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| 2016
Celebrating and Communicating our Achievements
| 2016
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2016
Nutrition and Food Science – An Obvious but Little‐Appreciated Partnership: Lessons Learned from the Road Less Traveled
| 2016
Sarcoplasmic Protein Profile from Drip Loss in Relation to Pork Quality
Przybylski, Wiesław / Kaczor, Damian / Żelechowska, Elżbieta et al. | 2016
In vitro β‐Carotene Bioaccessibility and Lipid Digestion in Emulsions: Influence of Pectin Type and Degree of Methyl‐Esterification
Verrijssen, Tina A.J. / Christiaens, Stefanie / Verkempinck, Sarah H.E. et al. | 2016
Characterization and Analysis of Protein Structures in Oat Bran
Jing, Xuelian / Yang, Chen / Zhang, Liping | 2016
Layer‐by‐Layer Thin Film of Iron Phthalocyanine as a Simple and Fast Sensor for Polyphenol Determination in Tea Samples
Maximino, Mateus Dassie / Martin, Cibely Silva / Paulovich, Fernando Vieira et al. | 2016
Designing a Clean Label Sponge Cake with Reduced Fat Content
Eslava‐Zomeño, Cristina / Quiles, Amparo / Hernando, Isabel | 2016
Pea and Broad Bean Pods as a Natural Source of Dietary Fiber: The Impact on Texture and Sensory Properties of Cake
Belghith‐Fendri, Lilia / Chaari, Fatma / Kallel, Fatma et al. | 2016
Effects of Accelerated Storage on the Quality of Kenaf Seed Oil in Chitosan‐Coated High Methoxyl Pectin‐Alginate Microcapsules
Leong, Mei‐Huan / Tan, Chin‐Ping / Nyam, Kar‐Lin | 2016
Oxidation Stability of O/W Emulsion Prepared with Linolenic Acid Enriched Diacylglycerol
Shin, Jung‐Ah / Lee, Mi‐Young / Lee, Ki‐Teak | 2016
Lycopene: Heterogeneous Catalytic E/Z Isomerization and In Vitro Bioaccessibility Assessment Using a Diffusion Model
Sun, Qingrui / Yang, Cheng / Li, Jing et al. | 2016
Nontargeted, Rapid Screening of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Products for Authenticity Using Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy in Combination with Conformity Index and Multivariate Statistical Analyses
Karunathilaka, Sanjeewa R. / Kia, Ali‐Reza Fardin / Srigley, Cynthia et al. | 2016
Effects of Hull Scratching, Soaking, and Boiling on Antinutrients in Japanese Red Sword Bean (Canavalia gladiata)
Une, Satsuki / Nonaka, Koji / Akiyama, Junich | 2016
Kinetic Study on Peptide‐Bound Pyrraline Formation and Elimination in the Maillard Reaction Using Single‐ and Multiple‐Response Models
Liang, Zhili / Li, Lin / Qi, Haiping et al. | 2016
Deodorization of Garlic Breath by Foods, and the Role of Polyphenol Oxidase and Phenolic Compounds
Mirondo, Rita / Barringer, Sheryl | 2016
Chemical and Cellular Antioxidant Activities of Chicken Breast Muscle Subjected to Various Thermal Treatments Followed by Simulated Gastrointestinal Digestion
Sangsawad, Papungkorn / Kiatsongchai, Ratana / Chitsomboon, Benjamart et al. | 2016
Phenolic Profiles, Antioxidant Activities, and Neuroprotective Properties of Mulberry (Morus atropurpurea Roxb.) Fruit Extracts from Different Ripening Stages
Yang, Jiufang / Liu, Xuanjun / Zhang, Xiaoxu et al. | 2016
Anti‐inflammatory Potential of Quercetin‐3‐O‐β‐D‐(“2”‐galloyl)‐glucopyranoside and Quercetin Isolated from Diospyros kaki calyx via Suppression of MAP Signaling Molecules in LPS‐induced RAW 264.7 Macrophages
Cho, Yong‐Hun / Kim, Na‐Hyung / Khan, Imran et al. | 2016
UHPLC‐ESI‐MS/MS for the Quantification of Eight Major Gingerols and Shogaols in Ginger Products: Effects of Ionization Polarity and Mobile Phase Modifier on the Sensitivity
Park, Su Yeon / Jung, Mun Yhung | 2016
Improving the Sun Drying of Apricots (Prunus armeniaca) with Photo‐Selective Dryer Cabinet Materials
