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Autolytic Degradation of Skipjack Tuna during Heating As Affected by Initial Quality and Processing Conditions
Stagg, Nicola J. / Amato, Penny M. / Giesbrecht, Francis et al. | 2012
Antioxidant Capacities and Total Polyphenol Contents of Hydro‐ethanolic Extract of Phytococktail from Trans‐Himalaya
Dhar, P. / Tayade, A.B. / Bajpai, P.K. et al. | 2012
Chemical Evaluation, Antioxidant Capacity, and Consumer Acceptance of Several Oak Infusions
Rocha‐Guzmán, Nuria Elizabeth / Medina‐Medrano, Jose Roberto / Gallegos‐Infante, José Alberto et al. | 2012
Detection of Chicken and Turkey Meat in Meat Mixtures by Using Real‐Time PCR Assays
Kesmen, Zulal / Yetiman, Ahmet E. / Şahin, Fikrettin et al. | 2012
HPLC‐DAD‐ESI‐MS Analysis of Flavonoid Compounds in 5 Seedless Table Grapes Grown in Apulian Region
Crupi, Pasquale / Coletta, Antonio / Anna Milella, Rosa et al. | 2012
Comparison of Oxidized and Reduced Glutathione in the Bread‐Making Qualities of Rice Batter
Yano, Hiroyuki | 2012
Optimization of a Sponge Cake Formulation with Inulin as Fat Replacer: Structure, Physicochemical, and Sensory Properties
Rodríguez‐García, Julia / Puig, Ana / Salvador, Ana et al. | 2012
Preparation of Free, Soluble Conjugate, and Insoluble‐Bound Phenolic Compounds from Peels of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities in vitro
Sun, Liping / Zhang, Huilin / Zhuang, Yongliang | 2012
Cultivars, Culture Conditions, and Harvest Time Influence Phenolic and Ascorbic Acid Contents and Antioxidant Capacity of Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
Pincemail, Joël / Kevers, Claire / Tabart, Jessica et al. | 2012
Effect of Cooking on Radiation‐Induced Chemical Markers in Beef and Pork during Storage
Kwon, Joong‐Ho / Kwon, Youngju / Kausar, Tusneem et al. | 2012
Changes in Flavor Precursors, Pungency, and Sugar Content in Short‐Day Onion Bulbs during 5‐Month Storage at Various Temperatures or in Controlled Atmosphere
Yoo, Kil S. / Lee, Eun J. / Patil, Bhimanagouda S. | 2012
Simultaneous Measurement of Total Acid Content and Soluble Salt‐free Solids Content in Chinese Vinegar Using Near‐infrared Spectroscopy
Chen, Quansheng / Ding, Jiao / Cai, Jianrong et al. | 2012
Effects of Koji Fermented Phenolic Compounds on the Oxidative Stability of Fish Miso
Giri, Anupam / Osako, Kazufumi / Okamoto, Akira et al. | 2012
Thermal Oxidation Studies on Reduced Folate, L‐5‐Methyltetrahydrofolic Acid (L‐5‐MTHF) and Strategies for Stabilization Using Food Matrices
Liu, Yazheng / Tomiuk, Stephen / Rozoy, Elodie et al. | 2012
Polyphenol Compounds in Artichoke Plant Tissues and Varieties
Negro, Donatella / Montesano, Vincenzo / Grieco, Sabrina et al. | 2012
Influence of ι‐Carrageenan, Pectin, and Gelatin on the Physicochemical Properties and Stability of Milk Protein‐Stabilized Emulsions
Tippetts, M. / Martini, S. | 2012
Evaluation of the Quality of Deep Frying Oils with Fourier Transform Near‐infrared and Mid‐infrared Spectroscop
Du, Rui / Lai, Keqiang / Xiao, Zhuqing et al. | 2012
Lipase‐Catalyzed Production of Pinolenic Acid Concentrate from Pine Nut Oil Using a Recirculating Packed Bed Reactor
Zhao, TingTing / Kim, Byung Hee / Hong, Seung In et al. | 2012
Separation, Identification, and Quantitation of Phenolic Acids in Chinese Waxberry (Myrica Rubra) Juice by HPLC‐PDA‐ESI‐MS
Wang, Chengjun / Zhao, Jingbei / Chen, Fan et al. | 2012
β‐Casomorphin‐7 Cause Decreasing in Oxidative Stress and Inhibiting NF‐κB‐iNOS‐NO Signal Pathway in Pancreas of Diabetes Rats
Yin, Hong / Miao, Jinfeng / Ma, Chang et al. | 2012
High‐Oil‐Load Encapsulation of Medium‐Chain Triglycerides and d‐Limonene Mixture in Modified Starch by Spray Drying
Paramita, Vita / Furuta, Takeshi / Yoshii, Hidefumi | 2012
Effects of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Perforation as Skin Pretreatment to Improve Sugar Infusion Process of Frozen Blueberries
Fujimaru, Tomomi / Ling, Qingyue / Morrissey, Michael T. | 2012
Characterization of Edible Coatings Consisting of Pea Starch, Whey Protein Isolate, and Carnauba Wax and their Effects on Oil Rancidity and Sensory Properties of Walnuts and Pine Nuts
Mehyar, Ghadeer F. / Al‐Ismail, Khalid / Han, Jung H. et al. | 2012
Effects of Heating Rate and pH on Fracture and Water‐Holding Properties of Globular Protein Gels as Explained by Micro‐Phase Separation
Leksrisompong, Phanin N. / Lanier, Tyre C. / Foegeding, E. Allen | 2012
