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| 2016
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2016
Effect of Fermentation Temperature on the Volatile Composition of Kimchi
Hong, Sang Pil / Lee, Eun Joo / Kim, Young Ho et al. | 2016
Effects of Extraction and Purification Methods on Degradation Kinetics and Stability of Lycopene from Watermelon under Storage Conditions
Saeid, Abu / Eun, Jong Bang / Sagor, Md. Shafiul Azam et al. | 2016
Characterizing Soy Sauce Moromi Manufactured by High‐Salt Dilute‐State and Low‐Salt Solid‐State Fermentation Using Multiphase Analyzing Methods
Zhang, Liqiang / Zhou, Rongqing / Cui, Ruiying et al. | 2016
Composition, Taste, Aroma, and Antioxidant Activity of Solidified Noncentrifugal Brown Sugars Prepared from Whole Stalk and Separated Pith of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)
Takahashi, Makoto / Ishmael, Mutanda / Asikin, Yonathan et al. | 2016
Influence of the Isolation Method on the Technofunctional Properties of Protein Isolates from Lupinus angustifolius L
Muranyi, Isabel S. / Otto, Clemens / Pickardt, Claudia et al. | 2016
Ultrasound Pretreatment as an Useful Tool to Enhance Egg White Protein Hydrolysis: Kinetics, Reaction Model, and Thermodinamics
Jovanović, Jelena R. / Stefanović, Andrea B. / Šekuljica, Nataša Ž. et al. | 2016
Analytical Characterization of Polyphenols from Tara and Caesalpinia decapetala as Stabilizers of O/W Emulsions
Gallego, M Gabriela / Rodríguez, Tamara / Rodríguez, Isaac et al. | 2016
Enrichment of Black Ripe Olives in Bioactive Compounds Using a Single Alkali Treatment
Romero, Concepción / García‐García, Pedro / Brenes, Manuel | 2016
The Nitrite‐Scavenging Properties of Catechol, Resorcinol, and Hydroquinone: A Comparative Study on Their Nitration and Nitrosation Reactions
Lu, Yunhao / Dong, Yanzuo / Li, Xueli et al. | 2016
Effect of Oak Chips on Evolution of Phenolic Compounds and Color Attributes of Bog Bilberry Syrup Wine During Bottle‐Aging
Liu, Shuxun / Wang, Shaoyang / Yuan, Guanshen et al. | 2016
Manufacture and Incorporation of Liposome‐Entrapped Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid into Model Miniature Gouda‐Type Cheese and Subsequent Effect on Starter Viability, pH, and Moisture Content
McAuliffe, Lisa N. / Kilcawley, Kieran N. / Sheehan, Jeremiah J. et al. | 2016
Application of Freezing and Thawing in Apple (Malus domestica) Juice Extraction
Nadulski, Rafał / Kobus, Zbigniew / Wilczyński, Kamil et al. | 2016
Physical, Textural, and Antioxidant Properties of Extruded Waxy Wheat Flour Snack Supplemented with Several Varieties of Bran
Fleischman, Emily F. / Kowalski, Ryan J. / Morris, Craig F. et al. | 2016
Optimization of Vacuum Impregnation with Calcium Lactate of Minimally Processed Melon and Shelf‐Life Study in Real Storage Conditions
Tappi, Silvia / Tylewicz, Urszula / Romani, Santina et al. | 2016
Comparison of Microwave and Conventional Frying on Quality Attributes and Fat Content of Potatoes
Parikh, Archana / Takhar, Pawan S. | 2016
Angiotensin‐I‐Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activities and In Vivo Antihypertensive Effects of Sardine Protein Hydrolysate
Huang, Jiacheng / Liu, Qianyue / Xue, Bin et al. | 2016
Cholesterol‐Lowering Effects and Mechanisms in View of Bile Acid Pathway of Resveratrol and Resveratrol Glucuronides
Shao, Dongyan / Wang, Yilin / Huang, Qingsheng et al. | 2016
