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| 2017
The Top Twenty‐Five
| 2017
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2017
Aroma Glycosides in Grapes and Wine
Liu, Jibin / Zhu, Xiao‐Lin / Ullah, Niamat et al. | 2017
Costs of Food Safety Investments in the Meat and Poultry Slaughter Industries
Viator, Catherine L. / Muth, Mary K. / Brophy, Jenna E. et al. | 2017
Physiopathology and Management of Gluten‐Induced Celiac Disease
Kumar, Jitendra / Kumar, Manoj / Pandey, Rajesh et al. | 2017
Evaluation of the Cellular and Animal Models for the Study of Antioxidant Activity: A Review
Zhang, Huijuan / Yin, Meng / Huang, Lianyan et al. | 2017
Macromolecular Antioxidants and Dietary Fiber in Edible Seaweeds
Sanz‐Pintos, Nerea / Pérez‐Jiménez, Jara / Buschmann, Alejandro H. et al. | 2017
Improved Extraction and Quality Characterization of Water‐Soluble Polysaccharide from Gamma‐Irradiated Lentinus edodes
Akram, Kashif / Shahbaz, Hafiz Muhammad / Kim, Gui‐Ran et al. | 2017
Effects of Metmyoglobin Reducing Activity and Thermal Stability of NADH‐Dependent Reductase and Lactate Dehydrogenase on Premature Browning in Ground Beef
Djimsa, Blanchefort A. / Abraham, Anupam / Mafi, Gretchen G. et al. | 2017
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Analysis of the Effects of Heat and Pressure on Protein Denaturation in Soy Flour Mixed with Various Types of Plasticizers
Kweon, Meera / Slade, Louise / Levine, Harry | 2017
Evaluation of the Ability of Polyphenol Extracts of Cocoa and Red Grape to Promote the Antioxidant Response in Yeast Using a Rapid Multiwell Assay
Peláez‐Soto, Ana / Fernández‐Espinar, María Teresa / Roig, Patricia et al. | 2017
Characterization of Date (Deglet Nour) Seed Free and Bound Polyphenols by High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography‐Mass Spectrometry
Sirisena, Sameera / Zabaras, Dimitrios / Ng, Ken et al. | 2017
A Comparative Study of Phenolic Antioxidant Activity and Flavonoid Biosynthesis‐Related Gene Expression Between Summer and Winter Strawberry Cultivars
Park, Doori / Park, Yeri / Lee, Young Hun et al. | 2017
Thermal Stability Improvement of Rice Bran Albumin Protein Incorporated with Epigallocatechin Gallate
Zhou, Zhongkai / Xu, Jingjing / Liu, Yuqian et al. | 2017
A Feasibility Study on Monitoring Residual Sugar and Alcohol Strength in Kiwi Wine Fermentation Using a Fiber‐Optic FT‐NIR Spectrometry and PLS Regression
Wang, Bingqian / Peng, Bangzhu | 2017
Influence of Fermentation Process on the Anthocyanin Composition of Wine and Vinegar Elaborated from Strawberry
Hornedo‐Ortega, Ruth / Álvarez‐Fernández, M. Antonia / Cerezo, Ana B. et al. | 2017
Influence of Lipid Content in a Corn Oil Preparation on the Bioaccessibility of β‐Carotene: A Comparison of Low‐Fat and High‐Fat Samples
Xia, Ziyuan / McClements, David Julian / Xiao, Hang | 2017
Antioxidant Effect of Natural Table Olives Phenolic Extract Against Oxidative Stress and Membrane Damage in Enterocyte‐Like Cells
Serreli, Gabriele / Incani, Alessandra / Atzeri, Angela et al. | 2017
A Survey of the Peptide Profile in Prato Cheese as Measured by MALDI‐MS and Capillary Electrophoresis
Baptista, Débora Parra / Araújo, Francisca Diana da Silva / Eberlin, Marcos Nogueira et al. | 2017
Extraction of Epigallocatechin Gallate and Epicatechin Gallate from Tea Leaves Using β‐Cyclodextrin
Cui, Lu / Liu, Yuxuan / Liu, Ting et al. | 2017
Extraction of Epigallocatechin Gallate and Epicatechin Gallate from Tea Leaves Using [beta]-Cyclodextrin
Cui, Lu / Liu, Yuxuan / Liu, Ting et al. | 2017
