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| 2016
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| 2016
Looking Inside Food
| 2016
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2016
Molecular Analysis of the Polymeric Glutenins with Gliadin‐Like Characteristics That Were Produced by Acid Dispersion of Wheat Gluten
Murakami, Tetsuya / Nishimura, Takahisa / Kitabatake, Naofumi et al. | 2016
Coalho Cheese Made with Protease from Thermomucor indicae‐seudaticae N31: Technological Potential of the New Coagulant for the Production of High‐Cooked Cheese
Merheb‐Dini, Carolina / Chaves, Karina S. / Gomes, Eleni et al. | 2016
Effect of Storage on the Physico‐Chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Strawberry and Kiwi Leathers
Concha‐Meyer, Anibal A. / D'Ignoti, Valeria / Saez, Barbara et al. | 2016
Preparation of Substrate for Flavorant from Chicken Bone Residue with Hot‐Pressure Process
Wang, Jin‐Zhi / Dong, Xian‐Bing / Yue, Jian‐Ying et al. | 2016
Potential of Cultivated Ganoderma lucidum Mushrooms for the Production of Supplements Enriched with Essential Elements
Rzymski, Piotr / Mleczek, Mirosław / Niedzielski, Przemysław et al. | 2016
Isoflavone Profiles and Kinetic Changes during Ultra‐High Temperature Processing of Soymilk
Zhang, Yan / Chang, Sam K.C. | 2016
Physicochemical Properties of Microencapsulated ω‐3 Salmon Oil with Egg White Powder
Mis Solval, Kevin / Bankston, J. David / Bechtel, Peter J. et al. | 2016
Storage Stability of Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water and Circulating Electrolyzed Water and Their Property Changes after Application
Xuan, Xiao‐Ting / Wang, Meng‐Meng / Ahn, Juhee et al. | 2016
Extension of the Vane Pump‐Grinder Technology to Manufacture Finely Dispersed Meat Batters
Irmscher, Stefan B. / Gibis, Monika / Herrmann, Kurt et al. | 2016
Buckwheat and Millet Affect Thermal, Rheological, and Gelling Properties of Wheat Flour
Wu, Kao / Gan, Renyou / Dai, Shuhong et al. | 2016
Preparation and Characterization of Nanocomposites from Whey Protein Concentrate Activated with Lycopene
Pereira, Rafaela Corrêa / de Deus Souza Carneiro, João / Borges, Soraia Vilela et al. | 2016
Volatile Retention and Morphological Properties of Microencapsulated Tributyrin Varied by Wall Material and Drying Method
Donovan, Joseph D. / Cadwallader, Keith R. / Lee, Youngsoo | 2016
Microstructural Characterization of Fried Potato Disks Using X‐Ray Micro Computed Tomography
Alam, Tanjila / Takhar, Pawan S. | 2016
Novel Radiofrequency‐Assisted Thermal Processing Improves the Gelling Properties of Standard Egg White Powder
Boreddy, Sreenivasula Reddy / Thippareddi, Harshavardhan / Froning, Glenn et al. | 2016
Changes in the Bioactive Compounds Content of Soybean as a Function of Grain Moisture Content and Temperature during Long‐Term Storage
Ziegler, Valmor / Vanier, Nathan Levien / Ferreira, Cristiano Dietrich et al. | 2016
Enhanced Bioaccessibility of Curcuminoids in Buttermilk Yogurt in Comparison to Curcuminoids in Aqueous Dispersions
Fu, Shishan / Augustin, Mary Ann / Sanguansri, Luz et al. | 2016
Enrichment of Antioxidant Capacity and Vitamin E in Pita Made from Barley
Do, Thi Thu Dung / Muhlhausler, Beverly / Box, Amanda et al. | 2016
Suppressive Effects of Barley β‐Glucans with Different Molecular Weight on 3T3‐L1 Adipocyte Differentiation
Zhu, Yingying / Yao, Yang / Gao, Yue et al. | 2016
Effects of Long‐Chain and Medium‐Chain Fatty Acids on Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress in Human Liver Cells with Steatosis
Wang, Baogui / Li, Lumin / Fu, Jing et al. | 2016
Controlling Listeria monocytogenes and Leuconostoc mesenteroides in Uncured Deli‐style Turkey Breast Using a Clean Label Antimicrobial
Weyker, Robert E. / Glass, Kathleen A. / Milkowski, Andrew L. et al. | 2016
Isolation and Characterization of Spore‐Forming Bacilli (SFB) from Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursa‐pastoris)
Lee, Won‐Jun / Kim, Hye‐Bin / Kim, Keun‐Sung | 2016
Direct Dynamic Kinetic Analysis and Computer Simulation of Growth of Clostridium perfringens in Cooked Turkey during Cooling
Huang, Lihan / Vinyard, Bryan T. | 2016
Effect of High Pressure Homogenization and Dimethyl Dicarbonate (DMDC) on Microbial and Physicochemical Qualities of Mulberry Juice
Yu, Yuanshan / Wu, Jijun / Xu, Yujuan et al. | 2016
Inactivation of Salmonella in Shell Eggs by Hot Water Immersion and Its Effect on Quality
Geveke, David J. / Gurtler, Joshua B. / Jones, Deana R. et al. | 2016
Prevalence and Characteristics of Enterotoxin B‐Producing Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Food Sources: A Particular Cluster of ST188 Strains was Identified
Song, Qifa / Zhu, Zhenhua / Chang, Yanzi et al. | 2016
Development of Food‐Grade Curcumin Nanoemulsion and its Potential Application to Food Beverage System: Antioxidant Property and In Vitro Digestion
Joung, Hee Joung / Choi, Mi‐Jung / Kim, Jun Tae et al. | 2016
Enhancement of Nutraceutical Bioavailability using Excipient Nanoemulsions: Role of Lipid Digestion Products on Bioaccessibility of Carotenoids and Phenolics from Mangoes
Liu, Xuan / Bi, Jinfeng / Xiao, Hang et al. | 2016
Engineering Digestion: Multiscale Processes of Food Digestion
Bornhorst, Gail M. / Gouseti, Ourania / Wickham, Martin S.J. et al. | 2016
Mycotoxins in Bovine Milk and Dairy Products: A Review
Becker‐Algeri, Tania Aparecida / Castagnaro, Denise / de Bortoli, Kennidy et al. | 2016
Sensory Profiles and Seasonal Variation of Black Walnut Cultivars
Lynch, Catherine / Koppel, Kadri / Reid, William | 2016
Polysaccharides as Alternative Moisture Retention Agents for Shrimp
Torti, Michael J. / Sims, Charles A. / Adams, Charles M. et al. | 2016
Caramel as a Model System for Evaluating the Roles of Mechanical Properties and Oral Processing on Sensory Perception of Texture
Wagoner, Ty B. / Luck, Paige J. / Foegeding, E. Allen | 2016
Detection of Different DNA Animal Species in Commercial Candy Products
Muñoz‐Colmenero, Marta / Martínez, Jose Luis / Roca, Agustín et al. | 2016
Characterization of Antibodies for Grain‐Specific Gluten Detection
Sharma, Girdhari M. / Rallabhandi, Prasad / Williams, Kristina M. et al. | 2016
Suppressive Effects of Barley [beta]-Glucans with Different Molecular Weight on 3T3-L1 Adipocyte Differentiation
Zhu, Yingying / Yao, Yang / Gao, Yue et al. | 2016
Physicochemical Properties of Microencapsulated [omega]-3 Salmon Oil with Egg White Powder
Kevin Mis Solval / J David Bankston / Peter J Bechtel et al. | 2016