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Accelerated, Microwave‐Assisted, and Conventional Solvent Extraction Methods Affect Anthocyanin Composition from Colored Grains
Abdel‐Aal, El‐Sayed M. / Akhtar, Humayoun / Rabalski, Iwona et al. | 2014
Effects of Boiling on Chlorogenic Acid and the Liver Protective Effects of Its Main Products Against CCl4‐Induced Toxicity In Vitro
Kan, Shidong / Cheung, Matt Wan Man / Zhou, Yanling et al. | 2014
Characterization of the Lipid Fraction of Wild Sea Urchin from the Sardinian Sea (Western Mediterranean)
Angioni, Alberto / Addis, Pierantonio | 2014
Effect of the Mild Temperature and Traditional Treatments on Residual Peroxidase Activity, Color, and Chlorophyll Content on Storage of Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) Tea
Nabechima, Gilson Hideki / Provesi, João Gustavo / Henriquez Mantelli, Márcia Barbosa et al. | 2014
Preparation and Characterization of Novel Lipid Carriers Containing Microalgae Oil for Food Applications
Wang, Jia‐Li / Dong, Xu‐Yan / Wei, Fang et al. | 2014
Studying the Effects of Nucleating Agents on Texture Modification of Puffed Corn‐Fish Snack
Shahmohammadi, Hamid Reza / Bakar, Jamilah / Rahman, Russly Abdul et al. | 2014
Extraction of Anthocyanins from Black Bean Canning Wastewater with Macroporous Resins
Wang, Xiaoxi / Hansen, Conly / Allen, Karin | 2014
Properties of Cassava Starch‐Based Edible Coating Containing Essential Oils
Oriani, Vivian Boesso / Molina, Gustavo / Chiumarelli, Marcela et al. | 2014
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as an Alternative to Determine Dielectric Constant of Potatoes at Various Moisture Contents
Chee, Grace / Rungraeng, Natthakan / Han, Jung H. et al. | 2014
Improvement of Red Color Development on the Surface of Kuruma Prawn Marsupenaeus japonicus under Various Conditions
Ando, Masashi / Fukai, Takamitsu / Kawasaki, Ken‐ichi et al. | 2014
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| 2014
75 Years of IFT: Food Engineering and Physical Properties, and Nanoscale Food Science, Engineering and Technology in JFS – 1936 to Present
| 2014
Viability and Resistance of Lactobacilli Isolated from Cocoa Fermentation to Simulated Gastrointestinal Digestive Steps in Soy Yogurt
Saito, V.S.T. / dos Santos, T.F. / Vinderola, C.G. et al. | 2014
Characteristics of Miniature Cheddar‐Type Cheese Made by Microbial Rennet from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: A Comparison with Commercial Calf Rennet
An, Zhigang / He, Xiaoling / Gao, Weidong et al. | 2014
Application of Different Molecular Techniques for Characterization of Catalase‐Positive Cocci Isolated from Sucuk
Kesmen, Zülal / Yarimcam, Burcu / Aslan, Hakiye et al. | 2014
High‐Pressure Thermal Sterilization: Food Safety and Food Quality of Baby Food Puree
Sevenich, Robert / Kleinstueck, Elke / Crews, Colin et al. | 2014
Potential of Medicinal Plants as Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Agents in Food Industry: A Hypothesis
Ortega‐Ramirez, Luis Alberto / Rodriguez‐Garcia, Isela / Leyva, Juan Manuel et al. | 2014
Comparison of the Hedonic General Labeled Magnitude Scale with the Hedonic 9‐Point Scale
Kalva, Jaclyn J. / Sims, Charles A. / Puentes, Lorenzo A. et al. | 2014
Effect of Risk Information Exposure on Consumers’ Responses to Foods with Insect Contamination
Kimura, Atsushi / Magariyama, Yukio / Miyanoshita, Akihiro et al. | 2014
Determination of Caffeine, Myosmine, and Nicotine in Chocolate by Headspace Solid‑Phase Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography‑Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Müller, Christoph / Vetter, Florian / Richter, Elmar et al. | 2014
In Memoriam: Betsy Baird
| 2014