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| 2019
Professor Shridhar (Shri) K. Sathe–Thank You for Your Many Contributions and Rest in Peace
| 2019
Industrial Applications of Selected JFS Articles
Giese, James | 2019
Solid Self‐Emulsifying Delivery System (S‐SEDS) of Dihydromyricetin: A New Way for Preparing Functional Food
Wang, Dantong / Ma, Yudi / Wang, Qiang et al. | 2019
Gene Expression Profiling in Short‐Term Imbibition of Wheat: Tools for Dissecting of Pasting Properties of Imbibed Wheat Seeds
Tamura, Tomoko / Akuzawa, Sayuri / Mura, Kiyoshi | 2019
Extraction and Identification of Anthocyanins in Corn Cob and Corn Husk from Cacahuacintle Maize
Fernandez‐Aulis, Fernanda / Hernandez‐Vazquez, Liliana / Aguilar‐Osorio, Guillermo et al. | 2019
Subcritical Fluid Extraction of Antioxidant Phenolic Compounds from Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) Nuts: Experiments, Modeling, and Optimization
Bodoira, Romina / Velez, Alexis / Rovetto, Laura et al. | 2019
Addition of Sesamol Increases the Oxidative Stability of Beeswax Organogels and Beef Tallow Matrix Under UV Light Irradiation and Thermal Oxidation
Hong, Seungmi / Jo, Seungbeen / Kim, Mi‐Ja et al. | 2019
Effects of Cholesterol Extraction Process and Fat and Whey Protein Additions on Ice Cream Mixes
Hidalgo, María Eugenia / Bordino, Juliana / Acciarri, Giuliana et al. | 2019
Red Chicory (Cichorium intybus) Extract Rich in Anthocyanins: Chemical Stability, Antioxidant Activity, and Antiproliferative Activity In Vitro
Migliorini, Aline Alves / Piroski, Camila Sztoltz / Daniel, Taiana Gomes et al. | 2019
Egg Yolk Phosphatidylethanolamine: Extraction Optimization, Antioxidative Activity, and Molecular Structure Profiling
Sun, Na / Chen, Jin / Bao, Zhijie et al. | 2019
Neuromodulatory Activity of Dietary Phenolics Derived from Corchorus olitorius L.
Wagdy, Reham / Abdelkader, Reham M. / El‐Khatib, Ahmed H. et al. | 2019
Physiochemical Properties and Functional Characteristics of Protein Isolates from the Scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) Gonad
Han, Jia‐Run / Tang, Yue / Li, Yang et al. | 2019
Enhancement of Composition and Oxidative Stability of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) Seed Oil by Blending with Specialty Oils
Bordón, María Gabriela / Meriles, Silvina Patricia / Ribotta, Pablo Daniel et al. | 2019
Lipolysis and Oxidation in Ultra‐High Temperature Milk Depend on Sampling Month, Storage Duration, and Temperature
Lu, Jing / Langton, Maud / Sampels, Sabine et al. | 2019
The Effect of µ/m‐Calpain on Protein Degradation of Chicken Breast Meat
Huang, Jichao / Zhao, Liang / Yang, Jing et al. | 2019
Antioxidant Activity In Vitro of N‐(1‐deoxy‐α‐d‐xylulos‐1‐yl)‐Phenylalanine: Comparison Among Maillard Reaction Intermediate, End‐Products and Xylose‐Phenylalanine
Cui, Heping / Hayat, Khizar / Zhang, Xiaoming | 2019
Enhancement of the Textural and Gel Properties of Frankfurters by Adding Thermo‐reversible or Thermo‐irreversible Curdlan Gels
Jiang, Shuai / Cao, Chuan‐ai / Xia, Xiu‐fang et al. | 2019
Distribution and Characteristics of Polyphenoloxidase from Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Sae‐Leaw, Thanasak / Benjakul, Soottawat | 2019
Characterization of Emulsion Stabilization Properties of Gum Tragacanth, Xanthan Gum and Sucrose Monopalmitate: A Comparative Study
