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Prebiotics Enhance Magnesium Absorption and Inulin‐based Fibers Exert Chronic Effects on Calcium Utilization in a Postmenopausal Rodent Model
Legette, LeeCole L. / Lee, WangHee / Martin, Berdine R. et al. | 2012
Improving Surface Functional Properties of Tofu Whey‐Derived Peptides by Chemical Modification with Fatty Acids
Matemu, Athanasia Oswald / Katayama, Shigeru / Kayahara, Hisataka et al. | 2012
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Anthocyanins in Bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus L.), Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.), and Corresponding Juices
Müller, Dolores / Schantz, Markus / Richling, Elke | 2012
Assessment of Different Dietary Fibers (Tomato Fiber, Beet Root Fiber, and Inulin) for the Manufacture of Chopped Cooked Chicken Products
Cava, Ramón / Ladero, Luis / Cantero, V. et al. | 2012
Effect of Pectin, Starch, and Locust Bean Gum on the Interfacial Activity of Monostearin and β‐Lactoglobulin
López‐Castejón, Maria Luisa / Fuente, Julia de la / Ruiz, Manuela et al. | 2012
In situ Inactivation of Polyphenol Oxidase in Mamey Fruit (Pouteria sapota) by Microwave Treatment
Palma‐Orozco, Gisela / Sampedro, José G. / Ortiz‐Moreno, Alicia et al. | 2012
Effect of Maturity Stage and Storage on Flavor Compounds and Sensory Description of Berrycactus (Myrtillocactus geometrizans)
Alejandro Vazquez‐Cruz, Moises / Jimenez‐Garcia, Sandra Neli / Torres‐Pacheco, Irineo et al. | 2012
Authentication of Pure Camellia Oil by Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Pattern Recognition Techniques
Li, Shuifang / Zhu, Xiangrong / Zhang, Juhua et al. | 2012
The Role of Salivary Proteins in the Mechanism of Astringency
Lee, Catherine A. / Ismail, Baraem / Vickers, Zata M. | 2012
Antioxidant Activities and Major Anthocyanins of Myrobalan Plum (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.)
Wang, Yan / Chen, Xiaoliu / Zhang, Yanmin et al. | 2012
Antioxidant Efficacy of Extracts Produced from Pickled and Dried Mustard in Rapeseed and Peanut Oils
Li, Chang / Tang, Zhongfeng / Huang, Meng et al. | 2012
Utility of 4‐Chloro‐7‐Nitrobenzofurazan for the Spectrofluorimetric Determination of Butylated Hydroxyanisole and Propyl Gallate in Foodstuffs
Chen, Miao / Tai, Zhigang / Hu, Xujia et al. | 2012
Electrochemical Behavior of Chlorogenic Acid at a Boron‐Doped Diamond Electrode and Estimation of the Antioxidant Capacity in the Coffee Samples Based on Its Oxidation Peak
Yardım, Yavuz | 2012
Development and Application of an Enzyme‐linked Immunosorbent Assay for Specific Detection of Mangiferin Content in Various Cultivars of Mangifera indica Leaves Using Anti‐mangiferin Polyclonal Antibody
Yusakul, Gorawit / Kitirattrakarn, Wongsathorn / Tanwanichkul, Narunat et al. | 2012
Antagonistic Effect of the Ainu‐Selected Traditional Beneficial Plants on the Transformation of an Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
Nishiumi, Shin / Hosokawa, Keizo / Anetai, Masaki et al. | 2012
The Profile in Polyphenols and Volatile Compounds in Alcoholic Beverages from Different Cultivars of Mulberry
Juan, Chen / Jianquan, Kan / Junni, Tang et al. | 2012
Starch Characteristics of Transgenic Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Overexpressing the Dx5 High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunit are Substantially Equivalent to Those in Nonmodified Wheat
