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Comprehensive Assessment of Antioxidant Activity of Essential Oils
Anthony, Kevin P. / Deolu‐Sobogun, Suziat A. / Saleh, Mahmoud A. | 2012
Stability of Bisphenol A (BPA) in Oil‐In Water Emulsions under Riboflavin Photosensitization
Jang, Eun Yeong / Park, Chan Uk / Kim, Mi‐Ja et al. | 2012
Investigation on the Antioxidant Activity of Leaves, Peels, Stems Bark, and Kernel of Mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Sultana, Bushra / Hussain, Zaib / Asif, Muhammad et al. | 2012
Iron–Lactoferrin Complex Reduces Iron‐Catalyzed Off‐flavor Formation in Powdered Milk with Added Fish Oil
Ueno, Hiroshi M. / Shiota, Makoto / Ueda, Noriko et al. | 2012
Microstructural, Physical, and Sensory Impact of Starch, Inulin, and Soy Protein in Low‐Fat Gluten and Lactose Free White Sauces
Guardeño, Luis M. / Hernando, Isabel / Llorca, Empar et al. | 2012
Effect of High‐Pressure Processing and Thermal Treatment on Quality Attributes and Nutritional Compounds of “Songold” Plum Purée
González‐Cebrino, Francisco / García‐Parra, Jesús / Contador, Rebeca et al. | 2012
Rapid Determination of Sugar Level in Snack Products Using Infrared Spectroscopy
Wang, Ting / Rodriguez‐Saona, Luis E. | 2012
The Effect of Temperature on the Color of Red Wines
Czibulya, Zsuzsanna / Kollár, László / Pour Nikfardjam, Martin et al. | 2012
Effects of Pyruvate on Lipid Oxidation and Ground Beef Color
Ramanathan, Ranjith / Mancini, Richard A. / Van Buiten, Charlene B. et al. | 2012
Radical Scavenging Activity and LC‐MS Metabolic Profiling of Petals, Stamens, and Flowers of Crocus sativus L.
Montoro, Paola / Maldini, Mariateresa / Luciani, Leonilda et al. | 2012
Application of Enzyme‐Treated Corn Starches in Breakfast Cereal Coating
Luckett, Curtis R. / Wang, Ya‐Jane | 2012
Evaluation of Antioxidant, Radical Scavenging Activity and Polyphenolics Profile in Solanum torvum L. Fruits
Ramamurthy, CH. / Kumar, M. Suresh / Suyavaran, V. Sujatha A. et al. | 2012
Effect of the Type of Emulsifying Salt on Microstructure and Rheological Properties of “Requeijão Cremoso” Processed Cheese Spreads
da Cunha, Clarissa R. / Alcântara, Maria Regina / Viotto, Walkiria H. | 2012
Fungal Decay and Shelf Life of Oranges Coated With Chitosan and Bergamot, Thyme, and Tea Tree Essential Oils
Cháfer, M. / Sánchez‐González, L. / González‐Martínez, Ch. et al. | 2012
Effect of High Pressure and Salt on Pork Meat Quality and Microstructure
Duranton, Frédérique / Simonin, Hélène / Chéret, Romuald et al. | 2012
Effect of Purified Oat β‐Glucan on Fermentation of Set‐Style Yogurt Mix*
Singh, Mukti / Kim, Sanghoon / Liu, Sean X. | 2012
Study of Optimal Extraction Conditions for Achieving High Yield and Antioxidant Activity of Tomato Seed Oil
Shao, Dongyan / Atungulu, Griffiths G. / Pan, Zhongli et al. | 2012
Survival of Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Salmonella spp. on Catfish Fillets Exposed to Microwave Heating in a Continuous Mode
Sheen, Shiowshuh / Huang, Lihan / Sommers, Christopher | 2012
Skin Extracts from 2 Italian Table Grapes (Italia and Palieri) Inhibit Tissue Factor Expression by Human Blood Mononuclear Cells
Milella, Rosa Anna / Antonacci, Donato / Crupi, Pasquale et al. | 2012
Hypolipidemic Activity in Sprague–Dawley Rats and Constituents of a Novel Natural Vegetable Oil from Cornus Wilsoniana Fruits
Fu, Jie / Zhang, Xue‐Wei / Liu, Kai et al. | 2012
Top Food Sources Contributing to Vitamin D Intake and the Association of Ready‐to‐Eat Cereal and Breakfast Consumption Habits to Vitamin D Intake in Canadians and United States Americans
Hill, Kathleen M. / Jonnalagadda, Satya S. / Albertson, Ann M. et al. | 2012
Comparison of Health‐Relevant Flavonoids in Commonly Consumed Cranberry Products
Grace, Mary H. / Massey, Aaron R. / Mbeunkui, Flaubert et al. | 2012
Relation between Chemical Composition or Antioxidant Activity and Antihypertensive Activity for Six Essential Oils
Yvon, Yan / Guy Raoelison, Emmanuel / Razafindrazaka, René et al. | 2012
