Journal of Food Science

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Physicochemical Characterization and Sensory Analysis of Yeast‐leavened and Sourdough Soy Breads
Yezbick, Gabrielle / Ahn‐Jarvis, Jennifer / Schwartz, Steven J. et al. | 2013
The Effect of Fat Replacers on Batter and Cake Properties
Psimouli, Vassiliki / Oreopoulou, Vassiliki | 2013
Phytochemical Analysis and Anti‐inflammatory Potential of Hyphaene thebaica L. Fruit
Farag, Mohamed A. / Paré, Paul W. | 2013
Discrimination of Swiss Cheese from 5 Different Factories by High Impact Volatile Organic Compound Profiles Determined by Odor Activity Value Using Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry and Odor Threshold
Taylor, Kaitlyn / Wick, Cheryl / Castada, Hardy et al. | 2013
Characterization and Comparison of the Pungent Components in Commercial Zanthoxylum bungeanum Oil and Zanthoxylum schinifolium Oil
Zhao, Zhi‐Feng / Zhu, Rui‐Xue / Zhong, Kai et al. | 2013
Spray‐Dried Structured Lipid Containing Long‐Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Use in Infant Formulas
Nagachinta, Supakana / Akoh, Casimir C. | 2013
Nutraceutical Properties of Flour and Tortillas Made with an Ecological Nixtamalization Process
Méndez, Lilia Irene Rodríguez / Cárdenas, Juan de Dios Figueroa / Gómez, Minerva Ramos et al. | 2013
The Influence of Bleaching Agent and Temperature on Bleaching Efficacy and Volatile Components of Fluid Whey and Whey Retentate
Fox, A.J. / Smith, T.J. / Gerard, P.D. et al. | 2013
Enrichment of Functional Properties of Ice Cream with Pomegranate By‐products
Çam, Mustafa / Erdoğan, Fatma / Aslan, Duygu et al. | 2013
Plum Coatings of Lemongrass Oil‐incorporating Carnauba Wax‐based Nanoemulsion
Kim, In‐Hah / Lee, Hanna / Kim, Jung Eun et al. | 2013
Dietary Trans Fats Enhance Doxorubicin‐Induced Cardiotoxicity in Mice
Mong, Mei‐chin / Hsia, Te‐chun / Yin, Mei‐chin | 2013
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| 2013
Celebrating the Past 75 Years and Preparing for the Next 75 Years
| 2013
In Memoriam: Fran Katz
| 2013
A Strategy to Design Efficient Fermentation Processes for Traditional Beverages Production: Prickly Pear Wine
Navarrete‐Bolaños, J.L. / Fato‐Aldeco, E. / Gutiérrez‐Moreno, K. et al. | 2013
Detection of Clostridium Tyrobutyricum in Milk to Prevent Late Blowing in Cheese by Automated Ribosomal Intergenic Spacer Analysis
Panelli, Simona / Brambati, Eva / Bonacina, Cesare et al. | 2013
Rapid and Sensitive Immunochromatographic Strip for On‐site Detection of Sulfamethazine in Meats and Eggs
Shim, Won‐Bo / Kim, Jeong‐Sook / Kim, Min‐Gon et al. | 2013
Biocontrol of Gray Mold Disease on Strawberry Fruit by Integration of Lactobacillus plantarum A7 with Ajwain and Cinnamon Essential Oils
Zamani‐Zadeh, Maryam / Soleimanian‐Zad, Sabihe / Sheikh‐Zeinoddin, Mahmoud | 2013
Botryticidal Activity of Nanosized Silver‐Chitosan Composite and Its Application for the Control of Gray Mold in Strawberry
Moussa, Shaaban H. / Tayel, Ahmed A. / Alsohim, Abdullah S. et al. | 2013
Sensory Evaluation of Dry‐fermented Sausage Containing Ground Deodorized Yellow Mustard
Li, Shuliu / Aliani, Michel / Holley, Richard A. | 2013
Sensory Evaluation and Electronic Tongue for Sensing Flavored Mineral Water Taste Attributes
Sipos, László / Gere, Attila / Szöllősi, Dániel et al. | 2013
Chemical Treatments for Reducing the Yellow Discoloration of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Fillets
Li, Yilin / Liu, Shaoyang / Cline, David et al. | 2013
Optimizing Experimental Design Using the House Mouse (Mus musculus L.) as a Model for Determining Grain Feeding Preferences
Fuerst, E. Patrick / Morris, Craig F. / Dasgupta, Nairanjana et al. | 2013
Adsorptive Removal of Patulin from Apple Juice Using Ca‐Alginate‐Activated Carbon Beads
Yue, Tianli / Guo, Caixia / Yuan, Yahong et al. | 2013
Acute and Subacute Toxicity Assessment of Lutein in Lutein‐Deficient Mice
Nidhi, Bhatiwada / Baskaran, Vallikannan | 2013