Beckles, Diane M. / Tananuwong, Kanitha / Shoemaker, Charles F. | 2012
Potential Role of Native Pickling Cucumber Polygalacturonase in Softening of Fresh Pack Pickles
Cho, Mi Jin / Buescher, Ron W. | 2012
Extraction and Separation of Volatile and Fixed Oils from Seeds of Myristica fragrans by Supercritical CO2: Chemical Composition and Cytotoxic Activity on Caco‐2 Cancer Cells
Piras, Alessandra / Rosa, Antonella / Marongiu, Bruno et al. | 2012
Enzymatic Interesterification of Palm Stearin with Cinnamomum camphora Seed Oil to Produce Zero‐trans Medium‐Chain Triacylglycerols‐Enriched Plastic Fat
Tang, Liang / Hu, Jiang‐ning / Zhu, Xue‐mei et al. | 2012
Effect of Roasting Conditions on Color and Volatile Profile Including HMF Level in Sweet Almonds (Prunus dulcis)
Agila, Amal / Barringer, Sheryl | 2012
Volatile Aroma Components and Antioxidant Activities of the Flavedo Peel Extract of Unripe Shiikuwasha (Citrus depressa Hayata)
Asikin, Yonathan / Taira, Ikuko / Inafuku, Sayuri et al. | 2012
Identification of a Gamma‐irradiated Ingredient (Garlic Powder) in Korean Barbeque Sauce by Thermoluminescence Analysis
Ahn, Jae‐Jun / Akram, Kashif / Lee, Jeongeun et al. | 2012
Volatile Compounds of Black Cumin Seeds (Nigella sativa L.) from Microwave‐Heating and Conventional Roasting
Kiralan, Mustafa | 2012
Precipitation of Salivary Proteins After the Interaction with Wine: The Effect of Ethanol, pH, Fructose, and Mannoproteins
Rinaldi, Alessandra / Gambuti, Angelita / Moio, Luigi | 2012
Chitosan‐based Edible Coatings for Quality Preservation of Postharvest Whiteleg Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Huang, Jianying / Chen, Qunchao / Qiu, Miao et al. | 2012
The Impact of Anthocyanin‐Rich Red Raspberry Extract (ARRE) on the Properties of Edible Soy Protein Isolate (SPI) Films
Wang, Sunan / Marcone, Massimo / Barbut, Shai et al. | 2012
Modeling the Effect of Time and Temperature on Respiration Rate of Pomegranate Arils (cv. ``Acco'' and ``Herskawitz'')
Caleb, Oluwafemi J. / Mahajan, Pramod V. / Linus Opara, Umezuruike et al. | 2012
Optimum Chopping Conditions for Alaska Pollock, Pacific Whiting, and Threadfin Bream Surimi Paste and Gel based on Rheological and Raman Spectroscopic Analysis
Poowakanjana, Samanan / Mayer, Steven G. / Park, Jae W. | 2012
Improved Microbial Quality of Buckwheat using Antimicrobial Solutions in a Fluidized Bed
Dhillon, B. / Wiesenborn, D. / Sidhu, H. et al. | 2012
Factors Affecting Radiation D‐Values (D10) of an Escherichia Coli Cocktail and Salmonella Typhimurium LT2 Inoculated in Fresh Produce
Moreira, Rosana G. / Puerta‐Gomez, Alex F. / Kim, Jongsoon et al. | 2012
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| 2012
Industrial Application Briefs
| 2012
Transmission Electron Microscopic Analysis Showing Structural Changes to Bacterial Cells Treated with Electrolyzed Water and an Acidic Sanitizer
Feliciano, Lizanel / Lee, Jaesung / Pascall, Melvin A. | 2012
Role of Peroxyacetic Acid, Octanoic Acid, Malic Acid, and Potassium Lactate on the Microbiological and Instrumental Color Characteristics of Ground Beef
Mohan, Anand / Pohlman, F. W. / McDaniel, J. A. et al. | 2012
Attachment of Escherichia coli O157:H7 to Abiotic Surfaces of Cooking Utensils
Tsuji, Makiko / Yokoigawa, Kumio | 2012
Reverse‐Transcriptase Loop‐Mediated Isothermal Amplification as a Rapid Screening/Monitoring Tool for Salmonella Enterica Detection in Liquid Whole Eggs
