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Jujube Honey from China: Physicochemical Characteristics and Mineral Contents
Zhou, Juan / Suo, Zhirong / Zhao, Pinpin et al. | 2013
The Use of Wavelength Dispersive X‐ray Fluorescence in the Identification of the Elemental Composition of Vanilla Samples and the Determination of the Geographic Origin by Discriminant Function Analysis
Hondrogiannis, Ellen / Rotta, Kathryn / Zapf, Charles M. | 2013
Antioxidant Capacities, Phenolic Contents, and GC/MS Analysis of Rhodiola imbricata Edgew. Root Extracts from Trans‐Himalaya
Tayade, A.B. / Dhar, P. / Sharma, M. et al. | 2013
Synthesis of Quercetin‐3‐O‐Glucoside from Rutin by Penicillium decumbens Naringinase
Lee, Young‐Su / Huh, Ji‐Young / Nam, So‐Hyun et al. | 2013
Proteolysis, Texture, and Sensory Characteristics of Serrano Hams from Duroc and Large White Pigs during Dry‐Curing
del Olmo, Ana / Calzada, Javier / Gaya, Pilar et al. | 2013
Polyphenol Oxidase Inhibitor from Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis) Extract
Schulbach, Kurt F. / Johnson, Jodie V. / Simonne, Amarat H. et al. | 2013
Classification of Argentinean Sauvignon Blanc Wines by UV Spectroscopy and Chemometric Methods
Azcarate, Silvana Mariela / Cantarelli, Miguel Ángel / Pellerano, Roberto Gerardo et al. | 2013
Maillard‐Reaction‐Induced Modification and Aggregation of Proteins and Hardening of Texture in Protein Bar Model Systems
Zhou, Peng / Guo, Mufan / Liu, Dasong et al. | 2013
Compositional Characteristics of Materials Recovered from Headed Gutted Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) by Isoelectric Solubilization and Precipitation Using Organic Acids
Paker, Ilgin / Beamer, Sarah / Jaczynski, Jacek et al. | 2013
Authentication of Pure L‐Leucine Products Manufactured in China by Discriminating between Plant and Animal Sources Using Nitrogen Stable Isotope Technique
Huang, Jingyu / Nkrumah, Philip N. / Appiah‐Sefah, Gloria et al. | 2013
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| 2013
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2013
A Simple and Fast Detection Method for Bovine Milk Residues in Foods: A 2‐Site Monoclonal Antibody Immunochromatography Assay
Xuli, Wu / Weiyi, He / Ji, Kunmei et al. | 2013
Inactivation of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium and Quality Maintenance of Cherry Tomatoes Treated with Gaseous Essential Oils
Yun, Juan / Fan, Xuetong / Li, Xihong | 2013
Antimicrobial Effect of Bacteriocin KU24 Produced by Lactococcus lactis KU24 against Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Lee, Na‐Kyoung / Jin Han, Eun / Jun Han, Kyoung et al. | 2013
Characterization of Cucumber Fermentation Spoilage Bacteria by Enrichment Culture and 16S rDNA Cloning
Breidt, Fred / Medina, Eduardo / Wafa, Doria et al. | 2013
Technological Approaches to Minimize Industrial Trans Fatty Acids in Foods
Menaa, Farid / Menaa, Abder / Tréton, Jacques et al. | 2013
Degradation Index for Quality Evaluation of Commercial Dietary Supplements of Bilberry Extract
Yamamoto, Masao / Yamaura, Katsunori / Ishiwatari, Makiko et al. | 2013
Development of Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) Spread
Shakerardekani, Ahmad / Karim, Roselina / Ghazali, Hasanah Mohd et al. | 2013
New Author Guidelines Launched
Foegeding, –E. Allen / Ferguson, –Amanda K. | 2013