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| 2016
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2016
Properties of Cookies Made with Natural Wax–Vegetable Oil Organogels
Hwang, Hong‐Sik / Singh, Mukti / Lee, Suyong | 2016
Phenolic Profiles and Contribution of Individual Compounds to Antioxidant Activity of Apple Powders
Raudone, Lina / Raudonis, Raimondas / Liaudanskas, Mindaugas et al. | 2016
Preparation of Methylated Products of A‐type Procyanidin Trimers in Cinnamon Bark and Their Protective Effects on Pancreatic β‐Cell
Chen, Lu / Chen, Liang / Wang, Ting et al. | 2016
Gluten‐Free Precooked Rice‐Yellow Pea Pasta: Effect of Extrusion‐Cooking Conditions on Phenolic Acids Composition, Selected Properties and Microstructure
Bouasla, Abdallah / Wójtowicz, Agnieszka / Zidoune, Mohammed Nasereddine et al. | 2016
Potent Antidiabetic Activity and Metabolite Profiling of Melicope Lunu‐ankenda Leaves
AL‐Zuaidy, Mizher Hezam / Hamid, Azizah Abdul / Ismail, Amin et al. | 2016
Synergistic Effects of Potentilla fruticosa L. Leaves Combined with Green Tea Polyphenols in a Variety of Oxidation Systems
Liu, Zehua / Luo, Ziwen / Jia, Caixia et al. | 2016
Antioxidant Properties of Phenolic Compounds in Renewable Parts of Crataegus pinnatifida inferred from Seasonal Variations
Luo, Meng / Yang, Xuan / Hu, Jiao‐Yang et al. | 2016
Comparison of Morphology and Physicochemical Properties of Starch Among 3 Arrowhead Varieties
Li, Aimin / Zhang, Yunhong / Zhang, Yongji et al. | 2016
Evaluation of Antioxidant or Prooxidant Properties of Selected Amino Acids Using In Vitro Assays and in Oil‐in‐Water Emulsions Under Riboflavin Sensitization
Ka, HyeJung / Yi, BoRa / Kim, Mi‐Ja et al. | 2016
Initial Droplet Size Impacts pH‐Induced Structural Changes in Phase‐Separated Polymer Dispersions
Thongkaew, Chutima / Zeeb, Benjamin / Gibis, Monika et al. | 2016
Sodium Chloride Diffusion in Low‐Acid Foods during Thermal Processing and Storage
Bornhorst, Ellen R. / Tang, Juming / Sablani, Shyam S. | 2016
Antimicrobial Activity of Nisin and Natamycin Incorporated Sodium Caseinate Extrusion‐Blown Films: A Comparative Study with Heat‐Pressed/Solution Cast Films
Colak, Basak Yilin / Peynichou, Pierre / Galland, Sophie et al. | 2016
Using Liquid Smoke to Improve Mechanical and Water Resistance Properties of Gelatin Films
Wang, Wenwang / Li, Cong / Zhang, Hongjie et al. | 2016
Antihypertensive Properties of a Pea Protein Hydrolysate during Short‐ and Long‐Term Oral Administration to Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Girgih, Abraham T. / Nwachukwu, Ifeanyi D. / Onuh, John O. et al. | 2016
Effects of Hyriopsis cumingii Polysaccharides on Mice Immunologic Receptor, Transcription Factor, and Cytokine
Qiao, Deliang / He, Xiaomei / Wei, Chuanbao et al. | 2016
Cinnamomum camphora Seed Kernel Oil Ameliorates Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Diet‐Induced Obese Rats
Fu, Jing / Zeng, Cheng / Zeng, Zheling et al. | 2016
Sarcodon aspratus Extract Ameliorates Dextran Sulfate Sodium‐Induced Colitis in Mouse Colon and Mesenteric Lymph Nodes
Chung, Min‐Yu / Hwang, Jin‐Taek / Kim, Jin Hee et al. | 2016
Development of a Drinkable, Peanut‐Based Dietary Supplement and Comparison of Its Nutritional and Microbiological Qualities with Commercial Products
Klu, Yaa Asantewaa Kafui / Phillips, Robert D. / Chen, Jinru | 2016
The Hypolipidemic Effect of Total Saponins from Kuding Tea in High‐Fat Diet‐Induced Hyperlipidemic Mice and Its Composition Characterized by UPLC‐QTOF‐MS/MS
