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| 2016
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| 2016
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2016
Stability of Trans‐Resveratrol Encapsulated in a Protein Matrix Produced Using Spray Drying to UV Light Stress and Simulated Gastro‐Intestinal Digestion
Ferruzzi, Mario G / Andrade, Juan E / Lee, Youngsoo et al. | 2016
Gelling Properties of Fish/Pork Mince Mixtures
Yang, Hong / Zhao, Siming / Liu, Ru et al. | 2016
Preparation of an Aroma Fraction from Dried Bonito by Steam Distillation and Its Effect on Modification of Salty and Umami Taste Qualities
Abe, Keiko / Ban, Masayasu / Ueda, Reiko et al. | 2016
Effect of Acylglycerol Composition and Fatty Acyl Chain Length on Lipid Digestion in pH‐Stat Digestion Model and Simulated In Vitro Digestion Model
Park, Jong T / Qi, Jin F / Lee, K‐T et al. | 2016
Evaluating the Impacts of Selected Packaging Materials on the Quality Attributes of Cassava Flour (cvs. TME 419 and UMUCASS 36)
Opara, Umezuruike Linus / Caleb, Oluwafemi J / Uchechukwu‐Agua, Amarachi D | 2016
Microstructural Changes in High‐Protein Nutrition Bars Formulated with Extruded or Toasted Milk Protein Concentrate
Banach, J.C / Clark, S / Lamsal, B.P | 2016
Generation, Fractionation, and Characterization of Iron‐Chelating Protein Hydrolysate from Palm Kernel Cake Proteins
Zarei, Mohammad / Bakar, Fatimah Abu / Ghanbari, Rahele et al. | 2016
SDE and SPME Analysis of Flavor Compounds in Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
Duncan, Susan E / Dietrich, Andrea M / O'Keefe, Sean F et al. | 2016
Impact of Added Encapsulated Phosphate Level on Lipid Oxidation Inhibition during the Storage of Cooked Ground Meat
Kılıç, B / Claus, J.R / Şimşek, A et al. | 2016
Fresh from the Ornamental Garden: Hips of Selected Rose Cultivars Rich in Phytonutrients
Schmitzer, Valentina / Jakopic, Jerneja / Veberic, Robert et al. | 2016
Effect of Span 60 on the Microstructure, Crystallization Kinetics, and Mechanical Properties of Stearic Acid Oleogels: An In‐Depth Analysis
Banerjee, I / Sagiri, S. S / Pal, Kunal et al. | 2016
Detection and Characterization of Package Defects and Integrity Failure using Dynamic Scanning Infrared Thermography (DSIRT)
Morris, Scott A | 2016
Enhancement of the Gelation Properties of Surimi from Yellowtail Seabream (Parargyrops edita, Sparidae) with Chinese Oak Silkworm Pupa, Antheraea pernyi
Chen, Wei / Zhou, Wenguo / Zhang, Wenhai et al. | 2016
Effect of Ultrastructure on Changes of Textural Characteristics between Crisp Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idellus C.Et V) and Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon Idellus) Inducing Heating Treatment
Wang, Jin‐Xu / Yang, Xian‐Qing / Huang, Hui et al. | 2016
Development and Characterization of Edible Films Based on Fruit and Vegetable Residues
Andrade, Roberta M. S / Gonçalves, Édira C. B. A / Ferreira, Mariana S. L | 2016
Antimicrobial, Rheological, and Thermal Properties of Plasticized Polylactide Films Incorporated with Essential Oils to Inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Campylobacter jejuni
Jacob, Harsha / Ahmed, Jasim / Hiremath, Nikhil | 2016
Effect of Modified Wheat Gluten on Boiling Resistance Capacity of Pork Meatballs
Jiang, Shao‐Tong / Zhong, Xi‐Yang / Zheng, Zhi et al. | 2016
Potential Prophylactic Properties of Apple and Characterization of Potent Bioactive from cv. “Granny Smith” Displaying Strong Antimutagenicity in Models Including Human Lymphoblast TK6+/− Cell Line
Verma, Jyoti / Gautam, Satyendra / Saxena, Sudhanshu | 2016
Rye and Wheat Bran Extracts Isolated with Pressurized Solvents Increase Oxidative Stability and Antioxidant Potential of Beef Meat Hamburgers
Jaime, Isabel / Venskutonis, Petras Rimantas / Rovira, Jordi et al. | 2016
Antimicrobial Efficacy of an Array of Essential Oils Against Lactic Acid Bacteria
Davidson, P. Michael / Dunn, Laurel L / Critzer, Faith J | 2016
Effect of Hops Beta Acids on the Survival of Unstressed‐ or Acid‐Stress‐Adapted‐Listeria Monocytogenes and on the Quality and Sensory Attributes of Commercially Cured Ham Slices
Shen, Cangliang / Wang, Li / Carter, Kelsey et al. | 2016
Effect of Initial Headspace O2 Level on the Growth and Volatile Metabolite Production of Leuconostoc Mesenteriodes and the Microbial and Sensorial Quality of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Par‐Fried French Fries
Samapundo, Simbarashe / Mujuru, Felix Mugove / Baenst, Ilse et al. | 2016
Enhancement of Curcumin Solubility by Phase Change from Crystalline to Amorphous in Cur‐TPGS Nanosuspension
Park, Hyun Jin / Cho, Jin Hun / Kim, Jun Tae et al. | 2016
Effect of CMC Molecular Weight on Acid‐Induced Gelation of Heated WPI‐CMC Soluble Complex
Huan, Yan / Zhang, Sha / Vardhanabhuti, Bongkosh | 2016
Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Ethical Eating
Harris, Amanda / Mei, Jenny / Dizon, Francis et al. | 2016
Preference Mapping of Soymilk with Different U.S. Consumers
Lawrence, S. E / Drake, M.A / Lopetcharat, K | 2016
Impact of Prior Consumption on Sour, Sweet, Salty, and Bitter Tastes
Christina, Josephine / Palma‐Salgado, Sindy / Kahraman, Ozan et al. | 2016
Umami Increases Consumer Acceptability, and Perception of Sensory and Emotional Benefits without Compromising Health Benefit Perception
Byrnes, Erin / Retiveau‐Krogmann, Annlyse / Takehana, Shunji et al. | 2016