Journal of Food Science

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Improved Diet Quality and Increased Nutrient Intakes Associated with Grape Product Consumption by U.S. Children and Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003 to 2008
McGill, Carla R. / Keast, Debra R. / Painter, James E. et al. | 2013
An After‐School Snack of Raisins Lowers Cumulative Food Intake in Young Children
Patel, Barkha P. / Bellissimo, Nick / Luhovyy, Bohdan et al. | 2013
Raisin Consumption by Humans: Effects on Glycemia and Insulinemia and Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Anderson, James W. / Waters, Ashley R. | 2013
Dietary Bioactive Compounds and Their Health Implications
Liu, Rui Hai | 2013
Raisins and Oral Health
Wong, Allen / Young, Douglas A. / Emmanouil, Dimitris E. et al. | 2013
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| 2013
A Review of the Health Benefits of Raisins
Painter, James E / Waters, Ashley R | 2013