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The Interaction Between Lipoxygenase‐Catalyzed Oxidation and Autoxidation in Dry‐Cured Bacon and a Model System
Zhang, Yingyang / Tang, Jing / Zhao, Jianying et al. | 2015
Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Capacity of Brazilian Passiflora Seed Oils
de Santana, Fernanda Carvalho / Shinagawa, Fernanda Branco / Araujo, Elias da Silva et al. | 2015
Determination of Estrogens in Milk Samples by Magnetic‐Solid‐Phase Extraction Technique Coupled With High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography
Wang, Juan / Cheng, Chunsheng / Yang, Yaling | 2015
Amino Acid, Organic Acid, and Sugar Profiles of 3 Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Varieties
John, K.M. Maria / Luthria, Devanand | 2015
Food Protein Functionality—A New Model
Foegeding, E. Allen | 2015
Stability of Silica‐ and Enzyme‐Treated Palm Oil Under Deep Frying Conditions
Karim, Nur Azwani Ab / Noor, Ahmadilfitri Md / Lee, Yee‐Ying et al. | 2015
Determination of Lutein from Fruit and Vegetables Through an Alkaline Hydrolysis Extraction Method and HPLC Analysis
Fratianni, Alessandra / Mignogna, Rossella / Niro, Serena et al. | 2015
Compositional Factors that Influence Lipid Peroxidation in Beef Juice and Standard Sausages
Yi, Gu / Haug, Anna / Nordvi, Berit et al. | 2015
Differentiation of Wines Treated with Wood Chips Based on Their Phenolic Content, Volatile Composition, and Sensory Parameters
Kyraleou, Maria / Kallithraka, Stamatina / Chira, Kleopatra et al. | 2015
Concentration of Umami Compounds in Pork Meat and Cooking Juice with Different Cooking Times and Temperatures
Rotola‐Pukkila, Minna K. / Pihlajaviita, Seija T. / Kaimainen, Mika T. et al. | 2015
Physicochemical Properties of Starch Isolated from Bracken (Pteridium aquilinim) Rhizome
Yu, Xurun / Wang, Jin / Zhang, Jing et al. | 2015
Effects of Chilling and Partial Freezing on Rigor Mortis Changes of Bighead Carp (Aristichthys nobilis) Fillets: Cathepsin Activity, Protein Degradation and Microstructure of Myofibrils
Lu, Han / Liu, Xiaochang / Zhang, Yuemei et al. | 2015
Impact of Radio Frequency, Microwaving, and High Hydrostatic Pressure at Elevated Temperature on the Nutritional and Antinutritional Components in Black Soybeans
Zhong, Yu / Wang, Zhuyi / Zhao, Yanyun | 2015
Effects of Flavor and Texture on the Sensory Perception of Gouda‐Type Cheese Varieties during Ripening Using Multivariate Analysis
Shiota, Makoto / Iwasawa, Ai / Suzuki‐Iwashima, Ai et al. | 2015
Contribution of Monomeric Anthocyanins to the Color of Young Red Wine: Statistical and Experimental Approaches
Liang Han, Fu / Li, Zheng / Xu, Yan | 2015
Transport Mechanisms and Quality Changes During Frying of Chicken Nuggets—Hybrid Mixture Theory Based Modeling and Experimental Verification
Bansal, Harkirat S. / Takhar, Pawan S. / Alvarado, Christine Z. et al. | 2015
Heat Transfer during Blanching and Hydrocooling of Broccoli Florets
Iribe‐Salazar, Rosalina / Caro‐Corrales, José / Hernández‐Calderón, Óscar et al. | 2015
Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Extruded Instant Functional Rice Porridge Powder as Affected by the Addition of Soybean or Mung Bean
Mayachiew, Pornpimon / Charunuch, Chulaluck / Devahastin, Sakamon | 2015
Microwave‐Osmotic/Microwave‐Vacuum Drying of Whole Cranberries: Comparison with Other Methods
Wray, Derek / Ramaswamy, Hosahalli S. | 2015
Multiphysics Modeling of Microwave Heating of a Frozen Heterogeneous Meal Rotating on a Turntable
Pitchai, Krishnamoorthy / Chen, Jiajia / Birla, Sohan et al. | 2015
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| 2015
Building on the First 75 Years of Food Science
| 2015
Effect of Product Dimensions and Surface Browning Method on Salmonella Contamination in Frozen, Surface‐Browned, Breaded Chicken Products Treated with Antimicrobials
Moschonas, Galatios / Geornaras, Ifigenia / Stopforth, Jarret D. et al. | 2015
