitanya / Sinha, Swaraj et al. | 2012
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| 2012
Industrial Application Briefs– December 2012
| 2012
Stimulation of Cadaverine Production by Foodborne Pathogens in the Presence of Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, and Streptococcus spp.
Kuley, Esmeray / Balıkcı, Esra / Özoğul, İlyas et al. | 2012
Survival of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG as Influenced by Storage Conditions and Product Matrixes
Klu, Yaa Asantewaa Kafui / Williams, Jonathan H. / Phillips, Robert D. et al. | 2012
Microbiological Properties and Biogenic Amines of Whole Pike‐Perch (Sander Lucioperca, Linnaeus 1758): A Perspective on Fish Safety During Postharvest Handling Practices and Frozen Storage
Ehsani, Ali / Jasour, Mohammad Sedigh | 2012
Effect of Salt Reduction on Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in Meat and Poultry Systems
Harper, Nigel M. / Getty, Kelly J.K. | 2012
Stability of Anthocyanin‐Rich W/O/W‐Emulsions Designed for Intestinal Release in Gastrointestinal Environment
Frank, Kerstin / Walz, Elke / Gräf, Volker et al. | 2012
Effects of Green Tea Extract and α‐Tocopherol on the Lipid Oxidation Rate of Omega‐3 Oils, Incorporated into Table Spreads, Prepared using Multiple Emulsion Technology
Dwyer, Sandra P.O’ / O’Beirne, David / Ní Eidhin, Deirdre et al. | 2012
Physical‐Mechanical Properties of Agar/κ‐Carrageenan Blend Film and Derived Clay Nanocomposite Film
Rhim, Jong‐Whan | 2012
True Density and Apparent Density During the Drying Process for Vegetables and Fruits: A Review
Rodríguez‐Ramírez, J. / Méndez‐Lagunas, L. / López‐Ortiz, A. et al. | 2012
Genetics of Food Preferences: A First View from Silk Road Populations
Pirastu, Nicola / Robino, Antonietta / Lanzara, Carmela et al. | 2012
Describing the Appearance and Flavor Profiles of Fresh Fig (Ficus carica L.) Cultivars
King, Ellena S. / Hopfer, Helene / Haug, Megan T. et al. | 2012
Sensory and Consumer Perception of the Addition of Grape Seed Extracts in Cookies
Davidov‐Pardo, G. / Moreno, M. / Arozarena, I. et al. | 2012
Sensory Properties and Consumer Acceptance of Imported and Domestic Sliced Black Ripe Olives
Lee, Soh Min / Kitsawad, Kamolnate / Sigal, Abdulkadir et al. | 2012
Development and Validation of QuEChERS Method for Estimation of Chlorantraniliprole Residue in Vegetables
Singh, Balwinder / Kar, Abhijit / Mandal, Kousik et al. | 2012
Occurrence of Biogenic Amines in Miso, Japanese Traditional Fermented Soybean Paste
Byun, Bo Young / Mah, Jae‐Hyung | 2012
| 2012
| 2012