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Changes in Volatile Compounds of Chinese Luzhou‐Flavor Liquor during the Fermentation and Distillation Process
Ding, Xiaofei / Wu, Chongde / Huang, Jun et al. | 2015
Antioxidant Properties of Aqueous Extract of Roasted Hulled Barley in Bulk Oil or Oil‐in‐Water Emulsion Matrix
Oh, Sumi / Kim, Mi‐Ja / Park, Kye Won et al. | 2015
Development of Active Films From Pectin and Fruit Extracts: Light Protection, Antioxidant Capacity, and Compounds Stability
Eça, Kaliana S. / Machado, Mariana T. C. / Hubinger, Miriam D. et al. | 2015
Comparison between Folin‐Ciocalteu and Prussian Blue Assays to Estimate The Total Phenolic Content of Juices and Teas Using 96‐Well Microplates
Margraf, Tiago / Karnopp, Ariadne Roberto / Rosso, Neiva Deliberali et al. | 2015
Proteolysis and Flavor Characteristics of Serrano Ham Processed under Different Ripening Temperature Conditions
del Olmo, Ana / Calzada, Javier / Gaya, Pilar et al. | 2015
Mechanism of Polyphosphates Hydrolysis by Purified Polyphosphatases from the Dorsal Muscle of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys Molitrix) as Detected by 31P NMR
Liu, Wei / Xu, Meng / Zhang, Yawei et al. | 2015
Antioxidant Effects of Herbal Tea Leaves from Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) on Multiple Free Radical and Reducing Power Assays, Especially on Different Superoxide Anion Radical Generation Systems
Sugahara, Shintaro / Ueda, Yuto / Fukuhara, Kumiko et al. | 2015
Impact of Precursors Creatine, Creatinine, and Glucose on the Formation of Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines in Grilled Patties of Various Animal Species
Gibis, Monika / Weiss, Jochen | 2015
Comparison of Polyphenol Profile and Inhibitory Activities Against Oxidation and α‐Glucosidase in Mulberry (Genus Morus) Cultivars from China
Jin, Qing / Yang, Jiufang / Ma, Liyan et al. | 2015
Dispersive Micro‐Solid‐Phase Extraction Based on Decanoic Acid Coated‐Fe3O4 Nanoparticles for HPLC Analysis of Phthalate Esters in Liquor Samples
Wang, Juan / Zhang, Lei / Xin, Dingqiang et al. | 2015
Impact of pH and Total Soluble Solids on Enzyme Inactivation Kinetics during High Pressure Processing of Mango (Mangifera indica) Pulp
Kaushik, Neelima / Nadella, Tejaswi / Rao, P. Srinivasa | 2015
Preparation and Characterization of Composites Based on Polylactic Acid and Beeswax with Improved Water Vapor Barrier Properties
Lim, Jung Hoon / Kim, Jeong Ae / Ko, Jung A et al. | 2015
Microbial and Sensory Effects of Combined High Hydrostatic Pressure and Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide Process on Feijoa Puree
Duong, Trang / Balaban, Murat / Perera, Conrad et al. | 2015
Effects of Combined High Hydrostatic Pressure and Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide on the Activity, Structure and Size of Polyphenoloxidase
Duong, Trang / Balaban, Murat / Perera, Conrad | 2015
Miscibility of Quillaja Saponins with other Co‐surfactants under Different pH Values
Reichert, Corina L. / Salminen, Hanna / Leuenberger, Bruno H. et al. | 2015
Mesoporous Silica‐Based Supports for the Controlled and Targeted Release of Bioactive Molecules in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Pérez‐Esteve, Édgar / Ruiz‐Rico, María / Martínez‐Máñez, Ramón et al. | 2015
Enzymatic Synthesis of Refined Olive Oil‐Based Structured Lipid Containing Omega ‐3 and ‐6 Fatty Acids for Potential Application in Infant Formula
Li, Ruoyu / Sabir, Jamal S. M. / Baeshen, Nabih A. et al. | 2015
Molecular Structural Characteristics of Polysaccharide Fractions from Canarium album (Lour.) Raeusch and Their Antioxidant Activities
Zeng, Hongliang / Miao, Song / Zheng, Baodong et al. | 2015
Effect of Processed Onions on the Plasma Concentration of Quercetin in Rats and Humans
Kashino, Yasuaki / Murota, Kaeko / Matsuda, Namiko et al. | 2015
Influence of Different Drying Treatments and Extraction Solvents on the Metabolite Profile and Nitric Oxide Inhibitory Activity of Ajwa Dates
Abdul‐Hamid, Nur Ashikin / Abas, Faridah / Ismail, Intan Safinar et al. | 2015
Bioactive Compounds and Fruit Quality of Green Sweet Pepper Grown under Different Colored Shade Netting during Postharvest Storage
Mashabela, Madonna N. / Selahle, Kamogelo M. / Soundy, Puffy et al. | 2015
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| 2015
Federal Funding for Food Science – Challenges and Opportunities
| 2015
Survival and High‐Hydrostatic Pressure Inactivation of Foodborne Pathogens in Salmorejo, a Traditional Ready‐to‐Eat Food
Toledo Del Árbol, Julia / Pulido, Rubén Pérez / Grande, Mª José et al. | 2015
Inhibition of Bacterial Pathogens in Medium and on Spinach Leaf Surfaces using Plant‐Derived Antimicrobials Loaded in Surfactant Micelles
Ruengvisesh, Songsirin / Loquercio, Andre / Castell‐Perez, Elena et al. | 2015
Continuously Ingesting Fructooligosaccharide Can't Maintain Rats’ Gut Bifidobacterium at a High Level
Li, Shaoting / Gao, Lijuan / Chen, Long et al. | 2015
Investigation of Microbial Communities of Chinese Sourdoughs Using Culture‐Dependent and DGGE Approaches
Zhang, Guohua / Sadiq, Faizan A. / Zhu, Liying et al. | 2015
Slight Fermentation with Lactobacillus fermentium Improves the Taste (Sugar:Acid Ratio) of Citrus (Citrus reticulata cv. chachiensis) Juice
Yu, Yuanshan / Xiao, Gengsheng / Xu, Yujuan et al. | 2015
Growth Potential of Listeria Monocytogenes and Staphylococcus Aureus on Fresh‐Cut Tropical Fruits
Feng, Ke / Hu, Wenzhong / Jiang, Aili et al. | 2015
Biocontrol of Postharvest Anthracnose of Mango Fruit with Debaryomyces Nepalensis and Effects on Storage Quality and Postharvest Physiology
Luo, Shanshan / Wan, Bin / Feng, Shuhan et al. | 2015
Antilisterial Peptides Released by Enzymatic Hydrolysis from Grass Carp Proteins and Activity on Controlling L. monocytogenes Inoculated in Surimi Noodle
Xiao, Jianhui / Niu, Liya | 2015
Review: Milk Proteins as Nanocarrier Systems for Hydrophobic Nutraceuticals
Kimpel, Florian / Schmitt, Joachim J. | 2015
CRISPR‐Based Technologies and the Future of Food Science
Selle, Kurt / Barrangou, Rodolphe | 2015
Use of Consumer Acceptability as a Tool to Determine the Level of Sodium Reduction: A Case Study on Beef Soup Substituted With Potassium Chloride and Soy‐Sauce Odor
Lee, Cho Long / Lee, Soh Min / Kim, Kwang‐Ok | 2015
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2015
Response to Panchin's Letter on Statistics
| 2015
A Statistical Error in: “Analysis of Caecal Microbiota in Rats Fed with Genetically Modified Rice by Real‐Time Quantitative PCR”
| 2015
| 2015