Prevalence Analysis and Molecular Characterization of Salmonella at Different Processing Steps in Broiler Slaughter Plants in South Korea
Park, Hyun‐Jung / Chon, Jung‐Whan / Lim, Jong‐Soo et al. | 2015
Commercial Scale Cucumber Fermentations Brined with Calcium Chloride Instead of Sodium Chloride
Pérez‐Díaz, I. M. / McFeeters, R. F. / Moeller, L. et al. | 2015
Growth of Staphylococcus aureus in Cooked Potato and Potato Salad—A One‐Step Kinetic Analysis *
Huang, Lihan | 2015
The Occurrence of Beer Spoilage Lactic Acid Bacteria in Craft Beer Production
Garofalo, Cristiana / Osimani, Andrea / Milanović, Vesna et al. | 2015
Chromohalobacter is a Causing Agent for the Production of Organic Acids and Putrescine during Fermentation of Ganjang, a Korean Traditional Soy Sauce
Jung, Ji Young / Chun, Byung Hee / Jeon, Che Ok | 2015
Microbiological Quality of Raw Dried Pasta from the German Market, with Special Emphasis on Cronobacter Species
Akineden, Ömer / Murata, Kristina Johanna / Gross, Madeleine et al. | 2015
Listeria monocytogenes: Strain Heterogeneity, Methods, and Challenges of Subtyping
Nyarko, Esmond B. / Donnelly, Catherine W. | 2015
Effects of SNF1 on Maltose Metabolism and Leavening Ability of Baker's Yeast in Lean Dough
Zhang, Cui‐Ying / Bai, Xiao‐Wen / Lin, Xue et al. | 2015
Foodborne Pathogens Prevention and Sensory Attributes Enhancement in Processed Cheese via Flavoring with Plant Extracts
Tayel, Ahmed A. / Hussein, Heba / Sorour, Noha M. et al. | 2015
Mitochondrial DNA Fragmentation to Monitor Processing Parameters in High Acid, Plant‐Derived Foods
Caldwell, Jane M. / Pérez‐Díaz, Ilenys M. / Harris, Keith et al. | 2015
The Impact of Carvacrol on Ammonia and Biogenic Amine Production by Common Foodborne Pathogens
Özogul, Fatih / Kaçar, Çiğdem / Kuley, Esmeray | 2015
Biofilm Formation Characteristics of Pseudomonas lundensis Isolated from Meat
Liu, Yong‐Ji / Xie, Jing / Zhao, Li‐Jun et al. | 2015
Assessment of Enterotoxin Production and Cross‐Contamination of Staphylococcus aureus between Food Processing Materials and Ready‐To‐Eat Cooked Fish Paste
Tango, Charles Nkufi / Hong, Sung‐Sam / Wang, Jun et al. | 2015
Inhibitory Effect of Cinnamaldehyde, Citral, and Eugenol on Aflatoxin Biosynthetic Gene Expression and Aflatoxin B1 Biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus
Liang, Dandan / Xing, Fuguo / Selvaraj, Jonathan Nimal et al. | 2015
Inhibitory Effect of Epigallocatechin Gallate on the Virulence of Clostridium difficile PCR Ribotype 027
Yun, Bohyun / Oh, Seunghan / Song, Minyu et al. | 2015
The Use of Multiplex PCR to Determine the Prevalence of Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Raw Milk, Feta Cheese, and Hand Swabs
Zeinhom, Mohamed M.A. / Abdel‐Latef, Gihan K. / Jordan, Kieran | 2015
Analysis of Scientific Production in Food Science from 2003 to 2013
Guerrero‐Bote, Vicente P. / Moya‐Anegón, Félix | 2015
Cholesterol Oxidation in Fish and Fish Products
Dantas, Natalie Marinho / Sampaio, Geni Rodrigues / Ferreira, Fernanda Silva et al. | 2015
Effects of Fermentation Temperature on Key Aroma Compounds and Sensory Properties of Apple Wine
Peng, Bangzhu / Li, Fuling / Cui, Lu et al. | 2015
Chocolate Milk with Chia Oil: Ideal Sweetness, Sweeteners Equivalence, and Dynamic Sensory Evaluation Using a Time‐Intensity Methodology
Rodrigues, J.B / Paixão, J.A. / Cruz, A.G. et al. | 2015
Yield and Textural Characteristics of Panela Cheeses Produced with Dairy‐Vegetable Protein (Soybean or Peanut) Blends Supplemented with Transglutaminase
Salinas‐Valdés, Alicia / De la Rosa Millán, Julián / Serna‐Saldívar, Sergio O. et al. | 2015
Sensory Characteristics and Comparison of Commercial Plain Yogurts and 2 New Production Sample Options
Brown, Marissa D. / Chambers, Delores H. | 2015
Advances in Mycotoxin Research: Public Health Perspectives
Lee, Hyun Jung / Ryu, Dojin | 2015
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