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Iron Speciation in Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) Biofortified by Common Breeding
Hoppler, Matthias / Egli, Ines / Petry, Nicolai et al. | 2014
A Virtual Screening Method for Inhibitory Peptides of Angiotensin I–Converting Enzyme
Wu, Hongxi / Liu, Yalan / Guo, Mingrong et al. | 2014
A Potent Antibrowning Agent from Pine Needles of Cedrus deodara: 2R,3R‐Dihydromyricetin
Liang, Xue / Wu, Yan‐Ping / Qiu, Jing‐Hong et al. | 2014
The Impact of Ozone Treatment on Changes in Biologically Active Substances of Cardamom Seeds
Joanna Brodowska, Agnieszka / Śmigielski, Krzysztof / Nowak, Agnieszka et al. | 2014
An Improved Approach to Identify Irradiated Spices Using Electronic Nose, FTIR, and EPR Spectroscopy
Sanyal, Bhaskar / Ahn, Jae‐Jun / Maeng, Jeong‐Hwan et al. | 2014
Extraction Efficiency of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic Antioxidants from Lyophilized Foods Using Pressurized Liquid Extraction and Manual Extraction
Watanabe, Jun / Oki, Tomoyuki / Takebayashi, Jun et al. | 2014
The Use of Decision Trees and Naïve Bayes Algorithms and Trace Element Patterns for Controlling the Authenticity of Free‐Range‐Pastured Hens’ Eggs
Barbosa, Rommel Melgaço / Nacano, Letícia Ramos / Freitas, Rodolfo et al. | 2014
Effect of Ascorbic Acid on the Properties of Ammonia Caramel Colorant Additives and Acrylamide Formation
Chen, Hongxing / Gu, Zhengbiao | 2014
Ultra‐Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of L‐Ergothioneine in Commercially Available Classes of Cow Milk
Sotgia, Salvatore / Pisanu, Elisabetta / Cambedda, Debora et al. | 2014
β‐Carotene as a Membrane Antioxidant Probed by Cholesterol‐Anchored Daidzein
Hu, Feng / Jia, Zhi‐Yu / Liang, Ran et al. | 2014
Effects of NaCl Concentration and Potassium Chloride Substitutions on the Thermal Properties and Lipid Oxidation of Dry‐Cured Pork
Zhang, Yingyang / Feng, Xianchao / Wu, Haizhou et al. | 2014
Comparison Between 2 Methods of Solid–Liquid Extraction for the Production of Cinchona calisaya Elixir: An Experimental Kinetics and Numerical Modeling Approach
Naviglio, Daniele / Formato, Andrea / Gallo, Monica | 2014
Preparation of Thermally Stable Microcapsules with a Chitosan–Silica Hybrid
Kang, Hong‐Yi / Chen, Hui‐Huang | 2014
Preparation and Molecular Characterization of Chitosans Obtained from Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Shells
Fernández‐Martín, F. / Arancibia, M. / López‐Caballero, E. et al. | 2014
Comparative Analysis of Olive Oil Organogels Containing Beeswax and Sunflower Wax with Breakfast Margarine
Yılmaz, Emin / Öğütcü, Mustafa | 2014
Resveratrol Preserves Mitochondrial Function, Stimulates Mitochondrial Biogenesis, and Attenuates Oxidative Stress in Regulatory T Cells of Mice Fed a High‐Fat Diet
Wang, Bin / Sun, Jin / Ma, Yuhua et al. | 2014
Partially Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Shows Enhanced Transport of Amino Acids Compared to Nonhydrolyzed Protein across an Intestinal Epithelial Cell Monolayer
McGraw, Nancy J. / Napawan, Nida / Toland, Mitchell R. et al. | 2014
Carotenoids are Effective Inhibitors of in vitro Hemolysis of Human Erythrocytes, as Determined by a Practical and Optimized Cellular Antioxidant Assay
Chisté, Renan C. / Freitas, Marisa / Mercadante, Adriana Z. et al. | 2014
Inhibitory Effects of Pomegranate Extracts on Recombinant Human Maltase–Glucoamylase
Kawakami, Kayoko / Li, Peng / Uraji, Misugi et al. | 2014
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| 2014
Fighting Poor Communication (FPC) With Unostentatious, Colloquial Verbalization (UCV)
| 2014
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2014
Comparison of the Microbiological Quality of Environmentally Friendly and Conventionally Grown Vegetables Sold at Retail Markets in Korea
Ryu, Jee‐Hoon / Kim, Minju / Kim, Eun‐Gyeong et al. | 2014
Impact of Sod on the Expression of Stress‐Related Genes in Listeria monocytogenes 4b G with/without Paraquat Treatment
Suo, Yujuan / Liu, Yanhong / Zhou, Xiujuan et al. | 2014
Survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 during Manufacture and Storage of White Brined Cheese
Osaili, Tareq M. / Al‐Nabulsi, Anas A. / Olaimat, Amin N. et al. | 2014
Consumer Acceptability and Sensory Profile of Cooked Broccoli with Mustard Seeds Added to Improve Chemoprotective Properties
Ghawi, Sameer Khalil / Shen, Yuchi / Niranjan, Keshavan et al. | 2014
Sensory Differences Between Beet and Cane Sugar Sources
Urbanus, Brittany L. / Cox, Ginnefer O. / Eklund, Emily J. et al. | 2014
Retronasal Odor of Dried Bonito Stock Induces Umami Taste and Improves the Palatability of Saltiness
Manabe, Mariko / Ishizaki, Sanae / Yamagishi, Umi et al. | 2014
Analysis of the Subtropical Blackberry Cultivar Potential in Jelly Processing
Rios de Souza, Vanessa / Aparecida Pimenta Pereira, Patrícia / Carla Marques Pinheiro, Ana et al. | 2014
Sweetener Blend Optimization by Using Mixture Design Methodology and the Electronic Tongue
Waldrop, Megan E. / Ross, Carolyn F. | 2014
Flavor‐Enhancing Properties of Mushrooms in Meat‐Based Dishes in Which Sodium Has Been Reduced and Meat Has Been Partially Substituted with Mushrooms
Myrdal Miller, A. / Mills, K. / Wong, T. et al. | 2014
Improving the Sensory and Oxidative Stability of Cooked and Chill‐Stored Lamb Using Dietary Rosemary Diterpenes
Serrano, Rafael / Ortuño, Jordi / Bañón, Sancho | 2014
Physicochemical, Nutritional, and Sensory Qualities of Wine Grape Pomace Fortified Baked Goods
Walker, Rebecca / Tseng, Angela / Cavender, George et al. | 2014
An Improved and Validated Sample Cleanup Method for Analysis of Ethyl Carbamate in Chinese Liquor
Xia, Qiang / Yuan, Huawei / Wu, Chongde et al. | 2014