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Comparison and Chemometric Analysis of the Phenolic Compounds and Organic Acids Composition of Chinese Wines
Tang, Ke / Ma, Lei / Han, Ye‐Hui et al. | 2014
Influence of Enzymatic Extrusion Liquefaction Pretreatment for Chinese Rice Wine on the Volatiles Generated from Extruded Rice
Xu, Enbo / Li, Hongyan / Wu, Zhengzong et al. | 2014
Effects of Rigor Status during High‐Pressure Processing on the Physical Qualities of Farm‐Raised Abalone (Haliotis rufescens)
Hughes, Brianna H. / Greenberg, Neil J. / Yang, Tom C. et al. | 2014
Changes in the Profile of Volatiles of Canned Coconut Milk during Storage
Tinchan, Patcharaporn / Lorjaroenphon, Yaowapa / Cadwallader, Keith R. et al. | 2014
Characterization of Conventional, Biodynamic, and Organic Purple Grape Juices by Chemical Markers, Antioxidant Capacity, and Instrumental Taste Profile
Granato, Daniel / Margraf, Tiago / Brotzakis, Ioannis et al. | 2014
On the Possibility of Nonfat Frying using Molten Glucose
Al‐Khusaibi, Mohammed / Ahmad Tarmizi, Azmil Haizam / Niranjan, Keshavan | 2014
Oscillatory Rheology and Creep Behavior of Barley β‐d‐glucan Concentrate Dough: Effect of Particle Size, Temperature, and Water Content
Ahmed, Jasim / Thomas, Linu / Al‐Attar, Hasan | 2014
Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of “Wet” Alginate and Composite Films Containing Various Carbohydrates
Harper, B. Allison / Barbut, Shai / Smith, Alexandra et al. | 2014
Alginate‐Based Emulsion Template Containing High Oil Loading Stabilized by Nonionic Surfactants
Ong, Wan‐Ding / Tey, Beng‐Ti / Quek, Siew Young et al. | 2014
Optimization of Supercritical Fluid Consecutive Extractions of Fatty Acids and Polyphenols from Vitis Vinifera Grape Wastes
Aizpurua‐Olaizola, Oier / Ormazabal, Markel / Vallejo, Asier et al. | 2014
Fish Protein Hydrolysates: Application in Deep‐Fried Food and Food Safety Analysis
He, Shan / Franco, Christopher / Zhang, Wei | 2015
Impact of Commercial Precooking of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) on the Generation of Peptides, After Pepsin–Pancreatin Hydrolysis, Capable to Inhibit Dipeptidyl Peptidase‐IV
Mojica, Luis / Chen, Karen / de Mejía, Elvira González | 2014
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| 2015
Things to Come in 2015
Foegeding, E. Allen | 2015
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2015
Feasibility of Detecting Aflatoxin B1 on Inoculated Maize Kernels Surface using Vis/NIR Hyperspectral Imaging
Wang, Wei / Heitschmidt, Gerald W. / Windham, William R. et al. | 2014
Prevalence, Genetic Diversity, and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacillus cereus Isolated from Korean Fermented Soybean Products
Kim, Cheol‐Woo / Cho, Seung‐Hak / Kang, Suk‐Ho et al. | 2014
Application of Autochthonous Mixed Starter for Controlled Kedong Sufu Fermentation in Pilot Plant Tests
Feng, Zhen / Xu, Miao / Zhai, Shuang et al. | 2014
Combination of UV‐C Treatment and Metschnikowia pulcherrimas for Controlling Alternaria Rot in Postharvest Winter Jujube Fruit
Guo, Dongqi / Zhu, Lixia / Hou, Xujie | 2014
Changes in Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) Flesh Quality Following Ultra‐High Pressure Treatment and 30 d of Chilled Storage
Park, Dae‐Hun / Jung, Jong‐Gi / Jung, Bo‐Ram et al. | 2014
Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Raw Meats and Prepared Foods in Public Hospitals in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Costa, Wellington Luis Reis / Ferreira, Jeane dos Santos / Carvalho, Joelza Silva et al. | 2014
Selection of Autochthonous Strains as Starter Cultures for Fermented Fish Products
Speranza, Barbara / Racioppo, Angela / Bevilacqua, Antonio et al. | 2014
Research on Early Warning of Food Security Using a System Dynamics Model: Evidence from Jiangsu Province in China
Xu, Jianling / Ding, Yi | 2015
Intervention Strategies for Reducing Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in Seafood: A Review
Wang, Wen / Li, Min / Li, Yanbin | 2014
Identification of Senory Attributes That Drive the Likeability of Korean Rice Wines by American Panelists
Kwak, Han Sub / Ahn, Byung‐Hak / Kim, Hye‐Ryun et al. | 2015
Improvement of Flavor and Viscosity in Hot and Cold Break Tomato Juice and Sauce by Peel Removal
Mirondo, Rita / Barringer, Sheryl | 2014
Omega‐3 Fatty Acid Profile of Eggs from Laying Hens Fed Diets Supplemented with Chia, Fish Oil, and Flaxseed
Coorey, Ranil / Novinda, Agnes / Williams, Hannah et al. | 2014
Seasonal Survey of Contaminants (Cd and Hg) and Micronutrients (Cu and Zn) in Edible Tissues of Cephalopods from Tunisia: Assessment of Risk and Nutritional Benefits
Rjeibi, Moncef / Metian, Marc / Hajji, Tarek et al. | 2014
| 2015
Oscillatory Rheology and Creep Behavior of Barley [beta]-d-glucan Concentrate Dough: Effect of Particle Size, Temperature, and Water Content
Jasim Ahmed / Linu Thomas / Hasan Al-Attar | 2015
Identification of sensory attributes that drive the likeability of Korean rice wines by American panelists. [Corrected]
Kwak, Han Sub / Ahn, Byung-Hak / Kim, Hye-Ryun et al. | 2015