Uptake of Divalent Ions (Mn+2 and Ca+2) by Heat‐Set Whey Protein Gels
Oztop, Mecit H. / McCarthy, Kathryn L. / McCarthy, Michael J. et al. | 2012
Effects of Vitamin D3 on the Expression of Growth‐Related Oncogene‐α in THP‐1 Cells and Human Primary Monocytes
Kuo, Yu‐Ting / Jan, Ren‐Long / Kuo, Chang‐Hung et al. | 2012
Dietary d‐Psicose Reduced Visceral Fat Mass in High‐Fat Diet‐Induced Obese Rats
Chung, Young‐Mee / Hyun Lee, Joo / Youl Kim, Deuk et al. | 2012
Grape Antioxidant Dietary Fiber Stimulates Lactobacillus Growth in Rat Cecum
Pozuelo, María José / Agis‐Torres, Angel / Hervert‐Hernández, Deisy et al. | 2012
Dietary Influences on Nonexercise Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure in C57BL/6J Mice
Kim, Jun Ho / Park, Yooheon / Kim, Daeyoung et al. | 2012
Assay Dilution Factors Confound Measures of Total Antioxidant Capacity in Polyphenol‐Rich Juices
Bolling, Bradley W. / Chen, Ya‐Yen / Kamil, Alison G. et al. | 2012
Anticoagulatory and Antiinflammatory Effects of Astaxanthin in Diabetic Rats
Chan, Kung‐chi / Pen, Pei‐Jain / Yin, Mei‐chin | 2012
Effect of Elicitor Spray at Different Reproductive Stages on Saponin Content of Soybean
Eswaranandam, Satchithanandam / Salyer, Joseph / Chen, Pengyin et al. | 2012
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| 2012
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2012
Multiplex Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction to Study the Expression of Virulence and Stress Response Genes in Staphylococcus aureus
Shrihari, Rohinishree Yadahalli / Singh, Negi Pradeep | 2012
Penicillium camemberti and Penicillium roqueforti Enhance the Growth and Survival of Shiga Toxin‐Producing Escherichia coli O157 under Mild Acidic Conditions
Lee, Ken‐ichi / Watanabe, Maiko / Sugita‐Konishi, Yoshiko et al. | 2012
Thermal Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 Inoculated at Different Depths of Non‐Intact Blade‐Tenderized Beef Steaks
Adler, Jeremy M. / Geornaras, Ifigenia / Belk, Keith E. et al. | 2012
PCR Detection and Identification of Histamine‐Forming Bacteria in Filleted Tuna Fish Samples
Ferrario, Chiara / Pegollo, Chiara / Ricci, Giovanni et al. | 2012
E. Coli O157:H7 Population Reduction from Alfalfa Seeds with Malic Acid and Thiamine Dilauryl Sulfate and Quality Evaluation of the Resulting Sprouts
Fransisca, Lilia / Park, Hee Kyung / Feng, Hao | 2012
Rapid Detection of E. coli O157:H7 on Turnip Greens Using a Modified Gold Biosensor Combined with Light Microscopic Imaging System
Park, Mi‐Kyung / Oh, Jun‐Hyun | 2012
Effect of Coffee Filtrate, Methylglyoxal, Glyoxal, and Caffeine on Salmonella Typhimurium and S. Enteritidis Survival in Ground Chicken Breasts
Maletta, Anne B. / Were, Lilian M. | 2012
Antimicrobial Activity of Lauric Arginate‐Coated Polylactic Acid Films against Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Typhimurium on Cooked Sliced Ham
Theinsathid, Pornpun / Visessanguan, Wonnop / Kruenate, Jittiporn et al. | 2012
Development and Validation of a Real‐Time TaqMan Assay for the Detection and Enumeration of Pseudomonas fluorescens ATCC 13525 Used as a Challenge Organism in Testing of Food Equipments
Saha, Ratul / Bestervelt, Lorelle L. / Donofrio, Robert S. | 2012
Contribution of Sarcoplasmic Proteins to Myofibrillar Proteins Gelation
Jafarpour, Ali / Gorczyca, Elisabeth M. | 2012
Development and Application of Quality Index Method Scheme in a Shelf‐Life Study of Wild and Fish Farm Affected Bogue (Boops boops, L.)
Bogdanović, Tanja / Šimat, Vida / Frka‐Roić, Ana et al. | 2012
Mineral Content and Sensory Characteristics of Gordal Green Table Olives Fermented in Chloride Salt Mixtures
María Moreno‐Baquero, José / Bautista‐Gallego, Joaquín / Garrido‐Fernández, Antonio et al. | 2012
Identification and Quantification of Flavor Attributes present in Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Beef, and Turkey
Maughan, Curtis / Martini, Silvana | 2012
Effects of Cyclodextrins on the Flavor of Goat Milk and Its Yogurt
Young, O.A. / Gupta, R.B. / Sadooghy‐Saraby, S. | 2012
Fish Oil Fortification of Soft Goat Cheese
Hughes, Brianna H. / Brian Perkins, L. / Calder, Beth L. et al. | 2012
Inactivation of A. ochraceus Spores and Detoxification of Ochratoxin A in Coffee Beans by Gamma Irradiation
Kumar, Sanjeev / Kunwar, Amit / Gautam, Satyendra et al. | 2012
Effect of Season on Heavy Metal Contents and Chemical Compositions of Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus) Muscle
Bae, J.H. / Lim, S.Y. | 2012