Techathuvanan, Chayapa / D'Souza, Doris Helen | 2012
Inactivation of E. coli O157:H7 on Blueberries by Electrolyzed Water, Ultraviolet Light, and Ozone
Kim, Chyer / Hung, Yen‐Con | 2012
Characterization of Listeria Monocytogenes Isolates in Import Food Products of China from 8 Provinces Between 2005 and 2007
Wang, Ping / Yang, Hairong / Hu, Yue et al. | 2012
Mathematical Modeling of Growth of Non‐O157 Shiga Toxin‐Producing Escherichia coli in Raw Ground Beef
Huang, Lihan / Tu, Shu‐I / Phillips, John et al. | 2012
Development and Application of Reverse Transcription Loop‐Mediated Isothermal Amplification for Detecting Live Shewanella putrefaciens in Preserved Fish Sample
Li, Chenghua / Ying, Qi / Su, Xiurong et al. | 2012
Effect of Chemico‐Physical Parameters on the Histidine Decarboxylase (HdcA) Enzymatic Activity in Streptococcus thermophilus PRI60
Tabanelli, Giulia / Torriani, Sandra / Rossi, Franca et al. | 2012
Reduction of Patulin in Aqueous Solution by Lactic Acid Bacteria
Hatab, Shaimaa / Yue, Tianli / Mohamad, Osama | 2012
Application of Proanthocyanidins from Peanut Skins as a Natural Yeast Inhibitory Agent
Sarnoski, Paul J. / Boyer, Renee R. / O’Keefe, Sean F. | 2012
Microbial Composition of the Korean Traditional Food “kochujang” Analyzed by a Massive Sequencing Technique
Nam, Young‐Do / Park, So‐lim / Lim, Seong‐Il | 2012
The Occurrence and Bioactivity of Polyphenols in Tunisian Olive Products and by‐Products: A Review
Taamalli, Amani / Arráez‐Román, David / Zarrouk, Mokhtar et al. | 2012
State of Knowledge on Amaranth Grain: A Comprehensive Review
Caselato‐Sousa, Valéria Maria / Amaya‐Farfán, Jaime | 2012
Bioactivities of Chicken Essence
Li, Y.F. / He, R.R. / Tsoi, B. et al. | 2012
Industry Challenge to Best Practice Risk Communication
McEntire, J. / Boateng, A. | 2012
Development and Application of a Database of Food Ingredient Fraud and Economically Motivated Adulteration from 1980 to 2010
Moore, Jeffrey C. / Spink, John / Lipp, Markus | 2012
Fatty Acid Profile and Sensory Characteristics of Table Eggs from Laying Hens Fed Hempseed and Hempseed Oil
Goldberg, Erin M. / Gakhar, Naveen / Ryland, Donna et al. | 2012
Perceptual Changes and Drivers of Liking in High Protein Extruded Snacks
Kreger, Joseph W. / Lee, Youngsoo / Lee, Soo‐Yeun | 2012
Dry Fermented Sausages of Southern Italy: A Comparison of Free Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines between Industrial and Homemade Products
Leggio, Antonella / Belsito, Emilia L. / Marco, Rosaria De et al. | 2012
Establishment and Optimization of Monoclonal Antibody‐based Heterologous dcELISA for 19‐Nortestosterone Residue in Bovine Edible Tissue
Jiang, Jinqing / Zhang, Haitang / Li, Guangling et al. | 2012
Alkaloids from Areca (Betel) Nuts and Their Effects on Human Sperm Motility In Vitro
Yuan, Jingsong / Yang, Dajian / Liang, Yonghong et al. | 2012
Factors Affecting the Methanol Content and Yield of Plum Brandy
Zhang, Hui / Woodams, Edward E. / Hang, Yong D. | 2012
Detection of Ricin Contamination in Liquid Egg by Electrochemiluminescence Immunosorbent Assay
Brandon, David L. / Korn, Anna M. / Yang, Lily L. | 2012
Distribution and Spatial Trends of PCBs in Commercial Scallops from Galician Littoral (NW, Spain). Possible Influence of Biometric Parameters
Carro, N. / García, I. / Ignacio, M. et al. | 2012
It Has Been My Pleasure!
Lund, Daryl | 2012
Honored and Looking Forward to the Challenge…
Foegeding, E. Allen | 2012