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| 2017
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2017
Composition and Nutrient Value Proposition of Brewers Spent Grain
Ikram, Sana / Huang, LianYan / Zhang, Huijuan et al. | 2017
Nutritional and Nutraceutical Properties of Triticum dicoccum Wheat and Its Health Benefits: An Overview
Dhanavath, Srinu / Prasada Rao, U.J.S. | 2017
Solute Transfer in Osmotic Dehydration of Vegetable Foods: A Review
Muñiz‐Becerá, Sahylin / Méndez‐Lagunas, Lilia L. / Rodríguez‐Ramírez, Juan | 2017
Novel Insights into the Inhibitory Effect and Mechanism of Proanthocyanidins from Pyracantha fortuneana Fruit on α‐Glucosidase
Wei, Mankun / Chai, Wei‐Ming / Yang, Qin et al. | 2017
Novel Insights into the Inhibitory Effect and Mechanism of Proanthocyanidins from Pyracantha fortuneana Fruit on [alpha]-Glucosidase
Wei, Mankun / Chai, Wei-Ming / Yang, Qin et al. | 2017
Characterization of a d‐Lactate Dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus fermentum JN248 with High Phenylpyruvate Reductive Activity
Chen, Lixia / Bai, Yajun / Fan, Tai‐Ping et al. | 2017
Effects of Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems on Technological Properties and Phenolic Compounds of Freshly Harvested and Stored Rice
Alves, Gabriela Hörnke / Paraginski, Ricardo Tadeu / Lamas, Nelisa de Souza et al. | 2017
Anthocyanins of Jambolão (Syzygium cumini): Extraction and pH‐Dependent Color Changes
do Carmo Brito, Brenda de Nazaré / da Silva Pena, Rosinelson / Santos Lopes, Alessandra et al. | 2017
Validation of a One‐Step Method for Extracting Fatty Acids from Salmon, Chicken and Beef Samples
Zhang, Zhichao / Richardson, Christine E. / Hennebelle, Marie et al. | 2017
Macromolecular Traits in the African Rice Oryza glaberrima and in Glaberrima/Sativa Crosses, and Their Relevance to Processing
Marengo, Mauro / Barbiroli, Alberto / Bonomi, Francesco et al. | 2017
Raisins and Currants as Conventional Nutraceuticals in Italian Market: Natural Occurrence of Ochratoxin A
Fanelli, Francesca / Cozzi, Giuseppe / Raiola, Assunta et al. | 2017
Effects of Ultra‐High Pressure Homogenization and Hydrocolloids on Physicochemical and Storage Properties of Soymilk
Mukherjee, Dipaloke / Chang, Sam K. C. / Zhang, Yin et al. | 2017
A Switchable Linker‐Based Immunoassay for Ultrasensitive Visible Detection of Salmonella in Tomatoes
Hahn, Jungwoo / Kim, Eunghee / You, Young Sang et al. | 2017
Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from Persimmon Byproducts and Incorporation in Biodegradable Sodium Alginate Thin Film
Ramachandraiah, Karna / Gnoc, Nguyen Trong Bao / Chin, Koo Bok | 2017
Development of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Detection of Pseudomonas fluorescens with Biofilm Formation Ability
Xu, Yu / Chen, Wanyi / You, Chunping et al. | 2017
Combined Effect of Ultrasound and Mild Temperatures on the Inactivation of E. coli in Fresh Carrot Juice and Changes on its Physicochemical Characteristics
Pokhrel, Prashant Raj / Bermúdez‐Aguirre, Daniela / Martínez‐Flores, Héctor E. et al. | 2017
Bactericidal Efficacy of Hydrogen Peroxide‐Based Disinfectants Against Gram‐Positive and Gram‐Negative Bacteria on Stainless Steel Surfaces
Ríos‐Castillo, Abel G. / González‐Rivas, Fabián / Rodríguez‐Jerez, José J. | 2017
Simultaneous Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella enteritidis, and Listeria monocytogenes at a Very Low Level Using Simultaneous Enrichment Broth and Multichannel SPR Biosensor
Zhang, Xiaoguang / Tsuji, Sachiko / Kitaoka, Hayato et al. | 2017
