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Effect of Gelatin Addition on Properties of Pullulan Films
Zhang, Chao / Gao, Dandan / Ma, Yue et al. | 2012
Effects of Locust Bean Gum and Mono‐ and Diglyceride Concentrations on Particle Size and Melting Rates of Ice Cream
Cropper, S.L. / Kocaoglu‐Vurma, N.A. / Tharp, B.W. et al. | 2013
Quality Change of Apple Slices Coated with Aloe vera Gel during Storage
Song, Hye‐Yeon / Jo, Wan‐Shin / Song, Nak‐Bum et al. | 2013
Protein Oxidation at Different Salt Concentrations Affects the Cross‐Linking and Gelation of Pork Myofibrillar Protein Catalyzed by Microbial Transglutaminase
Li, Chunqiang / Xiong, Youling L. / Chen, Jie | 2013
Formation of Heterocyclic Amines in Salami and Ham Pizza Toppings During Baking of Frozen Pizza
Gibis, Monika / Weiss, Jochen | 2013
δ18O of Ethanol in Wine and Spirits for Authentication Purposes
Perini, Matteo / Camin, Federica | 2013
Development of Novel Methods to Determine Crystalline Glucose Content of Honey Based on DSC, HPLC, and Viscosity Measurements, and Their Use to Examine the Setting Propensity of Honey
Al‐Habsi, Nasser A. / Davis, Fred J. / Niranjan, Keshavan | 2013
Layer by Layer Assembly of a Biocatalytic Packaging Film: Lactase covalently Bound to Low‐Density Polyethylene
Wong, Dana E. / Talbert, Joey N. / Goddard, Julie M. | 2013
Characterization of Extruded and Toasted Milk Protein Concentrates
Banach, J. C. / Clark, S. / Lamsal, B. P. | 2013
Garlic Oil Suppressed the Hematological Disorders Induced by Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Tumor‐Bearing Mice
Zeng, Tao / Li, Yang / Zhang, Cui‐Li et al. | 2013
Cranberries and Wild Blueberries Treated with Gastrointestinal Enzymes Positively Modify Glutathione Mechanisms in Caco‐2 Cells In Vitro
Slemmer, Jennifer E. / Livingston‐Thomas, Jessica M. / Gottschall‐Pass, Katherine T. et al. | 2013
Identification of Antimutagenic Properties of Anthocyanins and Other Polyphenols from Rose (Rosa centifolia) Petals and Tea
Kumar, Sanjeev / Gautam, Satyendra / Sharma, Arun | 2013
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| 2013
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2013
Control of Postharvest Blue Mold of Nanfeng Mandarin by Application of Strain YS‐1 Paenibacillus brasilensis
Tu, Qihong / Chen, Jinyin / Guo, Juanhua | 2013
Sweet Wine Production by Two Osmotolerant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains
García‐Martínez, Teresa / de Lerma, Nieves López / Moreno, Juan et al. | 2013
Biofilm Formation of O157 and Non‐O157 Shiga Toxin‐Producing Escherichia coli and Multidrug‐Resistant and Susceptible Salmonella Typhimurium and Newport and Their Inactivation by Sanitizers
Fouladkhah, Aliyar / Geornaras, Ifigenia / Sofos, John N. | 2013
Fabrication, Gastromucoadhesivity, Swelling, and Degradation of Zein–Chitosan Composite Ultrafine Fibers
Wongsasulak, Saowakon / Puttipaiboon, Natthon / Yoovidhya, Tipaporn | 2013
Descriptive Analysis of Flavor Characteristics for Black Walnut Cultivars
Miller, Ashley E. / Chambers, Delores H. | 2013
Quantitative and Qualitative Variation of Fat in Model Vanilla Custard Desserts: Effects on Sensory Properties and Consumer Acceptance
Tomaschunas, Maja / Köhn, Ehrhard / Bennwitz, Petra et al. | 2013
Quality Assessment of Commercially Processed Carbon Monoxide‐Treated Tilapia Fillets
Pivarnik, Lori F. / Faustman, Cameron / Suman, Surendranath P. et al. | 2013
Preference Mapping of Frozen and Fresh Raspberries
Villamor, R. R. / Daniels, C. H. / Moore, P. P. et al. | 2013
Effect of Low‐Dose Electron Beam Irradiation on Quality of Ground Beef Patties and Raw, Intact Carcass Muscle Pieces
Kundu, Devapriya / Holley, Richard | 2013
Determination of Xylazine and 2,6‐Xylidine in Animal Tissues by Liquid Chromatography—Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Zheng, Xiaochun / Mi, Xiaoxia / Li, Sicong et al. | 2013
Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, and Most Cited
| 2013