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The Potential Application of Rice Bran Wax Oleogel to Replace Solid Fat and Enhance Unsaturated Fat Content in Ice Cream
Zulim Botega, Daniele C. / Marangoni, Alejandro G. / Smith, Alexandra K. et al. | 2013
Stabilization of Fish Oil‐in‐Water Emulsions with Oleosin Extracted from Canola Meal
Wijesundera, Chakra / Boiteau, Thomas / Xu, Xinqing et al. | 2013
Oxidative Stability of Lipids Rich in EPA and DHA Extracted from Fermented Scallop Ovary
Hamaoka, Naohiro / Shimajiri, Junki / Abe, Masayuki et al. | 2013
Antioxidant, Antibrowning, and Cytoprotective Activities of Ligustrum robustum (Rxob.) Blume Extract
Yu, Zhi‐Long / Zeng, Wei‐Cai | 2013
Determination of Iriflophenone 3‐C‐β‐d‐Glucoside From Aquilaria spp. by an Indirect Competitive Enzyme‐linked Immunosorbent Assay Using a Specific Polyclonal Antibody
Putalun, Waraporn / Yusakul, Gorawit / Saensom, Paritad et al. | 2013
Identification of Bioactive Candidate Compounds Responsible for Oxidative Challenge from Hydro‐Ethanolic Extract of Moringa oleifera Leaves
Karthivashan, Govindarajan / Tangestani Fard, Masoumeh / Arulselvan, Palanisamy et al. | 2013
Utilization of Barley or Wheat Bran to Bioconvert Glutamate to γ‐Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
Jin, Wen‐Jie / Kim, Min‐Ju / Kim, Keun‐Sung | 2013
Particle Size Distribution of Brown and White Rice during Gastric Digestion Measured by Image Analysis
Bornhorst, Gail M. / Kostlan, Kevin / Singh, R. Paul | 2013
Modifying the Processing and Handling of Frozen Broccoli for Increased Sulforaphane Formation
Dosz, Edward B. / Jeffery, Elizabeth H. | 2013
Quercetin Suppresses Intracellular ROS Formation, MMP Activation, and Cell Motility in Human Fibrosarcoma Cells
Lee, Dong Eun / Chung, Min‐Yu / Lim, Tae Gyu et al. | 2013
Chemical Properties of a Polysaccharide Purified From Solid‐State Fermentation of Auricularia Auricular and its Biological Activity as a Hypolipidemic Agent
Zeng, Feng / Zhao, Chao / Pang, Jie et al. | 2013
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| 2013
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2013
Obesity and Food Science Being Part of the Solution
| 2013
Construction of Listeria monocytogenes Mutants with In‐Frame Deletions in the Phosphotransferase Transport System (PTS) and Analysis of Their Growth under Stress Conditions
Liu, Yanhong / Ceruso, Marina / Jiang, Yuji et al. | 2013
Efficacy of Plant‐Derived Antimicrobials as Antimicrobial Wash Treatments for Reducing Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli O157:H7 on Apples
Baskaran, Sangeetha Ananda / Upadhyay, Abhinav / Kollanoor‐Johny, Anup et al. | 2013
Analysis of Raw Milk Quality at Reception and During Cold Storage: Combined Effects of Somatic Cell Counts and Psychrotrophic Bacteria on Lipolysis
Gargouri, Ahmed / Hamed, Houda / ElFeki, Abdelfettah | 2013
Reduction of Hepatitis A Virus on FRhK‐4 Cells Treated with Korean Red Ginseng Extract and Ginsenosides
Lee, Min Hwa / Lee, Bog‐Hieu / Lee, Sanghyun et al. | 2013
Inhibition of Cronobacter sakazakii by Heat Labile Bacteriocins Produced by Probiotic LAB Isolated from Healthy Infants
Awaisheh, Saddam S. / Al‐Nabulsi, Anas A. / Osaili, Tareq M. et al. | 2013
Czech Ethanol‐Free Propolis Extract Displays Inhibitory Activity against a Broad Spectrum of Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens
Netíková, Ladislava / Bogusch, Petr / Heneberg, Petr | 2013
Considerations on the Aquaculture Development and on the Use of Veterinary Drugs: Special Issue for Fluoroquinolones—A Review
Quesada, Silvia Pilco / Paschoal, Jonas Augusto Rizzato / Reyes, Felix Guillermo Reyes | 2013
Distinguishing Nonpareil Marketing Group Almond Cultivars through Multivariate Analyses
Ledbetter, Craig A. / Sisterson, Mark S. | 2013
The Effect of Gamma Irradiation as a Phytosanitary Treatment on Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Bartlett Pears
Abolhassani, Yalda / Caporaso, Fred / Rakovski, Cyril et al. | 2013
Prediction of Sweetness by Multilinear Regression Analysis and Support Vector Machine
Zhong, Min / Chong, Yang / Nie, Xianglei et al. | 2013
Identification of Sensory Attributes That Drive Consumer Liking of Commercial Orange Juice Products in Korea
Kim, Mina K. / Lee, Young‐Jin / Kwak, Han Sub et al. | 2013
Subchronic and Reproductive/Developmental (Screening Level) Toxicity of Complexation Products of Iron Trichloride and Sodium Tartrate (FemTA)
Lynch, Barry / Emmen, Harry / van Otterdijk, Francois et al. | 2013