Pocan, Pelin / Ilhan, Esmanur / Oztop, Mecit Halil | 2019
Composite Gels Containing Whey Protein Fibrils and Bacterial Cellulose Microfibrils
Peng, Jinfeng / Calabrese, Vincenzo / Geurtz, Julia et al. | 2019
Rheological and Microstructural Characteristics of Canola Protein Isolate−Chitosan Complex Coacervates
Chang, Peg Gee / Gupta, Rahul / Timilsena, Yakindra Prasad | 2019
High Homogenization Speeds for Preparing Unstable Myofibrillar Protein–Olive Oil Emulsions
Li, Ruren / He, Qing / Rong, Liangyan et al. | 2019
Inactivation of Potato Polyphenol Oxidase Using Microwave Cold Plasma Treatment
Kang, Joo Hyun / Roh, Si Hyeon / Min, Sea Cheol | 2019
Effect of Brine Acidification on Fermentation Microbiota, Chemistry, and Texture Quality of Cucumbers Fermented in Calcium or Sodium Chloride Brines
McMurtrie, Erin K. / Johanningsmeier, Suzanne D. / Breidt, Fred Jr. et al. | 2019
Developing and Validating a UPLC‐MS Method with a StageTip‐Based Extraction for the Biogenic Amines Analysis in Fish
Zhang, Jingbo / Hu, Jing / Wang, Shuai et al. | 2019
Comparison of Water‐Assisted Decontamination Systems of Pulsed Light and Ultraviolet for Salmonella Inactivation on Blueberry, Tomato, and Lettuce
Huang, Runze / Chen, Haiqiang | 2019
Postharvest Wounding Stress in Horticultural Crops as a Tool for Designing Novel Functional Foods and Beverages with Enhanced Nutraceutical Content: Carrot Juice as a Case Study
Santana‐Gálvez, Jesús / Santacruz, Arlette / Cisneros‐Zevallos, Luis et al. | 2019
Crop and Livestock Diversity Cultivating Gastronomic Potential, Illustrated by Sensory Profiles of Landraces
Westling, Magnus / Leino, Matti W. / Nilsen, Asgeir et al. | 2019
Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica L.) Pepsin Hydrolysates Inhibit Angiotensin‐Converting Enzyme by Interacting with its Catalytic Site
San Pablo‐Osorio, Brenda / Mojica, Luis / Urías‐Silvas, Judith Esmeralda | 2019
Comparison of the Effects of Roasted and Boiled Red Kidney Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) on Glucose/Lipid Metabolism and Intestinal Immunity in a High‐Fat Diet‐Induced Murine Obesity Model
Tanaka, Miku / Honda, Yuji / Miwa, Shoji et al. | 2019
Thermal Treatment Greatly Improves Storage Stability and Monodispersity of Pea Seed Ferritin
Tang, Jiaying / Yu, Yue / Chen, Hai et al. | 2019
Lycopene Ameliorated Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetic Rats
Zheng, Zicong / Yin, Yimin / Lu, Rongrong et al. | 2019
Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Nees) Radlk. Using Subcritical Water and Conventional Solvents: A Comparison Study
Ho, Truc Cong / Chun, Byung‐Soo | 2019
Mangosteen Vinegar Rind from Garcinia mangostana Prevents High‐Fat Diet and Streptozotocin‐Induced Type II Diabetes Nephropathy and Apoptosis
Karim, Naymul / Rahman, Atiar / Chanudom, Lanchakon et al. | 2019
Possible Metabolic Pathway of a Novel Bioactive Polysaccharide Extracted from Dendrobium aphyllum: An In Vivo Study
Liu, Huifan / Ma, Lukai / Wang, Qin | 2019
Structures and In Vitro Antihepatic Fibrosis Activities of Prenylated Dihydrostilbenes and Flavonoids from Glycyrrhiza uralensis Leaves
Fan, Yu‐Hong / Ye, Rigui / Xu, Hai‐Yan et al. | 2019
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| 2019