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Purification, Identification, and In Vivo Activity of Angiotensin I‐Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptide, from Ribbonfish (Trichiurus haumela) Backbone
Zou, Ping / Wang, Jin‐Ling / He, Guo‐Qing et al. | 2013
Nonthermal Inactivation of Soy (Glycine Max Sp.) Lipoxygenase by Pulsed Ultraviolet Light
Janve, Bhaskar A. / Yang, Wade / Marshall, Maurice R. et al. | 2014
The Effect of Feed Solids Concentration and Inlet Temperature on the Flavor of Spray Dried Whey Protein Concentrate
Park, Curtis W. / Bastian, Eric / Farkas, Brian et al. | 2013
Thermally Stimulated Luminescence in Powdered Soy Proteins
Abdi, Dereje / Jahan, Muhammad S. / Boatright, William L. et al. | 2013
Impact of High Hydrostatic Pressure and Pasteurization on the Structure and the Extractability of Bioactive Compounds of Persimmon “Rojo Brillante”
Hernández‐Carrión, M. / Vázquez‐Gutiérrez, J. L. / Hernando, I. et al. | 2013
Combined Vacuum Impregnation and Electron‐Beam Irradiation Treatment to Extend the Storage Life of Sliced White Button Mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus)
Yurttas, Zeynep Sevimli / Moreira, Rosana G. / Castell‐Perez, Elena | 2013
Release of Allyl Isothiocyanate from Mustard Seed Meal Powder
Dai, Ruyan / Lim, Loong‐Tak | 2013
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| 2014
Sensory Evaluation in the Journal of Food Science – 1936 to the Present
Stone, Herbert | 2014
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| 2014
Effect of Salts of Organic Acids on Listeria monocytogenes, Shelf Life, Meat Quality, and Consumer Acceptability of Beef Frankfurters
Morey, Amit / Bowers, Jordan W. J. / Bauermeister, Laura J. et al. | 2014
Apple, Carrot, and Hibiscus Edible Films Containing the Plant Antimicrobials Carvacrol and Cinnamaldehyde Inactivate Salmonella Newport on Organic Leafy Greens in Sealed Plastic Bags
Zhu, Libin / Olsen, Carl / McHugh, Tara et al. | 2013
Identification and Partial Characterization of a Bacteriocin‐Like Inhibitory Substance (BLIS) from Lb. Bulgaricus K41 Isolated from Indigenous Yogurts
Zaeim, Davood / Soleimanian‐Zad, Sabihe / Sheikh‐Zeinoddin, Mahmoud | 2013
Thermal Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Strawberry Puree and Its Effect on Anthocyanins and Color
Hsu, Hsin‐Yun / Huang, Lihan / Wu, James Swi‐Bea | 2013
Thermomechanical and Morphological Properties of Nanocomposite Films from Wheat Gluten Matrix and Cellulose Nanofibrils
Rafieian, Fatemeh / Shahedi, Mohammad / Keramat, Javad et al. | 2014
Low‐Dose Irradiation Can be Used as a Phytosanitary Treatment for Fresh Table Grapes
Kim, Gina C. / Rakovski, Cyril / Caporaso, Fred et al. | 2014
Aromatic Profile of Ciders by Chemical Quantitative, Gas Chromatography‐Olfactometry, and Sensory Analysis
Antón, María José / Suárez Valles, Belén / García Hevia, Ana et al. | 2013
Kinetics of the Thermal Degradation of Patulin in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid
Kokkinidou, S. / Floros, J. D. / LaBorde, L. F. | 2013
The Influence of Deep Frying Using Various Vegetable Oils on Acrylamide Formation in Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam) Chips
Lim, P.K. / Jinap, S. / Sanny, M. et al. | 2013
Inorganic and Total Arsenic Contents in Rice‐Based Foods for Children with Celiac Disease
Munera‐Picazo, Sandra / Ramírez‐Gandolfo, Amanda / Burló, Francisco et al. | 2013