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Table of contents

The Significance of the Buddhist 10-Membered Formula of Dependent Origination
Dessein, Bart | 2014
A Buddhist Explanation of Episodic Memory: From Self to Mind
Chadha, Monima | 2014
From Wife to Moral Teacher: Kang Chŏngildang on Neo-Confucian Self-Cultivation
Kim, Sungmoon | 2014
Perception, Expression, and the Continuity of Being: Some Intersections between Nishida and Gadamer
Johnson, David W. | 2014
The Ethics of Self: Another Version of Confucian Ethics
Chen, Xunwu | 2014
Concretizing an Ethics of Emptiness: The Succeeding Volumes of Watsuji Tetsurô’s Ethics
Sevilla, Anton Luis | 2014