Biofilm Formation and Its Relationship with the Molecular Characteristics of Food‐Related Methicillin‐Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Vergara, Alberto / Normanno, Giovanni / Di Ciccio, Pierluigi et al. | 2017
Lactic Acid Bacteria Combinations for Wheat Sourdough Preparation and Their Influence on Wheat Bread Quality and Acrylamide Formation
Bartkiene, Elena / Bartkevics, Vadims / Krungleviciute, Vita et al. | 2017
Utilizing Mushrooms to Reduce Overall Sodium in Taco Filling Using Physical and Sensory Evaluation
Wong, Kristin M. / Decker, Eric A. / Autio, Wesley R. et al. | 2017
Quinoa Starch Characteristics and Their Correlations with the Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) of Cooked Quinoa
Wu, Geyang / Morris, Craig F. / Murphy, Kevin M. | 2017
Relationship Between Consumer Acceptability and Pungency‐Related Flavor Compounds of Vidalia Onions
Kim, Ha‐Yeon / Jackson, Daniel / Adhikari, Koushik et al. | 2017
Structural Features, Antitumor and Antioxidant Activities of Rice Bran Polysaccharides Using Different Extraction Methods
Han, Wenfang / Li, Jiangtao / Ding, Yuqin et al. | 2017
Effects of Polysaccharides in Lycium Barbarum Berries from Different Regions of China on Macrophages Function and their Correlation to the Glycosidic Linkages
Xie, Jing / Wu, Ding‐Tao / Li, Wen‐Zhi et al. | 2017
Identification of Potent ACE Inhibitory Peptides from Wild Almond Proteins
Mirzapour, Mozhgan / Rezaei, Karamatollah / Sentandreu, Miguel Angel | 2017
Phenolics from Winemaking By‐Products Better Decrease VLDL‐Cholesterol and Triacylglycerol Levels than Those of Red Wine in Wistar Rats
de Oliveira, Walkia Polliana / Biasoto, Aline Camarão Telles / Marques, Valquíria Fernanda et al. | 2017
Fresh‐Squeezed Orange Juice Properties Before and During In Vitro Digestion as Influenced by Orange Variety and Processing Method
Mennah‐Govela, Yamile A. / Bornhorst, Gail M. | 2017
Effect of Micronutrient Powder Addition on Sensory Properties of Foods for Older Adults
Field, Katherine M. / Duncan, Alison M. / Keller, Heather H. et al. | 2017
Molecular Weight Affected Antioxidant, Hypoglycemic and Hypotensive Activities of Cold Water Extract from Pleurotus citrinopileatus
Chen, Pao‐Huei / Weng, Yih‐Ming / Lin, Shu‐Mei et al. | 2017
Influence of Technological Treatments on the Functionality of Bifidobacterium lactis INL1, a Breast Milk‐Derived Probiotic
Zacarías, María Florencia / Souza, Tassia Costa / Zaburlín, Natalia et al. | 2017
A Randomized, Controlled Trial Evaluating Polydextrose as a Fiber in a Wet and Dry Matrix on Glycemic Control
Rahman, Sajida / Zhao, Anqi / Xiao, Di et al. | 2017
Antioxidant Activity of Chinese Shanxi Aged Vinegar and Its Correlation with Polyphenols and Flavonoids During the Brewing Process
Xie, Xiaolin / Zheng, Yu / Liu, Xian et al. | 2017
Hypoglycemic Effect of Chinese Yam (Dioscorea opposita rhizoma) Polysaccharide in Different Structure and Molecular Weight
Li, Qian / Li, Wenzhi / Gao, Qunyu et al. | 2017
Effects of the Maillard Reaction on the Immunoreactivity of Amandin in Food Matrices
Chhabra, Guneet S. / Liu, Changqi / Su, Mengna et al. | 2017
Comparison of Laboratory‐Developed and Commercial Monoclonal Antibody‐Based Sandwich Enzyme‐Linked Immunosorbent Assays for Almond (Prunus dulcis) Detection and Quantification
Liu, Changqi / Chhabra, Guneet S. / Zhao, Jing et al. | 2017
Application of Visible/Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy in the Prediction of Azodicarbonamide in Wheat Flour
Che, Wenkai / Sun, Laijun / Zhang, Qian et al. | 2017
Reduction of 4(5)‐Methylimidazole Using Cookie Model Systems
Jung, Min‐Chul / Kim, Mina K. / Lee, Kwang‐Geun | 2017
| 2017
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