A Survey of Commercially Available Isomaltooligosaccharide‐Based Food Ingredients
Madsen, Lee R. II / Stanley, Sarah / Swann, Peter et al. | 2017
Interaction of Whey Proteins with Phenolic Derivatives Under Neutral and Acidic pH Conditions
Cao, Yanyun / Xiong, Youling L. | 2017
Rapid Inverse Method to Measure Thermal Diffusivity of Low‐Moisture Foods
Muramatsu, Yoshiki / Greiby, Ibrahim / Mishra, Dharmendra K. et al. | 2017
Frequency Distribution in Domestic Microwave Ovens and Its Influence on Heating Pattern
Luan, Donglei / Wang, Yifen / Tang, Juming et al. | 2016
Physicochemical Property and Oxidative Stability of Whey Protein Concentrate Multiple Nanoemulsion Containing Fish Oil
Hwang, Jae‐Young / Ha, Ho‐Kyung / Lee, Mee‐Ryung et al. | 2017
Utilization of Oleogels as a Replacement for Solid Fat in Aerated Baked Goods: Physicochemical, Rheological, and Tomographic Characterization
Kim, Joo Young / Lim, Jeongtaek / Lee, JaeHwan et al. | 2017
Cellulose Nanocrystal Reinforced Chitosan Coatings for Improving the Storability of Postharvest Pears Under Both Ambient and Cold Storages
Deng, Zilong / Jung, Jooyeoun / Simonsen, John et al. | 2017
Formation and Characterization of Green Tea Extract Loaded Liposomes
Dag, Damla / Oztop, Mecit Halil | 2017
Essential Oils Against Pathogen and Spoilage Microorganisms of Fruit Juices: Use of Versatile Antimicrobial Delivery Systems
Trinetta, Valentina / Morgan, Mark T. / Coupland, John N. et al. | 2017
Food Safety Crisis Management—A Comparison between Germany and the Netherlands
van Asselt, E.D. / van der Fels‐Klerx, H.J. / Breuer, O. et al. | 2017
High Salinity Relaying to Reduce Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus in Chesapeake Bay Oysters (Crassostrea virginica)
Parveen, Salina / Jahncke, Michael / Elmahdi, Sara et al. | 2017
Influence of the Addition of Minced Fish on the Preparation of Fish Sausage: Effects on Sensory Properties
Lago, Amanda M. T. / Vidal, Ana C. C. / Schiassi, Maria C. E. V. et al. | 2017
Influence of Package Visual Cues of Sweeteners on the Sensory‐Emotional Profiles of Their Products
Wardy, Wisdom / Chonpracha, Pitchayapat / Chokumnoyporn, Napapan et al. | 2017
Binding of Caffeine and Quinine by Whey Protein and the Effect on Bitterness
Tenney, Kelsey / Hayes, John / Euston, Stephen et al. | 2017
The Correlation Between In Vitro Antioxidant Activity and Immunomodulatory Activity of Enzymatic Hydrolysates from Selenium‐Enriched Rice Protein
Fang, Yong / Chen, Xi / Luo, Peizhu et al. | 2017
Degrees of Antioxidant Protection: A 2‐Year Study of the Bioactive Properties of Organic Milk in Poland
Puppel, Kamila / Sakowski, Tomasz / Kuczyńska, Beata et al. | 2017
Effects of Different Simple Triglycerides on Cell Fatty Acid Compositions, Proliferation‐Related Protein, and Gene Expressions Induced by Oxidized‐LDL in HUVSMCs
Li, Hongyan / Pan, Yao / Luo, Kaiyun et al. | 2017
Comparison of Gender Differences in Nutritional Value and Key Odor Profile of Hepatopancreas of Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir Sinensis)
Wu, Na / Wang, Xi‐Chang | 2017
Effects of Catechol O‐Methyl Transferase Inhibition on Anti‐Inflammatory Activity of Luteolin Metabolites
Ha, Sang Keun / Lee, Jin‐Ah / Cho, Eun Jung et al. | 2017
Chemical Composition Analysis, Sensory, and Feasibility Study of Tree Peony Seed
Mao, Yingyi / Han, Jigang / Tian, Fang et al. | 2017
Dietary Tryptophan Enhanced the Expression of Tight Junction Protein ZO‐1 in Intestine
Liu, Wenhui / Mi, Shumei / Ruan, Zheng et al. | 2017
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