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Physiological Factors Influencing Toughness in Cooked Saddletail Snapper (Lutjanus malabaricus)
Forrest, Andrew John / Exley, Paul / Mayze, John et al. | 2014
Chemical Acylation of Water‐Soluble Antioxidant of Bamboo Leaves (AOB‐w) and Functional Evaluation of Oil‐Soluble AOB (cAOB‐o)
Liu, Lingyi / Xia, Boneng / Jin, Cheng et al. | 2014
Color and Volatile Analysis of Peanuts Roasted Using Oven and Microwave Technologies
Smith, Alicia L. / Barringer, Sheryl A. | 2014
Isolation, Identification, and Quantification of Lichenysin, a Novel Nonvolatile Compound in Chinese Distilled Spirits
Zhang, Rong / Wu, Qun / Xu, Yan et al. | 2014
Effect of Intramuscular Fat, Breed, and Age at Slaughter on Fatty Acid Composition in Green Hams
Storrustløkken, Linda / Ekeberg, Dag / Egelandsdal, Bjørg et al. | 2014
Preparation of Margarines from Organogels of Sunflower Wax and Vegetable Oils
Hwang, Hong‐Sik / Singh, Mukti / Winkler‐Moser, Jill K. et al. | 2014
Stability of Iron–Quercetin Complexes in Synthetic Wine under In Vitro Digestion Conditions
Escudero, Leticia B. / Fusari, Cecilia M. / Altamirano, Jorgelina C. et al. | 2014
Stability of Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum) Essential Oil in Microcapsules Made of Whey Protein Isolate, Guar Gum, and Carrageenan
Mehyar, Ghadeer F. / Al‐Isamil, Khalid M. / Al‐Ghizzawi, Hana'a M. et al. | 2014
A Fluorescence‐Based Method for Cyanate Analysis in Ethanol/Water Media: Correlation between Cyanate Presence and Ethyl Carbamate Formation in Sugar Cane Spirit
Ohe, Thiago Hideyuki Kobe / da Silva, Alexandre Ataide / da Silva Rocha, Thaís et al. | 2014
Simultaneous Purification of Limonin, Nomilin and Isoobacunoic Acid from Pomelo Fruit (Citrus grandis) Segment Membrane
Xiang, Yu / Cao, Jinping / Luo, Fenglei et al. | 2014
Evaluating Extraction Conditions of Glucosinolate Hydrolytic Products from Seeds of Eruca sativa (Mill.) Thell. Using GC‐MS
Arora, Rohit / Sharma, Deepika / Kumar, Rakesh et al. | 2014
Chemical Constituents of Gold‐red Apple and Their α‐Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities
He, Qian‐Qian / Yang, Liu / Zhang, Jia‐Yu et al. | 2014
Antiretrogradation in Cooked Starch‐Based Product Application of Tea Polyphenols
Wu, Lijing / Che, Liming / Chen, Xiao Dong | 2014
Heat and Mass Transport during Microwave Heating of Mashed Potato in Domestic Oven—Model Development, Validation, and Sensitivity Analysis
Chen, Jiajia / Pitchai, Krishnamoorthy / Birla, Sohan et al. | 2014
Structural, Compositional, and Sensorial Properties of United States Commercial Ice Cream Products
Warren, Maya M. / Hartel, Richard W. | 2014
Emulsifying Properties of Legume Proteins Compared to β‐Lactoglobulin and Tween 20 and the Volatile Release from Oil‐in‐Water Emulsions
Benjamin, O. / Silcock, P. / Beauchamp, J. et al. | 2014
Indian Meal Moth (Plodia Interpunctella)–Resistant Food Packaging Film Development Using Microencapsulated Cinnamon Oil
Kim, In‐Hah / Song, Ah Young / Han, Jaejoon et al. | 2014
Influence of Aging Process on the Bioactive Components and Antioxidant Activity of Ginseng (Panax ginseng L.)
Bae, Hyun Jung / Chung, Soo Im / Lee, Sang Chul et al. | 2014
Smilax China Root Extract Detoxifies Nicotine by Reducing Reactive Oxygen Species and Inducing CYP2A6
Kim, Kyeong‐Mu / Suh, Joo‐Won / Yang, Seung‐Hwan et al. | 2014
Extraction and Enrichment of Triazole and Triazine Pesticides from Honey Using Air‐Assisted Liquid–Liquid Microextraction
Farajzadeh, Mir Ali / Feriduni, Behruz / Mogaddam, Mohammad Reza Afshar | 2014
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| 2014
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2014
Current Food Safety Management Systems in Fish‐Exporting Companies Require Further Improvements to Adequately Cope with Contextual Pressure: Case Study
Onjong, Hillary Adawo / Wangoh, John / Njage, Patrick Murigu Kamau | 2014
Effects of Soaking with Natural Additives in Combinations with Vacuum or Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Microbial Populations and Shelf Life of Fresh Truffles (Chinese Tuber Indicum)
Miao, Yuzhi / Chen, Cuiping / Ma, Qinqin et al. | 2014
Development of a Simultaneous Lateral Flow Strip Test for the Rapid and Simple Detection of Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone
Kim, Kyeong‐Yeol / Shim, Won‐Bo / Kim, Jeong‐Sook et al. | 2014
Impact of Lauric Arginate Application Form on its Antimicrobial Activity on the Surface of a Model Meat Product
Terjung, Nino / Monville, Christin / Loeffler, Myriam et al. | 2014
Antibiotic Resistance Traits and Molecular Subtyping of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Raw Sheep Milk Cheese
Spanu, Vincenzo / Scarano, Christian / Cossu, Francesca et al. | 2014
Growth Characteristics and Biofilm Formation of Various Spoilage Bacteria Isolated from Fresh Produce
Bae, Young‐Min / Zheng, Ling / Hyun, Jeong‐Eun et al. | 2014
Characterization of Gram‐Negative Psychrotrophic Bacteria isolated from Italian Bulk Tank Milk
Decimo, Marilù / Morandi, Stefano / Silvetti, Tiziana et al. | 2014
Computational Fluid Dynamics Approaches in Quality and Hygienic Production of Semisolid Low‐Moisture Foods: A Review of Critical Factors
Mondal, Arpita / Buchanan, Robert L. / Lo, Y. Martin | 2014
Foodborne and Waterborne Pathogenic Bacteria in Selected Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Countries
Curtis, Dennis / Hill, Arthur / Wilcock, Anne et al. | 2014
Consumer Attitudes and Preferences for Fresh Market Tomatoes
Oltman, A.E. / Jervis, S.M. / Drake, M.A. | 2014
Consumer Acceptance of Model Soup System with Varying Levels of Herbs and Salt
Wang, Chao / Lee, Youngsoo / Lee, Soo‐Yeun | 2014
Effects of Different Organic Weed Management Strategies on the Physicochemical, Sensory, and Antioxidant Properties of Machine‐Harvested Blackberry Fruits
Cavender, George / Liu, Mingyang / Hobbs, Deborah et al. | 2014
The Influence of Herbs, Spices, and Regular Sausage and Chicken Consumption on Liking of Reduced Fat Breakfast and Lunch Items
Polsky, Sarit / Beck, Jimikaye / Stark, Rebecca A. et al. | 2014