Asian philosophy : an international journal of the philosophical traditions of the East

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Table of contents

The Propriety of Confucius: A Sense-of-Ritual
Hagen, Kurtis | 2010
The Secret of Confucian Wuwei Statecraft: Mencius's Political Theory of Responsibility
Kim, Sungmoon | 2010
How to Throw a Pot: The Centrality of the Potter's Wheel in the Zhuangzi
De Reu, Wim | 2010
Fate and Humanity
Chen, Xunwu | 2010
The Concept of Structure as a Basic Epistemological Paradigm of Traditional Chinese Thought
Rosker, Jana S. | 2010
Bhartṛhari's view of the pramaṇas in the Vakyapadīya
Todeschini, Alberto | 2010