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| 2017
Research Goals for Feeding the World
| 2017
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2017
Protein Extraction from Porcine Myocardium Using Ultrasonication
Kim, Hyun Kyung / Ha, Su Jeong / Kim, Young Ho et al. | 2017
Effects of Hot‐Pressure Extraction Time on Composition and Gelatin Properties of Chicken Bone Extracts
Yue, Jian‐ying / Wang, Jin‐zhi / Zhang, Chun‐hui et al. | 2017
Evolution of Taste Compounds of Dezhou‐Braised Chicken During Cooking Evaluated by Chemical Analysis and an Electronic Tongue System
Liu, Dengyong / Li, Shengjie / Wang, Nan et al. | 2017
Effects of Spray‐Drying Parameters on In Vitro Functional Properties of Camu‐Camu (Myrciaria dubia Mc. Vaugh): A Typical Amazonian Fruit
Fujita, Alice / Souza, Volnei Brito / Daza, Luis Daniel et al. | 2017
Immunolocalization of Jian Carp (Cyprinus Carpio Var. Jian) Cathepsin B: Cloning, Expression, Characterization, and Antibody Preparation
Li, Shu‐Hong / Li, Ran / Zhong, Hai‐Xia et al. | 2017
Effect of Extrusion on Physicochemical Properties, Digestibility, and Phenolic Profiles of Grit Fractions Obtained from Dry Milling of Normal and Waxy Corn
Thakur, Sheetal / Singh, Narpinder / Kaur, Amritpal et al. | 2017
Nixtamalization Process Affects Resistant Starch Formation and Glycemic Index of Tamales
Mariscal‐Moreno, Rosa María / de Dios Figueroa Cárdenas, Juan / Santiago‐Ramos, David et al. | 2017
Determination of the Free Amino Acid, Organic Acid, and Nucleotide in Commercial Vinegars
Kong, Yan / Zhang, Li‐Li / Sun, Ying et al. | 2017
Effects of Different Salt Treatments on the Fermentation Metabolites and Bacterial Profiles of Kimchi
Kim, Dong Wook / Kim, Bo‐Min / Lee, Hyeon‐Jeong et al. | 2017
A Comparative Study of Natural Antimicrobial Delivery Systems for Microbial Safety and Quality of Fresh‐Cut Lettuce
Hill, Laura E. / Oliveira, Daniela A. / Hills, Katherine et al. | 2017
Moisture‐Mediated Interactions Between Amorphous Maltodextrins and Crystalline Fructose
Thorat, Alpana / Marrs, Krystin N. / Ghorab, Mohamed K. et al. | 2017
The Young's Modulus, Fracture Stress, and Fracture Strain of Gellan Hydrogels Filled with Whey Protein Microparticles
Lam, Cherry Wing Yu / Ikeda, Shinya | 2017
A Novel Approach to Limit Chemical Deterioration of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) Fillets: Coating with Electrospun Nanofibers as Characterized by Molecular, Thermal, and Microstructural Properties
Ceylan, Zafer / Sengor, Gulgun F. Unal / Yilmaz, Mustafa Tahsin | 2017
Antimicrobial Effects of Quillaja saponaria Extract Against Escherichia coli O157:H7 and the Emerging Non‐O157 Shiga Toxin‐Producing E. coli
Sewlikar, Snigdha / D'Souza, Doris H. | 2017
Determination of Spoilage Microbiota of Pacific White Shrimp During Ambient and Cold Storage Using Next‐Generation Sequencing and Culture‐Dependent Method
Yang, Sheng‐Ping / Xie, Jing / Qian, Yun‐Fang | 2017
Transferable Antibiotic Resistances in Marketed Edible Grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria migratorioides)
Osimani, Andrea / Garofalo, Cristiana / Aquilanti, Lucia et al. | 2017
Identification of Microbial Profile of Koji Using Single Molecule, Real‐Time Sequencing Technology
Hui, Wenyan / Hou, Qiangchuan / Cao, Chenxia et al. | 2017
Use of JAR‐Based Analysis for Improvement of Product Acceptance: A Case Study on Flavored Kefirs
Gere, Attila / Szabó, Zsófia / Pásztor‐Huszár, Klára et al. | 2017
Processes to Preserve Spice and Herb Quality and Sensory Integrity During Pathogen Inactivation
Duncan, Susan E. / Moberg, Kayla / Amin, Kemia N. et al. | 2017
Novel Creation of a Rum Flavor Lexicon Through the Use of Web‐Based Material
Ickes, Chelsea M. / Lee, Soo‐Yeun / Cadwallader, Keith R. | 2017
Effects of Catechins and Their Related Compounds on Cellular Accumulation and Efflux Transport of Mitoxantrone in Caco‐2 Cell Monolayers
Sugihara, Narumi / Kuroda, Norihiko / Watanabe, Fumiya et al. | 2017
Dietary Tuna Dark Muscle Protein Attenuates Hepatic Steatosis and Increases Serum High‐Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Obese Type‐2 Diabetic/Obese KK‐Ay Mice
Maeda, Hayato / Hosomi, Ryota / Fukuda, Mari et al. | 2017
Quercetin, Hyperin, and Chlorogenic Acid Improve Endothelial Function by Antioxidant, Antiinflammatory, and ACE Inhibitory Effects
Huang, Wu‐Yang / Fu, Lin / Li, Chun‐Yang et al. | 2017
Preparation and Oxidation Stability Evaluation of Tea Polyphenols‐Loaded Inverse Micro‐Emulsion
Lan, Xiaohong / Sun, Jingjing / Yang, Ying et al. | 2017
Phenolic Fractions from Muscadine Grape “Noble” Pomace can Inhibit Breast Cancer Cell MDA‐MB‐231 Better than those from European Grape “Cabernet Sauvignon” and Induce S‐Phase Arrest and Apoptosis
Luo, Jianming / Wei, Zheng / Zhang, Shengyu et al. | 2017
Ginger Extract Suppresses Inflammatory Response and Maintains Barrier Function in Human Colonic Epithelial Caco‐2 Cells Exposed to Inflammatory Mediators
Kim, Yunyoung / Kim, Dong‐Min / Kim, Ji Yeon | 2017
Tea Polyphenols as Inhibitors of Furan Formed in the Maillard Model System and Canned Coffee Model
Bi, K.H. / Zhang, L. / Qiao, X.G. et al. | 2017
Biogenic Amine Formation and Microbiological Quality of Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) Treated with Lavender and Lemon Balm Ethanol Extracts
Özogul, Fatih / Öztekin, Rana / Kulawik, Piotr | 2017
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| 2017