Milczarek, Rebecca R. / Avena‐Mascareno, Roberto / Alonzo, Jérôme et al. | 2016
Suppression of Psyllium Husk Suspension Viscosity by Addition of Water Soluble Polysaccharides
Kale, Madhuvanti S. / Yadav, Madhav P. / Hanah, Kyle A. | 2016
Characterization of Chemically and Thermally Treated Oil‐in‐Water Heteroaggregates and Comparison to Conventional Emulsions
Maier, Christiane / Reichert, Corina L. / Weiss, Jochen | 2016
Challenges in Radiofrequency Pasteurization of Shell Eggs: Coagulation Rings
Lau, Soon Kiat / Thippareddi, Harshavardhan / Jones, David et al. | 2016
Release Kinetics of Nisin from Chitosan–Alginate Complex Films
Chandrasekar, Vaishnavi / Coupland, John N. / Anantheswaran, Ramaswamy C. | 2016
Effects of Desolvating Agent Types, Ratios, and Temperature on Size and Nanostructure of Nanoparticles from α‐Lactalbumin and Ovalbumin
Etorki, Abdunnaser M. / Gao, Menglu / Sadeghi, Rohollah et al. | 2016
Beer Clarification by Novel Ceramic Hollow‐Fiber Membranes: Effect of Pore Size on Product Quality
Cimini, Alessio / Moresi, Mauro | 2016
Effect of Incorporation Nanocrystalline Corn Straw Cellulose and Polyethylene Glycol on Properties of Biodegradable Films
Sun, Haitao / Shao, Xinru / Ma, Zhongsu | 2016
Antitumor, Antioxidant, and Nitrite Scavenging Effects of Chinese Water Chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis) Peel Flavonoids
Zhan, Ge / Pan, Leiqing / Tu, Kang et al. | 2016
Identification of the Major Components of Buddleja officinalis Extract and Their Metabolites in Rat Urine by UHPLC‐LTQ‐Orbitrap
Sun, Mohan / Luo, Zhiqiang / Liu, Yang et al. | 2016
Quorum Quenching and Microbial Control through Phenolic Extract of Eugenia Uniflora Fruits
Rodrigues, Adeline Conceição / Zola, Flávia Guimarães / Ávila Oliveira, Brígida D' et al. | 2016
Prevalence, Distribution, and Diversity of Salmonella spp. in Meat Samples Collected from Italian Slaughterhouses
Carraturo, Federica / Gargiulo, Giuseppe / Giorgio, Antonella et al. | 2016
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| 2016
Current Knowledge about Oxysterols: A Review
Brzeska, Magdalena / Szymczyk, Krystyna / Szterk, Arkadiusz | 2016
Minimally Processed Functional Foods: Technological and Operational Pathways
Rodgers, Svetlana | 2016
Influence of Added Soy Presscake and Soy Flour on Some Physical and Sensory Properties of Corn Tortillas
Wu, Mingjue / Arntfield, Susan | 2016
Opinion of Spanish Consumers on Hydrosustainable Pistachios
Noguera‐Artiaga, Luis / Lipan, Leontina / Vázquez‐Araújo, L. et al. | 2016
Use of Multi‐Intake Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) to Evaluate the Influence of Cheese on Wine Perception
Galmarini, Mara V. / Loiseau, Anne‐Laure / Visalli, Michel et al. | 2016
Identification of the Critical Amino Acid Residues of Immunoglobulin E and Immunoglobulin G Epitopes in α‐Lactalbumin by Alanine Scanning Analysis
Yanjun, Cong / Shengyun, Zhou / Linfeng, Li | 2016
Anti-inflammatory Potential of Quercetin-3-O-[beta]-D--glucopyranoside and Quercetin Isolated from Diospyros kaki calyx via Suppression of MAP Signaling Molecules in LPS-induced RAW 264.7 Macrophages
Cho, Yong-Hun / Kim, Na-Hyung / Khan, Imran et al. | 2016
In vitro [beta]-Carotene Bioaccessibility and Lipid Digestion in Emulsions: Influence of Pectin Type and Degree of Methyl-Esterification
Tina AJ Verrijssen / Stefanie Christiaens / Sarah HE Verkempinck et al. | 2016
Anti-inflammatory Potential of Quercetin-3-O-[beta]-D-("2"-galloyl)-glucopyranoside and Quercetin Isolated from Diospyros kaki calyx via Suppression of MAP Signaling Molecules in LPS-induced RAW 264.7 Macrophages
Yong-Hun Cho / Na-Hyung Kim / Imran Khan et al. | 2016