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| 2012
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2012
Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure on Aeromonas hydrophila AH 191 Growth in Milk
Durães‐Carvalho, Ricardo / Souza, Ancelmo R. / Martins, Luciano M. et al. | 2012
Investigation on Culturable Microflora in Tibetan Kefir Grains from Different Areas of China
Gao, Jie / Gu, Fengying / Abdella, Nesredin H et al. | 2012
Feasibility of Coupling Dehydration‐Impregnation by Soaking Treatment of Meat with Fermentation by Lactobacillus sakei
Bros, Manuela / Arnaud, Elodie / Loiseau, Gérard et al. | 2012
Antifungal Effect of Mexican Oregano (Lippia berlandieri Schauer) Essential Oil on a Wheat Flour‐Based Medium
Portillo‐Ruiz, Martha Cristina / Sánchez, Raúl Avila‐Sosa / Ramos, Sabina Viramontes et al. | 2012
Expression of DnaJ Gene in Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris under Stress Conditions by Quantitative Real‐Time PCR
Jiao, Lingxia / Fan, Mingtao / Hua, Chengwei et al. | 2012
The Influences of Natural Zeolite (cliptinolite) on Ammonia and Biogenic Amine Formation by Foodborne Pathogen
Gokdogan, Saadet / Özogul, Yesim / Kuley, Esmeray et al. | 2012
Inactivation Kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes by High‐Pressure Processing: Pressure and Temperature Variation
Doona, Christopher J. / Feeherry, Florence E. / Ross, Edward W. et al. | 2012
Fermentation by Amylolytic Lactic Acid Bacteria and Consequences for Starch Digestibility of Plantain, Breadfruit, and Sweet Potato Flours
Haydersah, Julien / Chevallier, Isabelle / Rochette, Isabelle et al. | 2012
Effect of Thyme Oil on the Preservation of Vacuum‐Packaged Chicken Liver
Papazoglou, Stefania / Tsiraki, Maria / Savvaidis, Ioannis N. | 2012
Detection and Isolation of Low Levels of E. coli O157:H7 in Cilantro by Real‐Time PCR, Immunomagnetic Separation, and Cultural Methods with and without an Acid Treatment
Yoshitomi, Ken J. / Jinneman, Karen C. / Zapata, Ruben et al. | 2012
The Impact of NaCl Substitution with KCl on Proteinase Activities Cell‐Free Extract and Cell‐Free Supernatant at Different pH Levels and Salt Concentrations: Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus
Ayyash, M. M. / Sherkat, F. / Shah, N. P. | 2012
Influence of Yeast Mannoproteins in the Aroma Improvement of White Wines
Juega, M. / Nunez, Y.P. / Carrascosa, A.V. et al. | 2012
A Novel Extracellular β‐Glucosidase from Trichosporon asahii: Yield Prediction, Evaluation and Application for Aroma Enhancement of Cabernet Sauvignon
Wang, Yuxia / Xu, Yan / Li, Jiming | 2012
Health Benefits, Enzymatic Production, and Application of Medium‐ and Long‐Chain Triacylglycerol (MLCT) in Food Industries: A Review
Lee, Yee‐Ying / Tang, Teck‐Kim / Lai, Oi‐Ming | 2012
Bitter Taste Inhibiting Agents for Whey Protein Hydrolysate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate Beverages
Leksrisompong, Pattarin / Gerard, Patrick / Lopetcharat, Kannapon et al. | 2012
Baccharin Prevents Genotoxic Effects Induced by Methyl Methanesulfonate and Hydrogen Peroxide in V79 Cells
Oliveira, Pollyanna Francielli de / Leandro, Luis Fernando / Montanheiro, Giovana et al. | 2012
Chemometric Analysis for the Detection of Biogenic Amines in Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wines: A Comparative Study between Organic and Nonorganic Production
Yañez, L. / Saavedra, J. / Martínez, C. et al. | 2012
Determination of the Metals by ICP‐MS in Wild Mushrooms from Yunnan, China
Yin, Liang‐Liang / Shi, Guo‐Qing / Tian, Qing et al. | 2012
Efficacy of Sardinelle Protein Hydrolysate to Alleviate Ethanol‐Induced Oxidative Stress in the Heart of Adult Rats
Kamoun, Zeineb / Kamoun, Alya Sellami / Bougatef, Ali et al. | 2012
Trans Fatty Acid Contents in Selected Dietary Fats in the Estonian Market
Meremäe, Kadrin / Roasto, Mati / Kuusik, Sirje et al. | 2012
Scientific Relevance and the Top Eleven for 2011
Foegeding, Allen | 2012