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Managing Large, Transdisciplinary Projects
| 2017
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2017
Annual Reviewer Index: Volume 82
| 2017
Effect of House Cricket (Acheta domesticus) Flour Addition on Physicochemical and Textural Properties of Meat Emulsion Under Various Formulations
Kim, Hyun‐Wook / Setyabrata, Derico / Lee, YongJae et al. | 2017
Composition, Granular Structure, and Pasting Properties of Native Starch Extracted from Plectranthus edulis (Oromo dinich) Tubers
Hellemans, Tom / Abera, Gifty / Leyn, Ingrid et al. | 2017
Natural Occurrence of Aldol Condensation Products in Valencia Orange Oil
Abreu, Ingo / Da Costa, Neil C / Es, Alfred et al. | 2017
Characterization of Volatile Sulfur Compounds in Moutai Liquors by Headspace Solid‐Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography‐Pulsed Flame Photometric Detection and Odor Activity Value
Chen, Shuang / Sha, Sha / Qian, Michael et al. | 2017
Impact of Air Frying on Cholesterol and Fatty Acids Oxidation in Sardines: Protective Effects of Aromatic Herbs
Ferreira, Fernanda S / Sampaio, Geni R / Keller, Laura M et al. | 2017
Effect of In Vitro Digestion on the Total Antioxidant Capacity and Phenolic Content of 3 Species of Oregano (Hedeoma patens, Lippia graveolens, Lippia palmeri)
Gutiérrez‐Grijalva, Erick Paul / Angulo‐Escalante, Miguel Angel / León‐Félix, Josefina et al. | 2017
Chemical Mapping of Essential Oils, Flavonoids and Carotenoids in Citrus Peels by Raman Microscopy
Yang, Ying / Wang, Xiaohe / Zhao, Chengying et al. | 2017
Effects of Hydrolyzed Rapeseed Cake Extract on the Quality Characteristics of Mayonnaise Dressing
Kim, Ye‐Seul / Lee, Jeung‐Hee | 2017
Effects of Different Pretreatments to Fresh Fruit on Chemical and Thermal Characteristics of Crude Palm Oil
Tang, Minmin / Xia, Qiuyu / Holland, Brendan J et al. | 2017
Antioxidant Stability Study of Oregano Essential Oil Microcapsules Prepared by Spray‐Drying
Asensio, Claudia M / Paredes, Alejandro J / Martin, Maria P et al. | 2017
Spray Drying of Spinach Juice: Characterization, Chemical Composition, and Storage
Çalışkan Koç, Gülşah / Nur Dirim, Safiye | 2017
Metabolite Profiling of Peppers of Various Colors Reveals Relationships Between Tocopherol, Carotenoid, and Phytosterol Content
Kim, Tae Jin / Choi, Jaehyuk / Kim, Kil Won et al. | 2017
Multifractal Approaches of the Ring Tensile Rupture Patterns of Dried Laver (Porphyra) as Affected by the Relative Humidity
Jung, Hwabin / Yoon, Won Byong | 2017
Fabrication and Optimization of Self‐Microemulsions to Improve the Oral Bioavailability of Total Flavones of Hippophaë rhamnoides L
Guo, Ruixue / Guo, Xinbo / Hu, Xiaodan et al. | 2017
Reverse Stability Kinetics of Meat Pigment Oxidation in Aqueous Extract from Fresh Beef
Frelka, John C / Phinney, David M / Wick, Macdonald P et al. | 2017
Enhancement of Moisture Protective Properties and Stability of Pectin through Formation of a Composite Film: Effects of Shellac and Plasticizer
Luangtana‐anan, Manee / Soradech, Sitthiphong / Saengsod, Suthep et al. | 2017
Effect of Sorbitol Plasticizer on the Structure and Properties of Melt Processed Polyvinyl Alcohol Films
Tian, Huafeng / Liu, Di / Yao, Yuanyuan et al. | 2017
Radiofrequency Heating for Enhancing Microbial Safety of Shell Eggs Immersed in Deionized Water
Lau, Soon Kiat / Thippareddi, Harshavardhan / Subbiah, Jeyamkondan | 2017
Optimization of Ultrasonic‐Assisted Aqueous Two‐Phase Extraction of Phloridzin from Malus Micromalus Makino with Ethanol/Ammonia Sulfate System
Zhang, Zhen / Liu, Fang / He, Caian et al. | 2017
Encapsulation of Lactobacillus casei into Calcium Pectinate‐Chitosan Beads for Enteric Delivery
Bepeyeva, Aigerim / Barros, Joao M.S / Albadran, Hanady et al. | 2017
Antioxidant Activities of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Quality Improvement of Fermented Sausage
Zhang, Yulong / Hu, Ping / Lou, Lijiao et al. | 2017
Phenolic Composition and Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Free and Bound Phenolic Fractions from a Peruvian Purple Corn (Zea mays L.) Accession
Gálvez Ranilla, Lena / Christopher, Ashish / Sarkar, Dipayan et al. | 2017
Influence of High‐Pressure Processing at Low Temperature and Nisin on Listeria innocua Survival and Sensory Preference of Dry‐Cured Cold‐Smoked Salmon
Lebow, Noelle K / DesRocher, Lisa D / Younce, Frank L et al. | 2017
Fermentation Cover Brine Reformulation for Cucumber Processing with Low Salt to Reduce Bloater Defect
Zhai, Y / Pérez‐Díaz, I. M | 2017
Hepatoprotective Effect of Albumin Peptides from Corn Germ Meal on Chronic Alcohol‐Induced Liver Injury in Mice
Yu, Yali / Wang, Lijun / Wang, Ying et al. | 2017
Bovine Hemoglobin Derived Peptide Asn-Phe-Gly-Lys Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Cells Metastasis by Targeting Secreted Hsp90[alpha]
Wang, Yu / Zhang, Ting / Zhang, Hongyi et al. | 2017
Effects of 1[alpha],25 Dihydroxyvitamin D3 on Pro-inflammatory Cytokines of Palmitic Acid Treated Thp-1 Cells
d'Arqom, Annette / Luangwedchakarn, Voravich / Umrod, Pinklow et al. | 2017
Effects of 1α,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D3 on Pro‐inflammatory Cytokines of Palmitic Acid Treated Thp‐1 Cells
d'Arqom, Annette / Luangwedchakarn, Voravich / Umrod, Pinklow et al. | 2017
The Suppressive Effects of Geniposide and Genipin on Helicobacter pylori Infections In Vitro and In Vivo
Chang, Chiung‐Hung / Wu, Jin‐Bin / Yang, Jai‐Sing et al. | 2017
Protective Role of Flaxseed Oil and Flaxseed Lignan Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside Against Oxidative Stress in Rats with Metabolic Syndrome
Pilar, Bruna / Güllich, Angélica / Oliveira, Patrícia et al. | 2017
Amino Acids Inhibitory Effects and Mechanism on 2-Amino-1-Methyl-6-Phenylimidazo [4,5-b]Pyridine (PhIP) Formationᅡ in the Maillard Reaction Model Systems
Ziyi Linghu / Faris Karim / J Scott Smith | 2017
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| 2017