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| 2018
Fairness and Transparency
| 2018
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2018
Bioactive Peptides Derived from Seaweed Protein and Their Health Benefits: Antihypertensive, Antioxidant, and Antidiabetic Properties
Admassu, Habtamu / Gasmalla, Mohammed Abdalbasit. A. / Yang, Ruijin et al. | 2017
Inactivation Methods of Trypsin Inhibitor in Legumes: A Review
Avilés‐Gaxiola, Sara / Chuck‐Hernández, Cristina / Serna Saldívar, Sergio O. | 2017
Phenolic Analysis and Theoretic Design for Chinese Commercial Wines’ Authentication
Li, Si‐Yu / Zhu, Bao‐Qing / Reeves, Malcolm J. et al. | 2017
Fishy Odor and TMA Content Levels in Duck Egg Yolks
Li, Xingzheng / Yuan, Gongjiao / Chen, Xia et al. | 2017
Contribution of Histidine and Lysine to the Generation of Volatile Compounds in Jinhua Ham Exposed to Ripening Conditions Via Maillard Reaction
Zhu, Chao‐Zhi / Zhao, Jing‐Li / Tian, Wei et al. | 2017
Physicochemical, Thermal, and Sensory Properties of Blue Corn (Zea Mays L.)
Mutlu, Ceren / Arslan‐Tontul, Sultan / Candal, Cihadiye et al. | 2017
Chemical Constituents of Sweetpotato Genotypes in Relation to Textural Characteristics of Processed French Fries
Sato, Ai / Truong, Van‐Den / Johanningsmeier, Suzanne D. et al. | 2017
Development of Mayonnaise with Substitution of Oil or Egg Yolk by the Addition of Chia (Salvia Hispânica L.) Mucilage
Fernandes, Sibele Santos / Mellado, Myriam de las Mercedes Salas | 2017
Effect of Grinding at Modified Atmosphere or Vacuum on Browning, Antioxidant Capacities, and Oxidative Enzyme Activities of Apple
Kim, Ah‐Na / Lee, Kyo‐Yeon / Kim, Hyun‐Jin et al. | 2017
Characterization of Peanut Oil Bodies Integral Proteins, Lipids, and Their Associated Phytochemicals
Zaaboul, Farah / Raza, Husnain / Chen, Cao et al. | 2017
A Kinetic Approach to Evaluate the Structure‐Based Performance of Antioxidants During Lipid Oxidation
Farhoosh, Reza | 2017
A Reaction‐Based Novel Fluorescent Probe for Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide and Its Application in Wine
Wang, Hao / Wang, Jialin / Yang, Shaoxiang et al. | 2017
Exploring the Potential of Mesquite Gum–Nopal Mucilage Mixtures: Physicochemical and Functional Properties
Cortés‐Camargo, Stefani / Gallardo‐Rivera, Raquel / Barragán‐Huerta, Blanca E. et al. | 2017
Functional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Cholesterol Removal
Sun, Jun / Xu, Bin / Mu, Yaoyao et al. | 2017
Towards a Kieselguhr‐ and PVPP‐Free Clarification and Stabilization Process of Rough Beer at Room‐Temperature Conditions
Cimini, Alessio / Moresi, Mauro | 2017
Edible Coating Using a Chitosan‐Based Colloid Incorporating Grapefruit Seed Extract for Cherry Tomato Safety and Preservation
Won, Jin Sung / Lee, Seung Jo / Park, Hyeon Hwa et al. | 2017
Shelf‐Life of Boiled Salted Duck Meat Stored Under Normal and Modified Atmosphere
Zhai, Yang / Huang, Jichao / Khan, Iftikhar Ali et al. | 2017
Sensory and Flavor Characteristics of Tomato Juice from Garden Gem and Roma Tomatoes with Comparison to Commercial Tomato Juice
Zhu, Yaozhou / Sims, Charles A. / Klee, Harry J. et al. | 2017
Warm‐Up Effect in Panelist‐Articulated‐2‐Alternative Forced Choice Test
Bloom, David J. / Baik, Hwa‐Young / Lee, Soo‐Yeun | 2017
Influence of Images on the Evaluation of Jams Using Conjoint Analysis Combined with Check‐All‐That‐Apply (CATA) Questions
Miraballes, Marcelo / Gámbaro, Adriana | 2017
The Flexitarian Flip: Testing the Modalities of Flavor as Sensory Strategies to Accomplish the Shift from Meat‐Centered to Vegetable‐Forward Mixed Dishes
Spencer, Molly / Guinard, Jean‐Xavier | 2017
Mixture Design Applied to the Development of Chickpea‐Based Gluten‐Free Bread with Attractive Technological, Sensory, and Nutritional Quality
Santos, Fernanda G. / Fratelli, Camilly / Muniz, Denise G. et al. | 2017
The Role of the Dynamic Sensory Perception in the Reformulation of Shakes: Use of TDS for Studying the Effect of Milk, Fiber, and Flavor Addition
Tomadoni, Barbara / Fiszman, Susana / Moreira, María R. et al. | 2017
Reverse Effect of Opuntia ficus‐indica L. Juice and Seeds Aqueous Extract on Gastric Emptying and Small‐Bowel Motility in Rat
Rtibi, Kaïs / Selmi, Slimen / Saidani, Khouloud et al. | 2017
Antidiabetic and Lipid‐Lowering Effects of the Polyphenol Extracts from the Leaves of Clausena lansium (Lour.) Skeels on Streptozotocin‐Induced Type 2 Diabetic Rats
Kong, Fansheng / Su, Zhipeng / Guo, Xiaoming et al. | 2017
In Vivo Therapeutic Effect of Vaccinium Meridionale Swartz in Ischemia‐Reperfusion Induced Male Albino Rats
Shen, Mingge / Li, Ketian / Jing, Hongying et al. | 2017
Effect of Dairy Cow Crossbreeding on Selected Performance Traits and Quality of Milk in First Generation Crossbreds
Puppel, Kamila / Bogusz, Ewa / Gołębiewski, Marcin et al. | 2017
Biological Activities of Camelina and Sophia Seeds Phenolics: Inhibition of LDL Oxidation, DNA Damage, and Pancreatic Lipase and α‐Glucosidase Activities
Rahman, Md. Jiaur / Ambigaipalan, Priyatharini / Shahidi, Fereidoon | 2017
The Impact of Long‐Term Intake of Phenolic Compounds‐Rich Grape Pomace on Rat Gut Microbiota
Chacar, Stéphanie / Itani, Tarek / Hajal, Joelle et al. | 2017
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