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| 2018
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2018
A Fast and Reliable Real‐Time PCR Method for Detection of Ten Animal Species in Meat Products
Dalsecco, Lissandra Sousa / Palhares, Rafael Melo / Oliveira, Pollyana Carvalho et al. | 2018
Stability and Antioxidant Activity of Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) Tocotrienols During Frying and in Fried Tortilla Chips
Winkler‐Moser, Jill K. / Bakota, Erica L. / Hwang, Hong‐Sik | 2018
Effects of Pro‐Oxidants and Antioxidants on the Total Antioxidant Capacity and Lipid Oxidation Products of Milk During Refrigerated Storage
Gutierrez, Angelica M. / Boylston, Terri D. / Clark, Stephanie | 2017
Impact of High Hydrostatic Pressure on the Shelling Efficacy, Physicochemical Properties, and Microstructure of Fresh Razor Clam (Sinonovacula constricta)
Xuan, Xiao‐Ting / Cui, Yan / Lin, Xu‐Dong et al. | 2018
Dual Effects of Creatinine on the Formation of 2‐Amino‐1‐Methyl‐6‐Phenylimidazo [4,5‐b]pyridine (PhIP)
Yu, Chundi / Shao, Zeping / Zhang, Jinhui et al. | 2018
Microbial and Chemical Shelf‐Life of Vacuum Steam‐Pasteurized Whole Flaxseed and Milled Flaxseed
Shah, Manoj / Eklund, Bridget / Conde Lima, Luiz Gustavo et al. | 2018
Iron Encapsulation in Water‐in‐Oil Emulsions: Effect of Ferrous Sulfate Concentration and Fat Crystal Formation on Oxidative Stability
Prichapan, Nattapong / McClements, David Julian / Klinkesorn, Utai | 2018
The Function of Emulsions on the Biogenic Amine Formation and their Indices of Sea Bass Fillets (Dicentrarchus Labrax) Stored in Vacuum Packaging
Ozogul, Yesim / Durmus, Mustafa / Kuley Boga, Esmeray et al. | 2018
Calorimetric Methods for Measuring Stability and Reusability of Membrane Immobilized Enzymes
Mason, Marco / Scampicchio, Matteo / Quinn, Colette F. et al. | 2017
Effect of Thermostable α‐Amylase Addition on Producing the Porous‐Structured Noodles Using Extrusion Treatment
Li, Jingpeng / Jiao, Aiquan / Rashed, Marwan M.A. et al. | 2018
Moisture Adsorption Isotherm and Storability of Hazelnut Inshells and Kernels Produced in Oregon, USA
Jung, Jooyeoun / Wang, Wenjie / McGorrin, Robert J. et al. | 2018
Influence of Food with High Moisture Content on Oxygen Barrier Property of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)/Vermiculite Nanocomposite Coated Multilayer Packaging Film
Kim, Jung Min / Lee, Min Hyeock / Ko, Jung A. et al. | 2018
Hyperspectral Imaging in Tandem with R Statistics and Image Processing for Detection and Visualization of pH in Japanese Big Sausages Under Different Storage Conditions
Feng, Chao‐Hui / Makino, Yoshio / Yoshimura, Masatoshi et al. | 2017
Photo‐Curable Metal‐Chelating Coatings Offer a Scalable Approach to Production of Antioxidant Active Packaging
Lin, Zhuangsheng / Goddard, Julie | 2018
Antimicrobial‐Resistance Genetic Markers in Potentially Pathogenic Gram Positive Cocci Isolated from Brazilian Soft Cheese
Resende, Juliana Alves / Fontes, Cláudia Oliveira / Ferreira‐Machado, Alessandra Barbosa et al. | 2018
Microbiological Quality and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Retail Levels in Korea
Tango, Charles Nkufi / Wei, Shuai / Khan, Imran et al. | 2018
Evaluation of an Extraction Method for the Detection of GI and GII Noroviruses in Fruit and Vegetable Salads
Cheng, Dongqing / Zou, Songyan / Liao, Ningbo et al. | 2017
Application of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Atmospheric Cold Plasma (Dbd‐Acp) for Eshcerichia Coli Inactivation in Apple Juice
Liao, Xinyu / Li, Jiao / Muhammad, Aliyu Idris et al. | 2018
Monitoring Shelf Life of Pasteurized Whole Milk Under Refrigerated Storage Conditions: Predictive Models for Quality Loss