Daily Ingestion of Aloe Vera Gel Powder Containing Aloe Sterols Prevents Skin Photoaging in OVX Hairless Mice
Yao, Ruiqing / Tanaka, Miyuki / Misawa, Eriko et al. | 2016
Protective Effect of Dietary Ghrelin‐Containing Salmon Stomach Extract on Mortality and Cardiotoxicity in Doxorubicin‐Induced Mouse Model of Heart Failure
Kihara, Minoru / Kaiya, Hiroyuki / Win, Zin Phyu et al. | 2016
Satiety Effects of Lentils in a Calorie Matched Fruit Smoothie
Erickson, Jennifer / Slavin, Joanne | 2016
Technology Optimization of Lysozyme's Fresh Maintaining Effect on Apple
Jun‐hong, Liu / Kun‐yu, Wang | 2016
Ochratoxin A Removal by Yeasts after Exposure to Simulated Human Gastrointestinal Conditions
Petruzzi, Leonardo / Corbo, Maria Rosaria / Sinigaglia, Milena et al. | 2016
Physicochemical Properties, Fatty Acid Profiles, and Sensory Characteristics of Fermented Beef Sausage by Probiotics Lactobacillus plantarum IIA‐2C12 or Lactobacillus acidophilus IIA‐2B4
Arief, Irma Isnafia / Afiyah, Dyah Nurul / Wulandari, Zakiah et al. | 2016
Modeling the Transfer of Salmonella Enteritidis during Slicing of Ready‐to‐Eat Turkey Products Treated with Thyme Essential Oil
Possas, Arícia M. M. / Posada‐Izquierdo, Guiomar D. / Pérez‐Rodríguez, Fernando et al. | 2016
Quorum Sensing Involved in the Spoilage Process of the Skin and Flesh of Vacuum‐Packaged Farmed Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) Stored at 4 °C
Zhang, Caili / Zhu, Suqin / Wu, Haohao et al. | 2016
Survey of Molds in California Processing Tomatoes
Doan, Hung K. / Perez, Karina / Davis, Richard M. et al. | 2016
Survival of Probiotics in Hypromellose Capsules with Rice or Potato Maltodextrin Excipient
Chen, Jinru / Bechman, Allison / Klu, Yaa Asantewaa Kafui et al. | 2016
Diversity of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Enterococcus Strains Isolated from Ready‐to‐Eat Meat Products
Chajęcka‐Wierzchowska, Wioleta / Zadernowska, Anna / Łaniewska‐Trokenheim, Łucja | 2016
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| 2016
Phytochemistry Profile, Nutritional Properties and Pharmacological Activities of Mauritia flexuosa
Pereira Freire, Joilane Alves / Barros, Karla Bruna Nogueira Torres / Lima, Layana Karine Farias et al. | 2016
Consumer Acceptability of Fresh‐Market Muscadine Grapes
Brown, Kelly / Sims, Charles / Odabasi, Asli et al. | 2016
Consumer Acceptance of a Polyphenolic Coffee Beverage
Nguyen, Thuy / Kuchera, Meredith / Smoot, Katie et al. | 2016
Minimizing the Negative Flavor Attributes and Evaluating Consumer Acceptance of Chocolate Fortified with Peanut Skin Extracts
Dean, L.L. / Klevorn, C.M. / Hess, B.J. | 2016
Effects of Microwave and Ultrasound Assisted Extraction on the Recovery of Soy Proteins for Soy Allergen Detection
Amponsah, Amma / Nayak, Balunkeswar | 2016
Quantitative Analysis of 10 Mycotoxins in Wheat Flour by Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography‐Tandem Mass Spectrometry with a Modified QuEChERS Strategy
Zhou, Qingxin / Li, Fenghua / Chen, Leilei et al. | 2016
Evaluation of the Penetration of Multiple Classes of Pesticides in Fresh Produce Using Surface‐Enhanced Raman Scattering Mapping
Yang, Tianxi / Zhao, Bin / Hou, Ruyan et al. | 2016
Quorum Sensing Involved in the Spoilage Process of the Skin and Flesh of Vacuum-Packaged Farmed Turbot Stored at 4 [degrees]C
Zhang, Caili / Zhu, Suqin / Wu, Haohao et al. | 2016