Song, Chengwu / Yu, Qingsong / Li, Xiaohua et al. | 2016
Enhanced Anti‐Inflammatory Activities by the Combination of Luteolin and Tangeretin
Funaro, Antonietta / Wu, Xian / Song, Mingyue et al. | 2016
Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Physical, Microbial, and Chemical Attributes of Oysters (Crassostrea virginica)
Lingham, Talaysha / Ye, Mu / Chen, Haiqiang et al. | 2016
Characterization, Anti‐Inflammatory and Antiproliferative Activities of Natural and Sulfonated Exo‐Polysaccharides from Streptococcus thermophilus ASCC 1275
Li, Siqian / Shah, Nagendra P. | 2016
Efficacy of Neutral Electrolyzed Water, Quaternary Ammonium and Lactic Acid‐Based Solutions in Controlling Microbial Contamination of Food Cutting Boards Using a Manual Spraying Technique
Al‐Qadiri, Hamzah M. / Ovissipour, Mahmoudreza / Al‐Alami, Nivin et al. | 2016
Hurdle Effect of Antimicrobial Activity Achieved by Time Differential Releasing of Nisin and Chitosan Hydrolysates from Bacterial Cellulose
Hsiao, Hui‐Ling / Lin, Shih‐Bin / Chen, Li‐Chen et al. | 2016
Antibacterial Constituents of Hainan Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Leaves
Zhang, Wei‐Min / Wang, Wei / Zhang, Jing‐Jing et al. | 2016
Characterization and Technological Features of Autochthonous Coagulase‐Negative Staphylococci as Potential Starters for Portuguese Dry Fermented Sausages
Semedo‐Lemsaddek, Teresa / Carvalho, Laura / Tempera, Carolina et al. | 2016
Rapid Detection of Melamine in Tap Water and Milk Using Conjugated “One‐Step” Molecularly Imprinted Polymers‐Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Sensor
Hu, Yaxi / Lu, Xiaonan | 2016
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| 2016
Assessment of Important Sensory Attributes of Millet Based Snacks and Biscuits
McSweeney, Matthew B. / Duizer, Lisa M. / Seetharaman, Koushik et al. | 2016
Tolerance Testing for Cooked Porridge made from a Sorghum Based Fortified Blended Food
Chanadang, Sirichat / Chambers, Edgar IV / Alavi, Sajid | 2016
Consumer Acceptance of Bars and Gummies with Unencapsulated and Encapsulated Resveratrol
Koga, Clarissa C. / Lee, Soo‐Yeun / Lee, Youngsoo | 2016
Sensory and Physicochemical Studies of Thermally Micronized Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) and Green Lentil (Lens culinaris) Flours as Binders in Low‐Fat Beef Burgers
Shariati‐Ievari, Shiva / Ryland, Donna / Edel, Andrea et al. | 2016
A Comparison of Flavor Differences between Pecan Cultivars in Raw and Roasted Forms
Magnuson, Shelby M. / Kelly, Brendan / Koppel, Kadri et al. | 2016
Instrumental and Sensory Texture Attributes of High‐Protein Nutrition Bars Formulated with Extruded Milk Protein Concentrate
Banach, J.C. / Clark, S. / Lamsal, B.P. | 2016
Replication Improves Sorting‐Task Results Analyzed by DISTATIS in a Consumer Study of American Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys
Lahne, Jacob / Collins, Thomas S. / Heymann, Hildegarde | 2016
Nonclinical Safety Assessment of Morus alba L. Fruits: Study of 90‐D Toxicity in Sprague Dawley Rats and Genotoxicity in Salmonella
Chang, Bo Yoon / Kim, Seon Beom / Lee, Mi Kyeong et al. | 2016
Simultaneous Determination of 10 Photoinitiators in Milk by Solid‐Phase Microextraction Coupled with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Liu, Pengyan / Zhao, Chunxia / Zhang, Yajing et al. | 2016
Matrix‐Matching as an Improvement Strategy for the Detection of Pesticide Residues
Giacinti, Géraldine / Raynaud, Christine / Capblancq, Sophie et al. | 2016