Ziyaina, Mohamed / Govindan, Byju N. / Rasco, Barbara et al. | 2018
Selection of Yeast Strains for Tequila Fermentation Based on Growth Dynamics in Combined Fructose and Ethanol Media
Aldrete‐Tapia, J. A. / Miranda‐Castilleja, D. E. / Arvizu‐Medrano, S. M. et al. | 2018
Influence of Selected Saccharomyces and Schizosaccharomyces Strains and Their Mixed Cultures on Chemical Composition of Apple Wines
Satora, Paweł / Semik‐Szczurak, Dorota / Tarko, Tomasz et al. | 2018
Efficacy of Peracetic Acid in Inactivating Foodborne Pathogens on Fresh Produce Surface
Singh, Prashant / Hung, Yen‐Con / Qi, Hang | 2018
Mechanism of Antibacterial Activities of a Rice Hull Smoke Extract (RHSE) Against Multidrug‐Resistant Salmonella Typhimurium In Vitro and in Mice
Kim, Sung Phil / Lee, Sang Jong / Nam, Seok Hyun et al. | 2017
Consumer Acceptance Comparison Between Seasoned and Unseasoned Vegetables
Feng, Yiming / Albiol Tapia, Marta / Okada, Kyle et al. | 2018
Quality Characteristics of a Low‐Fat Beef Patty Enriched by Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Vitamin D3
Gómez, Inmaculada / Sarriés, María Victoria / Ibañez, Francisco C. et al. | 2018
Importance of Applying Condiments in a Commonly Consumed Food System for Understanding the Association Between Familiarity and Sensory Drivers of Liking: A Study Focused on Doenjang
Roh, Soo Hyun / Lee, Soh Min / Kim, Sang Sook et al. | 2018
Comparison of Cinnamon Essential Oils from Leaf and Bark with Respect to Antimicrobial Activity and Sensory Acceptability in Strawberry Shake
Brnawi, Wafaa I. / Hettiarachchy, Navam S. / Horax, Ronny et al. | 2018
Replenishment of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in Dietary n‐3‐Deficient Mice Fed DHA in Triglycerides or Phosphatidylcholines After Weaning
Wang, Dan‐dan / Wu, Fang / Wen, Min et al. | 2018
Impact of Trans‐Fats on Heat‐Shock Protein Expression and the Gut Microbiota Profile of Mice
Carvalho, Gessika Cristina Borges Castro / Moura, Carolina Soares / Roquetto, Aline Rissetti et al. | 2018
Human Milk Oligosaccharides Attenuate Antigen–Antibody Complex Induced Chemokine Release from Human Intestinal Epithelial Cell Lines
Zehra, Sehrish / Khambati, Ibrahim / Vierhout, Megan et al. | 2018
Hepatoprotective Effects of the Honey of Apis cerana Fabricius on Bromobenzene‐Induced Liver Damage in Mice
Zhao, Haoan / Cheng, Ni / He, Liangliang et al. | 2018
Phytochemicals, Anti‐Inflammatory, Antiproliferative, and Methylglyoxal Trapping Properties of Zijuan Tea
Gao, Xiong / Ho, Chi‐Tang / Li, Xiaofei et al. | 2018
The Hepatoprotective Effect of Selenium‐Enriched Yeast and Gum Arabic Combination on Carbon Tetrachloride‐Induced Chronic Liver Injury in Rats
Hamid, Mohammed / Abdulrahim, Yassin / Liu, Dandan et al. | 2018
Protective Effect of Chitosan Oligosaccharides Against Cyclophosphamide‐Induced Immunosuppression and Irradiation Injury in Mice
Zhai, Xingchen / Yang, Xin / Zou, Pan et al. | 2018
The Protective Effect of Antarctic Krill Oil on Cognitive Function by Inhibiting Oxidative Stress in the Brain of Senescence‐Accelerated Prone Mouse Strain 8 (SAMP8) Mice
Li, Qian / Wu, Fengjuan / Wen, Min et al. | 2018
Hepatoprotective Effects of Sophoricoside against Fructose‐Induced Liver Injury via Regulating Lipid Metabolism, Oxidation, and Inflammation in Mice
Li, Wenfeng / Lu, Yalong | 2018
Occurrence of Ochratoxins, Fumonisin B2, Aflatoxins (B1 and B2), and Other Secondary Fungal Metabolites in Dried Date Palm Fruits from Egypt: A Mini‐Survey
Abdallah, Mohamed F. / Krska, Rudolf / Sulyok, Michael | 2018
Polysaccharides Reduce Absorption and Mutagenicity of 3‐Amino‐1,4‐Dimethyl‐5H‐Pyrido[4,3‐b]Indole In Vitro and In Vivo
Luo, Lingying / Bai, Yun / Zhou, Guanghong | 2018
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| 2018