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| 2018
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
| 2018
Progress on the Antimicrobial Activity Research of Clove Oil and Eugenol in the Food Antisepsis Field
Hu, Qiao / Zhou, Meifang / wei, Shuyong | 2018
Current and Future Technologies for Microbiological Decontamination of Cereal Grains
Los, Agata / Ziuzina, Dana / Bourke, Paula | 2018
Authentication of Small Berry Fruit in Fruit Products by DNA Barcoding Method
Wu, Yajun / Li, Meige / Yang, Yange et al. | 2018
Muffins Elaborated with Optimized Monoglycerides Oleogels: From Solid Fat Replacer Obtention to Product Quality Evaluation
Giacomozzi, Anabella S. / Carrín, María E. / Palla, Camila A. | 2018
Isolation and Characterization of Wheat Derived Nonspecific Lipid Transfer Protein 2 (nsLTP2)
Bosi, Sara / Fiori, Jessica / Dinelli, Giovanni et al. | 2018
Potential Functional Byproducts from Guava Purée Processing
Lim, Si Yi / Tham, Paik Yean / Lim, Hilary Yi Ler et al. | 2018
Surface Modification Mechanism of Cross‐Linking and Acetylation, and Their Influence on Characteristics of High Amylose Corn Starch
Tang, Hongbo / Qu, Yefang / Li, Yanping et al. | 2018
Analysis and Evaluation of the Characteristic Taste Components in Portobello Mushroom
Wang, Jinbin / Li, Wen / Li, Zhengpeng et al. | 2018
Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties, Phenolic Compounds, Anthelmintic, and Cytotoxic Activities of Various Extracts Isolated from Nepeta cadmea: An Endemic Plant for Turkey
Kaska, Arzu / Deniz, Nahide / Çiçek, Mehmet et al. | 2018
The Influence of Scalded Flour, Fermentation, and Plants Belonging to Lamiaceae Family on the Wheat Bread Quality and Acrylamide Content
Bartkiene, Elena / Bartkevics, Vadims / Krungleviciute, Vita et al. | 2018
Identification and Quantification of Phytochemicals, Antioxidant Activity, and Bile Acid‐Binding Capacity of Garnet Stem Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
Gomez, Maricella K. / Singh, Jashbir / Acharya, Pratibha et al. | 2018
Speciation of Bio‐Available Iodine in Abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) by High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography Hyphenated with Inductively Coupled Plasma‐Mass Spectrometry Using an In Vitro Method
Doh, Han Sol / Park, Hyun Jin | 2018
Discovery of Amadori‐Type Conjugates in a Peptide Maillard Reaction and Their Corresponding Influence on the Formation of Pyrazines
Zou, Tingting / Liu, Jianbin / Song, Huanlu et al. | 2018
Effect of Meat Type, Animal Fatty Acid Composition, and Isothermal Temperature on the Viscoelastic Properties of Meat Batters
Glorieux, Seline / Steen, Liselot / De Brabanter, Jos et al. | 2018
A Simple and Portable Screening Method for Adulterated Olive Oils Using the Hand‐Held FTIR Spectrometer and Chemometrics Tools
Pan, Meng / Sun, Suqin / Zhou, Qun et al. | 2018
Characterization of Pectins Extracted from Different Varieties of Pink/Red and White Grapefruits [Citrus Paradisi (Macf.)] by Thermal Treatment and Thermosonication
La Cava, Enzo L. / Gerbino, Esteban / Sgroppo, Sonia C. et al. | 2018
Edible Gum–Phenolic–Lipid Incorporated Gluten Films for Food Packaging
Liu, Rui / Cong, Xu / Song, Yingshi et al. | 2018
Cysteamine‐Modified Gold Nanoparticles as a Colorimetric Sensor for the Rapid Detection of Gentamicin
Gukowsky, Joshua C. / Tan, Chen / Han, Zexiang et al. | 2018
Permeable Gas Cavity at Elevated Pressure Enhances Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Fresh Produce
Boz, Ziynet / Welt, Bruce A. | 2018
Spray‐Drying of Milk–Blackberry Pulp Mixture: Effect of Carrier Agent on the Physical Properties of Powder, Water Sorption, and Glass Transition Temperature
Braga, Matheus Boeira / Rocha, Sandra Cristina dos Santos / Hubinger, Miriam Dupas | 2018
Characterization of Nanofibrillated Cellulose Produced by Different Methods from Cabbage Outer Leaves
Khukutapan, Donnapa / Chiewchan, Naphaporn / Devahastin, Sakamon | 2018
Far‐Infrared Optimization of the Fragrance‐Improving Process with Temperature and Humidity Control for Green Tea
Hua, Jin‐Jie / Yuan, Hai‐Bo / Deng, Yu‐Liang et al. | 2018
Preparation of Novel Iodized Salt with Natural Iodine‐Rich Sources by Spray Drying
Doh, Han Sol / Ko, Jung A / Park, Hyun Jin | 2018
Effects of Processing on Structure and Thermal Properties of Powdered Preterm Infant Formula
Sun, Xiaomeng / Wang, Cuina / Wang, Hao et al. | 2018
Effect of a Sodium Alginate Coating Infused with Tea Polyphenols on the Quality of Fresh Japanese Sea Bass (Lateolabrax japonicas) Fillets
Nie, Xiaobao / Wang, Lihong / Wang, Qi et al. | 2018
Development of a Chlorine Dosing Strategy for Fresh Produce Washing Process to Maintain Microbial Food Safety and Minimize Residual Chlorine
Chen, Xi / Hung, Yen‐Con | 2018
Assessment of Antibiotic Susceptibility within Lactic Acid Bacteria and Coagulase‐Negative Staphylococci Isolated from Hunan Smoked Pork, a Naturally Fermented Meat Product in China
Wang, Jing / Wei, Xinyuan / Fan, Mingtao | 2018
Detection of Enterotoxin Genes and Methicillin‐Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Water Buffalo Milk and Dairy Products
Saka, Erdem / Terzi Gulel, Goknur | 2018
Development of Safe and Flavor‐Rich Doenjang (Korean Fermented Soybean Paste) Using Autochthonous Mixed Starters at the Pilot Plant Scale
Lee, Eun Jin / Hyun, Jiye / Choi, Yong‐Ho et al. | 2018
High Intensity Ultrasound for Salmonella Enteritidis Inactivation in Culture and Liquid Whole Eggs
Techathuvanan, Chayapa / D'Souza, Doris Helen | 2018
Using Cellulose Nanofibers and Its Palm Oil Pickering Emulsion as Fat Substitutes in Emulsified Sausage
Wang, Yanan / Wang, Wenhang / Jia, Hongjiao et al. | 2018
Functionalization of Lipid‐Based Nutrient Supplement with β‐Cyclodextrin Inclusions of Oregano Essential Oil
Gaur, Shashank / Lopez, Emely C. / Ojha, Ankur et al. | 2018
Effect of Canning and Freezing on the Nutritional Content of Apricots
Adkison, Erin Claire / Biasi, William B. / Bikoba, Veronique et al. | 2018
Optimization and Scale‐Up Preparation of Egg White Hydrolysate with Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity
Li, Qiyi / Liao, Wang / Fan, Hongbing et al. | 2018
Plasticizers and BPA Residues in Tunisian and Italian Culinary Herbs and Spices
Di Bella, Giuseppa / Ben Mansour, Hedi / Ben Tekaya, Asma et al. | 2018
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| 2018