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| 2018
Professional Recognition for Good Reviewers
| 2018
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2018
Understanding Kombucha Tea Fermentation: A Review
Villarreal-Soto, S. A. / Beaufort, S. / Bouajila, J. et al. | 2018
Antioxidant Properties of Astaxanthin in Oil-in-Water Emulsions with Differently-Charged Emulsifiers Under Chlorophyll Photosensitization
Yi, B. / Kim, M. J. / Lee, J. | 2018
A Novel Modified Lipid: Enzymatic Esterification of 2-Monoacylglycerol with N-acetyl-l-leucine
Keskin avdar, H. / Koak Yank, D. / G, F. et al. | 2018
Effects of Processing Conditions During Manufacture on Retronasal-Aroma Compounds from a Milk Coffee Drink
Ikeda, M. / Akiyama, M. / Hirano, Y. et al. | 2018
Characterization of a New -Linolenic Acid-Rich Oil: Eucommia ulmoides Seed Oil
Zhang, Z. s. / Liu, Y. l. / Che, L. m. | 2018
Chemical Composition of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Seed Oil from Six Saudi Arabian Cultivars
Nehdi, I. A. / Sbihi, H. M. / Tan, C. P. et al. | 2018
A Combined Approach of Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis for the Simultaneous Determination of Sugars and Fructans in Strawberry Juices During Storage
Cassani, L. / Santos, M. / Gerbino, E. et al. | 2018
Effects of Emulsifier, Overrun and Dasher Speed on Ice Cream Microstructure and Melting Properties
Warren, M. M. / Hartel, R. W. | 2018
Frying of the Dispersion Droplets with Varying Contents of Chickpea Flour and Gum Arabic: Product Characterization and Modeling
Shanthilal, J. / Babylatha, R. / Navya, M. C. et al. | 2018
Prediction of Firmness and pH for -Golden Delicious- Apple Based on Elasticity Index from Modal Analysis
Hou, J. / Zhang, Y. / Sun, Y. et al. | 2018
Degradation of L-Ascorbic Acid in the Amorphous Solid State
Sanchez, J. O. / Ismail, Y. / Christina, B. et al. | 2018
Ascorbic Acid-Based Oxygen Scavenger in Active Food Packaging System for Raw Meatloaf
Lee, J. S. / Chang, Y. / Lee, E. S. et al. | 2018
Investigation into the Microstructure, Texture and Rheological Properties of Chocolate Ganache
McGill, J. / Hartel, R. W. | 2018
Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Cannabinoids from Cannabis Sativa L. Optimized by Response Surface Methodology
Agarwal, C. / Mth, K. / Hofmann, T. et al. | 2018
Fermented Nut-Based Vegan Food: Characterization of a Home made Product and Scale-Up to an Industrial Pilot-Scale Production
Tabanelli, G. / Pasini, F. / Riciputi, Y. et al. | 2018
Growth Capacity of a Novel Potential Probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei K5 Strain Incorporated in Industrial White Brined Cheese as an Adjunct Culture
Terpou, A. / Bosnea, L. / Kanellaki, M. et al. | 2018
Microbial Quality and Shelf Life of Blueberry Pure Developed Using Cavitation Technology
Fan, L. / Martynenko, A. / Doucette, C. et al. | 2018
Lethality Prediction for Escherichia Coli O157:H7 and Uropathogenic E. coli in Ground Chicken Treated with High Pressure Processing and Trans-Cinnamaldehyde
Sheen, S. / Huang, C. Y. / Ramos, R. et al. | 2018
Identification of pyrG Used as an Endogenous Reference Gene in Qualitative and Real-Time Quantitative PCR Detection of Pleurotus ostreatus
Zheng, S. / Shan, L. / Zhuang, Y. et al. | 2018
Modeling Transfer of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus During Peeling of Raw Shrimp
Xiao, X. / Pang, H. / Wang, W. et al. | 2018
Antifungal, Mechanical, and Physical Properties of Edible Film Containing Williopsis saturnus var. saturnus Antagonistic Yeast
Karabulut, G. / Cagri-Mehmetoglu, A. | 2018
Molecular Analysis, Biochemical Characterization, Antimicrobial Activity, and Immunological Analysis of Proteus mirabilis Isolated from Broilers
Yeh, H. Y. / Line, J. E. / Hinton, A. | 2018
Development of Portable Flow-Through Electrochemical Sanitizing Unit to Generate Near Neutral Electrolyzed Water
Zhang, J. / Yang, H. / Chan, J. Z. | 2018
Sodium Threshold in Model Reduced and Low Fat Oil-in-Water Emulsion Systems
Cox, G. O. / Lee, S. Y. | 2018
Influence of Expectation Measure on the Sensory Acceptance of Petit Suisse Product
Teixeira Lopes, M. M. / Passos Rodrigues, M. d. / Souza de Arajo, A. M. | 2018
Sensory Acceptability of Iron-Fortified Red Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) Dal
Podder, R. / Khan, S. M. / Tar'an, B. et al. | 2018
The Influence of Adding Spices to Reduced Sugar Foods on Overall Liking
Peters, J. C. / Marker, R. / Pan, Z. et al. | 2018
Effects of Storage Conditions on Consumer and Chemical Assessments of Raw -Nonpareil- Almonds Over a Two-Year Period
Pleasance, E. A. / Kerr, W. L. / Pegg, R. B. et al. | 2018
Shelf to Health: Does Product Innovation Change National Estimates of Dietary Impacts?
Taylor, C. A. / Watowicz, R. P. / Spees, C. K. et al. | 2018
Lectin Isolated from Japanese Red Sword Beans (Canavalia gladiata) as a Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Agent
Une, S. / Nonaka, K. / Akiyama, J. | 2018
Comparative Analysis of the Antioxidant Capacities and Phenolic Compounds of Oat and Buckwheat Vinegars During Production Processes
Yu, X. / Yang, M. / Dong, J. et al. | 2018
Hypocholesterolemic Effects of Kenaf Seed Oil, Macroemulsion, and Nanoemulsion in High-Cholesterol Diet Induced Rats
Cheong, A. M. / Jessica Koh, J. X. / Patrick, N. O. et al. | 2018
Green Tea Polyphenols Modulate Colonic Microbiota Diversity and Lipid Metabolism in High-Fat Diet Treated HFA Mice
Wang, L. / Zeng, B. / Liu, Z. et al. | 2018
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