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Enzymatic Properties of β‐1,3‐Glucanase from Streptomyces sp Mo.
Kurakake, Masahiro / Yamanouchi, Yuuki / Kinohara, Kouta et al. | 2013
Accelerated Aging against Conventional Storage: Effects on the Volatile Composition of Chardonnay White Wines
Cejudo‐Bastante, María Jesús / Hermosín‐Gutiérrez, Isidro / Pérez‐Coello, María Soledad | 2013
Effect of In Vitro Digestion on Free α‐Dicarbonyl Compounds in Balsamic Vinegars
Papetti, Adele / Mascherpa, Dora / Marrubini, Giorgio et al. | 2013
Properties and Water Sorption Characteristics of Spaghetti Prepared Using Various Dies
Yoshino, Masashi / Ogawa, Takenobu / Adachi, Shuji | 2013
Development and Characterization of an Edible Composite Film Based on Chitosan and Virgin Coconut Oil with Improved Moisture Sorption Properties
Binsi, P.K. / Ravishankar, C.N. / Srinivasa Gopal, T.K. | 2013
Influence of the Colloidal Structure of Dairy Gels on Milk Fat Fusion Behavior: Quantification of the Liquid Fat Content by In Situ Quantitative Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (isq 1H NMR)
Bouteille, Romain / Perez, Jeanne / Khifer, Farid et al. | 2013
Antioxidant Extraction from Mustard (Brassica juncea) Seed Meal Using High‐Intensity Ultrasound
Dubie, Jeremiah / Stancik, Aaron / Morra, Matthew et al. | 2013
Effect of Lipid Physical State of Palm Derivatives on β‐Carotene Bleaching
Calligaris, Sonia / Manzocco, Lara / Da Pieve, Sara et al. | 2013
Evaluating and Predicting the Oxidative Stability of Vegetable Oils with Different Fatty Acid Compositions
Li, Hongyan / Fan, Ya‐wei / Li, Jing et al. | 2013
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| 2013
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2013
When Potatoes Fly
Foegeding, E. Allen | 2013
Antimicrobial Effects of Allyl Isothiocyanate and Modified Atmosphere on Pseduomonas Aeruginosa in Fresh Catfish Fillet under Abuse Temperatures
Pang, Yu‐Hsin / Sheen, Shiowshuh / Zhou, Siyuan et al. | 2013
Antimicrobial Activity and Hydrophobicity of Edible Whey Protein Isolate Films Formulated with Nisin and/or Glucose Oxidase
Murillo‐Martínez, María M. / Tello‐Solís, Salvador R. / García‐Sánchez, Miguel A. et al. | 2013
Effect of Immobilization and Salt Concentration on the Growth Dynamics of Escherichia coli K12 and Salmonella Typhimurium
Boons, Kathleen / Van Derlinden, Eva / Mertens, Laurence et al. | 2013
Characterization of Soybean Protein Hydrolysates able to Promote the Proliferation of Streptococcus Thermophilus ST
Hongfei, Zhao / Fengling, Bai / Fang, Zhou et al. | 2013
Observation of Injured E. coli Population Resulting from the Application of High‐Pressure Throttling Treatments
De Lamo‐Castellví, Silvia / Toledo, Romeo / Frank, Joseph F. | 2013
Safety Assessment and Probiotic Evaluation of Enterococcus Faecium YF5 Isolated from Sourdough
Tan, Qianglai / Xu, Hengyi / Aguilar, Zoraida P. et al. | 2013
Prevalence, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Virulence Characteristics of mecA‐Encoding Coagulase‐Negative Staphylococci Isolated from Soft Cheese in Brazil
Fontes, Cláudia Oliveira / Silva, Vânia Lúcia / de Paiva, Mayara Rodrigues Brandão et al. | 2013
Comparison of Mathematical Models of Lactic Acid Bacteria Growth in Vacuum‐Packaged Raw Beef Stored at Different Temperatures
Li, M. Y. / Sun, X. M. / Zhao, G. M. et al. | 2013
Antimicrobial Efficacy of Poly (DL‐lactide‐co‐glycolide) (PLGA) Nanoparticles with Entrapped Cinnamon Bark Extract against Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium
Hill, Laura E. / Taylor, T. Matthew / Gomes, Carmen | 2013
Microbial Contamination in Sprouts: How Effective Is Seed Disinfection Treatment?
Ding, Hongliu / Fu, Tong‐Jen / Smith, Michelle A. | 2013
Determining the Primary Drivers of Liking to Predict Consumers' Acceptance of Fresh Nectarines and Peaches
Delgado, Claudia / Crisosto, Gayle M. / Heymann, Hildegarde et al. | 2013
Effect of Psychrotrophic Growth on the Milk Fat Fraction at Different Temperatures of Storage
Izidoro, Thiago Braga / Pereira, Juliano Gonçalves / Soares, Vanessa Mendonça et al. | 2013
Effect of Cover Brine Type on the Quality of Meat from Herring Marinades
Szymczak, Mariusz / Szymczak, Barbara / Koronkiewicz, Anna et al. | 2013
All India Survey for Analyses of Colors in Sweets and Savories: Exposure Risk in Indian Population
Dixit, Sumita / Khanna, Subhash K. / Das, Mukul | 2013
Safety Evaluation of Excessive Ingestion of Mozuku Fucoidan in Human
Abe, Sunao / Hiramatsu, Kimiko / Ichikawa, Osamu et al. | 2013